hello viewers how are you all welcome to our youtube channel diva logs this channel is all about plus size model and instagram stars today we are going to discuss the biography effects and beautiful pictures of another plus size model her name is les pajero.

The model is very stylish and very creative she is very decent and a heartthrob of many fans from all over the globe lice looks beautiful in all types of dresses and she is fond of wearing colorful dresses the model is not only an instagram.

Celebrity but she is also a social media influencer she calls herself body positive advocate the model usually shares her beautiful dressing and styling photos on her social media accounts pless has been based from brazil she is very curvy model who is very confident and bold.

The model claims to be all natural that has made her fans love her the gorgeous model also a very beautiful and talented dancer her short videos of dancing are loved by her fans she is popular on all social media platforms the model has been working for various.

Fashion accessories and clothing brands she works for world famous she in curve and other friends on instagram platform the model has currently 73.6k followers which is a huge fan following her real name is liz pejero.

She is from brazil with the brazilian nationality the model has got plus size body her hair color is golden brown that looks amazing on her the eye color of the model is brown she's an instagram model a social media celebrity and a brand ambassador about her relationship we know that she.

Is in a relationship and quite contented about it thanks for watching this video hope this video was entertaining for you all please do like share and subscribe to our youtube channel for such more beautiful and interesting videos.