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hi guys this is neha and welcome back to target study youtube channel today we are here with details of one such medical professional whose need and demand is ever increasing with every passing day thanks to the increasing materialization and raise to excel right from the birth.

It is quite right that we have made new development in virtually every field be it agriculture technology industry or personal lifestyle but this development has also brought a lot of stress anxiety depression anger low self-esteem and mental illness along with it.

Thereby the need of this medical professional called a psychiatrist who could treat these kinds of mental disorders you have seen our videos on another like professional known as psychologist today in this video i will let you know about various aspects of this particular professional like who a psychiatrist is what are the legibility.

Conditions to become a psychiatrist how to become a psychiatrist what are the career prospects and job profile of a psychiatrist and how much a psychiatrist can expect to earn and much more let us start with a very basic and frequently asked question that is who a psychiatrist is so friends psychiatrists.

Are those medical professionals or you can say those specialist doctors who specialize in preventing diagnosing and treating mental emotional and behavioral disorders with the use of medication neuromodulation and psychotherapy these professionals specialize in mental health including substances using.

Disorders so guys if you are interested to become a psychiatrist then you must fulfill some eligibility conditions and the most basic eligibility condition is your educational qualification if you want to do any specialization in the field of psychiatry then you need to be an mbbs degree holder first so mbbs from a mci.

Institute following a diploma or pg diploma in psychiatric or md psychiatric is the minimum qualification to become a certified psychiatrist in india there are a lot of viewers who ask us how can they become a psychiatrist so let me tell you step-by-step procedure to become a psychiatrist and the first step towards becoming a psychiatrist is to.

Clear your 12th class in medical stream having physics chemistry and biology as main subjects at this level once you have cleared your 12th class you need to crack some of the medical address exam taken by various institutes to provide admission to mbbs course of some of the reputed medical colleges in india.

Neet yugi is one such exam which is taken by nta to provide admission to most of the medical colleges in india you can watch our already uploaded video on neet yugi to have deep inside of the exam once you have completed your five and half year mbs course including the necessary internship you have to go for.

Specialization program in psychiatrist which can be either a master's that is md in psychiatry which is a three year program or pursue a diploma in psychiatry medicines program which is a two year program again for taking admission in master's degree program you need to crack pg medical entrance exam like neet pg which.

Is accepted by most of the pg medical colleges or ini andros exam taken by the institute of national importance like ames and pg to provide admission to their pg psychiatric programs once you have attained the necessary specialization you need to get a license from the state's medical board to practice the profession here i would.

Like to tell you that most of the states have their own licensing system and standards but in general the student must pass an examination that tests his or her understanding of state rules and medical procedures state medical councils can provide general psychiatric certification as well as specialties in addiction.

Adolescent and forensic psychiatry for a period of 10 years both certification is valid now let me tell you about some of the important androus exam that you can take to get admission into pg medical colleges in india and the most important of all these exams is neet pg that is national eligibility come and trust test for.

Postgraduate courses this exam is taken by national testing agency for providing admission to postgraduate courses of most of the medical colleges in india other exam is ini cet that is institute of national importance combined interest test ames delhi conducts its entrance test for admission to pg courses scores are valid for admission to 12.

Aims including ames delhi bhopal gubaneshwar jodhpur patna nagpur raipur and rishikesh bhatinda bibinagar as well as n-i-m-h-a-n-s bengaluru japan puruchari pgi chandigarh and sct imst trivandrum besides these two entrance exams you can also go for diploma of national board.

Exam and the central institute of psychiatry entrance exam to get admission to various specialized courses in psychiatry now let me tell you about some of the best pg medical colleges to get your pga degree in psychiatry if you are looking for some of the best government medical colleges then you can go for.

Postgraduate institute of medical science and research chandigarh ames new delhi afmc pune that means armed forces medical college institute of medical sciences banaras hindu university and maulana azad medical college new delhi and if you are looking for some of the best private.

Medical colleges then you can go for christian medical college below saint john's medical college bangalore kasturba medical college manipal then medical college and hospital udhana and kims bangalore etc now you would like to know about the career prospects and job opportunities after becoming a psychiatrist.

Those who have a psychiatric degree can expect good employment opportunities thanks to increasing mental tension and stress in the society psychiatry offers a wide range of job opportunities within its sub-specialties they can work with the private public and government clinics and hospitals nursing homes health centers.

Poly clinic and medical colleges research institutes ngos and occupational therapists for the rehabilitation of their parents etc or can set up their own private clinics and work as a counselor in rehabilitation centers dealing with drug addiction alcoholism and mental problems some of the job profiles of psychiatrist can be.

Child and adolescent psychiatrist forensic psychiatrist clinical psychiatrist staff psychiatrist prison psychiatrist behavioral specialist and neuropsychiatrist now you would like to know how much does a psychiatrist earn as a psychiatrist the starting salary can range between rupees 40 000 rupees.

50 000 per month after gaining experience and dedicated work a psychiatrist can earn a salary package between rupees 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh per month depending on the area where you work and experience the salary will vary from one organization to the other in private sectors the salary package is much higher than the government sector.

At the end i would like to tell you the difference between psychologist and psychiatrist as many people get confused in that so here it is psychiatrists make a diagnosis of illness deal with treatment prescribed medicines and provide a range of therapies for complex and serious mental illness in short we can say psychiatrist.

Treat mental issues through medication whereas psychologists focus on providing psychotherapy and they treat them with therapies like talking to them and hearing them out so guys i hope that the information provided in this video will be of the great help to you we will be back with such informative videos till then stay healthy and stay.

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