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Solve 98% of Riddles and You Have a Bright Future Ahead

Tyler is on his way to visit his grandma she lives on the opposite side of the village it's her birthday and he wants to give her the cakes that he has prepared unfortunately there are seven bridges that tyler needs to cross to get to her house and there's a mermaid under every bridge the mermaids always require.

Payment from those who cross their bridges before tyler can cross the bridge he has to give the mermaid half of all the cakes that he's carrying but since the mermaids are kind each of them will give one cake back to tyler how many cakes should tyler take from home to make sure that grandma receives exactly two cakes.

Two tyler will have to give half of his cakes at each bridge but he'll still get one cake back if tyler takes two cakes from home he'll manage to stay with two cakes after every bridge will is going on a jungle trip for one day he asked his wife to pack something to.

Eat something to drink and something to help him stay warm when will opened his backpack he found just one thing can you guess what it was a coconut will can drink coconut water he can also eat the coconut meat and finally will can use the coconut.

Peel instead of wood to warm himself up nina decided to play a quiz game she kept asking the same question to everyone she met and each time she got a different answer can you guess what the question was the question that nina asked was what is the time take a look at this picture can you.

Predict which tank will fill first tank 5 the connection between tank five and tank two is blocked so the water will move into the fifth tank from the first one but it won't go to tank two therefore tank five will fill up first what about this complicated structure can you tell which of the tanks will.

Fill first okay here's the explanation tank c is pretty tricky because it's blocked on the right side so the water will move to tank j and now it will move to the right and go through tank l at this point it seems pretty obvious that tank h will get filled first but.

That's wrong it's blocked as well so the correct answer is tank f there is a wide field of corn a fox finds its way into the field and starts running can you find out to which point the fox can run into the field the fox can only run to the middle of the field after that midpoint the fox will actually be running out of the.

Field stacey is a weather forecaster it's raining today at 11 57 am can you help her figure out the chances of sunny weather in 72 hours the chances are zero in 72 hours it'll be nighttime how is a fly different from a mosquito a mosquito can fly but a fly cannot.

Mosquito this is rick and these three ladies are melanie meg and millie melanie loves strawberry ice cream meg loves blueberry ice cream and millie hates ice cream can you find rick's wife among these women it's meg she has a matching ring on her.

Finger ice cream preferences don't really matter here 1.5 guys eat 1.5 burgers in 1.5 hours how many burgers can nine guys eat in three hours more hours mean more burgers and more guys mean more burgers the time was doubled to three hours and the number of people rose six times therefore the.

Number of burgers will be 18. take a look at this arrangement it consists of 15 matchsticks how can you remove exactly six matchsticks to make ten here's the easiest way frank is a grandfather his grandson is about as old in days as his son is in weeks.

The grandson is also as many months old as frank is in years the sum of their three ages is 140 years how old is frank can you guess to solve this riddle we need some calculations let's say the grandfather is a the sun is b and the grandson is c.

Since the total age is 140 years we can make up the following equation a plus b plus c equals 140 also the grand sun is about as many days old as the sun is in weeks which can be expressed in this equation 365 equals 52b and finally the grandson is as many.

Months old as frank is in years so 12c equals a now we can put this information into one big equation and calculate the final result 12c plus 365c divided by 52 plus c equals 140. 624c plus 365c plus 52c equals 7280. 1041c equals 7280 so c equals 6.99.

Since the task said that the grandson was about as old in days as his father in weeks we can round up that number to seven therefore frank is 84 years old and his son is 49. if you multiply all the numbers on your phone what number will you get.

Zero remember that multiplying any number by zero always results in zero jerry and sarah went hiking to celebrate their anniversary but only the wife returned from the vacation she went to the local police office and said jerry got lost in the woods while i was sleeping in our tent.

The sheriff arrested her saying i've talked to your travel agent we suspect that you're involved in jerry's disappearance sarah didn't inform anyone about the trip why did the agent and the sheriff decide that she was guilty.

Sarah bought only a one-way ticket for her husband and a round-trip ticket for herself it means that she was sure that she would be returning alone can you tell which of the following statements is true one statement here is false two statements here are false.

Three statements here are false the second statement is true thirteen caves are arranged in a circle in an enchanted forest each of the thirteen caves has treasures and gems every day the cave's guards can move the treasure to an adjacent cave or can keep it in the same cave.

Meanwhile every other day treasure seekers visit the forest and have enough time to enter any two caves of their choice how can the treasure seekers make sure to find the treasure in the minimum possible days one of the treasure seekers should move clockwise every day.

And one of the treasure seekers should move counterclockwise this way they'll find the treasure in a minimum of seven days alice was sitting in her hotel room suddenly she heard a knock on the door she opened the door and saw a creepy woman standing outside the woman said oh i'm really sorry i.

Thought this was my door then she walked through the corridor to the elevator alice didn't know the woman she locked her door and called the hotel security alice asked them to arrest that woman why did the woman seem suspicious to alice.

If the woman thought the room was hers she would have used the keys but she knocked on the door alex amy ally and austin got trapped in a jungle there's a bridge that can lead them back to the city safely but the bridge is very old and dark it can handle only two people to pass through also the family has only one flashlight.

To move through the dark alex takes one minute to cross amy takes two minutes ali takes four and austin takes five minutes how can they all get to the other side in the minimum possible time here's what they've got to do alex and amy should go first it'll take them two minutes.

Then alex should spend one minute going back to ali and austin now ally and austin should take the flashlight and cross the bridge it will take five minutes then amy should come back to alex at this point they've already spent 10 minutes and now alex and amy will have to spend two more minutes crossing the.

Bridge and this is how all of them will reach the other side in 12 minutes stephanie is a college professor a supervisor will be visiting her class tomorrow the supervisor can ask the students any questions they can be either easy or difficult stephanie will still have the right to decide which student will be giving the.

Answer to each question stephanie wants to leave the best impression what instruction should she give to her students to maximize the chances of receiving a correct answer for each question can you help her this task is pretty easy all stephanie needs to do is to ask all the students.

To raise their hands on every question but those students who know the right answer should raise their left hand and those who don't know the right answer should raise their right hand this strategy will help stephanie to get only correct answers the supervisor will also be impressed because all the students will raise their hands.

Molly and paulie are twins but only one of them is a real police officer can you tell who molly there's a camera filming polly because she's an actress


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