talia is a mexican singer songwriter producer actor and entrepreneur she is known as one of the most influential mexican musicians of all time she was born into a well-settled mexican family in mexico city mexico as a child she faced intense.

Psychological trauma following the death of her father she developed a keen interest in performing arts and started her musical journey as part of a kids music group named pac-man in 1990 she released her debut solo album talia following the chart-busting success of her debut album she never.

Looked back she has released 12 studio albums and has attained a level of international success that no other female mexican musician has ever achieved known as the queen of latin pop she has sold more than 25 million copies of her records till now she has won numerous awards over the.

Course of her career and has collaborated with some of the most renowned musicians of her time she also owns a fashion brand and has occasionally worked in telenovelas as an actor talia was born ariad natalia sodi miranda on august 26 1971 in mexico city mexico she is the.

Youngest daughter of her parents was born into a well-settled mexican upper-middle-class family her mother yolanda miranda was an esteemed painter and her father ernesto sodi palares was a scientist criminologist pathologist and writer talia was the youngest of the five children in the family and was heavily.

Influenced by her mother to pursue art her parents knew a lot of people in the entertainment industry and this led talia to make her first ever tv appearance when she was just a year old her first commercial was for a major mexican brand observing her interest in music and arts her mother got her enrolled at the.

National conservatory of music of mexico when she was four years old talia started taking piano and dance lessons there when she was six years old she was faced with a major tragedy she lost her father to a prolonged sickness she was extremely close to her father and found it difficult to get over his.

Death she admitted later that the death of her father had traumatized her badly and that she took many years to recover she used music and dance to forget the pain and also visited psychiatrists she was later diagnosed with childhood disintegrative disorder chd she attended the licho franco mexicano.

Elementary school and was often bullied there talia married music mogul tommy matala in december 2000 they have two children a daughter sabrina sakai and a son matthew alejandro talia claims she is an ardent christian and that she believes in god this has also been mentioned in her autobiography.

It is believed that she does not gel well with her sisters in 2008 talia suffered from lyme disease and was bedridden for some time do do do do do.

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