hello and welcome to another chess on psychology on wednesday i hope you guys enjoyed danish um i like his classes it's a new edition it's kind of fun today finally after like six weeks we are trying to show you some of nega's book and my.

Personal experiences with it well technically two weeks ago on twitch we did a little bit of it but today we're gonna be talking a bit about philidor hopefully wrapping it up next week uh diving more into french probably another week after that another week after that so it's gonna be a while all right i hope everybody's having a.

Great week i am pretty jet-lagged so we'll see how this goes okay i don't really see any questions in chat so i am ready to jump right in let's jump right in okay so uh some of the things i'm going to show.

You is in this villa door is just primarily my experience so it's um i got the inspirations from nega's book after reading it but i didn't necessarily um go every did everything he said because well i wanted to kind of add a little bit of my own to it.

Too but let's just dive in so usually in philadelphia people don't take but that's a whole different story that we're not going to talk about right now but in this case let's say they do take you take back with the knight and now.

Black has a few options and one of these games that i have here i'm very um well happy about because it was the first game after i got my first i am norm and i was playing the same opponent that.

I beat the last tournament so it was kind of funny and this this time i beat team two it was the first round so i had a very good start and i got my second arm too but it was an enorm game technically because it wasn't the last round but it definitely helped.

So let's start with knight f6 knight f6 is the um most common one g6 is a little bit uh for me it's a little bit well it makes me definitely happier because i know you're going to do bishop g7 and i know i want to try and set up for long castle you're going to set up short castle so.

It already gives me a bit of an edge uh one of the things i tell my students whenever they are trying to like figure out how to play in an unknown opening is i just tell them okay so picture where do you want to put your pieces if you know for sure where this bishop.

Belongs go for it usually they don't for bishops usually they're like okay so i really know like for example here knight c3 makes sense because i know this knight wants to be on c3 so first do that then decide about which bishop to get up next which side you want castle but you know for sure this knight lungs on c3 so go do that.

Now i'm going to do that to you first of all which bishop do you think you should get out which side do you want to castle and well if you decide to get either of the bishops out now where do you want to go with them i have two potential.

Answers from the audience okay maybe three and hopefully my chats will also say something because i can see anything yet it's probably not a at the moment.

I can look it up from phone if that's more convenient if you want to if you can otherwise i'll pull it up and get it on the screen oh i like bishop v3 yeah bishop v3 so you're probably setting up shop for lawn caster right yeah perfect everything very logical very comfortable and now.

Now what are you going to try and get bishop c4 first are you going to leave this bishop b and still continue for your long castle idea that's not the unreasonable fear but let's say so what wha well are you thinking.

That's fair but surely you're gonna like in two one or two moves you're gonna play f3 to support g4 so bishop e2 might not be needed and even if you wanted to get like bishop g5 um if knight g4 happens that's also.

Possible so i'm assuming you're weighing between queen d2 or bishop e2 oh no i was also thinking about three or four oh um honestly after i think it's all right here because you still want to do the cleanup castle.

So i'm not i mean it's fine in my eyes so if you're concerned about f2 should be okay too uh queen is also okay if you go knight g4 i always have this bishop g5 and if you play f6 good luck castling and i'll just move it away and bishop c4 will be a monster so i'm happy with this but if i didn't have.

Bishop g5 yeah you're right um so let's say castle now are you going to castle or are you going to get bishop answer i mean okay so the main difference between this and uh like my dark lines is because.

Obviously the e pawn isn't there so that's why you can do the pg gotta try to i'm sorry deaf the audience sorry guys um let me also pull up from here so i can see the chat okay now it's the chat.

Hmm yeah let's go for it ah such a long ad and all i want to do is see there we go nice i like this long castle now let's say normal moves let's say opponent just develops what do you do oh that's tracy sorry for.

Um look every few weeks i do a sneeze and it's so close to the microphone i test everybody's hearing so at this point it's a given so what do we do i like that but why not that f3 idea so that one of the big things is in my experience when you were already.

Done this long castle i don't want to get this bishop out too soon because i don't want opponent to get handsy with my bishop and i don't want to let them like um develop and get their pawns out and then i have to move my bishop they attack it so i just don't want to make my opponent happy so.

Hashtag dorsal philosophy yeah so i don't really bishop c4 is a good diagonal don't get me wrong but it also kind of gives opponents some ideas so i'll let it be and just for the fun of it let's say they take we take and they try to get a little bit.

Developing and potentially they're not even attacking just developing at this point and let's say we just get going keep going now what do you think about this position ah technically you could see answers up there it's kind of fun here.

it's either plus or minus two well your knight is bent to your queen but could you push so as a general principle i don't want to touch any of my kings like the king defender so because it's especially in opposite.

Side castles the more you touch these pawns the more opponent can come and attack them that's that's kind of the similar principle that i don't want to make my opponent happy by giving them a tempo to attack my pieces so as a general principle i'm not going to touch these pawns unless i absolutely have to so even if they're attacking this.

I still prefer not to touch that so for example let's say we continue with our attack so yes the chat is talking about this is kind of a dragon style structure you're not wrong yeah oh also i like that brian clark dorset the hopes and dreams slayer can we get the official title somewhere.

But oh i do have one other piece of good news i have my second acceptance to a different medical school so one is in kentucky one is in kansas state i have to choose between them and their deposits are so expensive and i have former waitlist but it'll be a fun next few months you'll.

Definitely hear me venting about it on stream so all right um now how did i go from hopes and dreams slayers to that but yes how do you feel about bishop h6 so tracy i'm not going to give specifics just because i feel weird naming.

Universities i'm just going to talk states for now hello vivek ah someone's asking was king b1 also an alternate it was but bishop h6 is the best one so my thing is i want you to calculate bishop a2 and let me know if it's good for black or.

You know well why did we choose bishop h6 and not just because the computer tells us is this a nice attack are you liking this attack yeah this bishop is quite strong right so it's one of the the pieces that opponent is using to bring more pressure to our king so it does make a lot of.

Sense to want to eliminate it but is that the only thing is that the only reason you're playing this special h6 if they take well great this is giving us a direct attack to on h file but there also have some ideas to take on um a2 so again you have to be very careful with how you are going to do this so let's say they take.

Now what you're gonna do there's one specific line that does give you pretty cool advantage ah b3 queen a3 checkmate i love it i've done stuff like that to my opponents but like i took with the bishop they played b3 and i brought the.

Other bishop on i gave checkmates i love those yeah you went there to get rid of this bishop do it now what this other bishop is kind of in my eye so and now there's a new pin this diagonal is now yours so i'm gonna do a huge jump back in time.

You also want to do g5 by the way soon but see one of the biggest things that always scares me when i try to fiance to my bishop when i've already touched my e-pawn is this diagonal looks very fancy very good.

But it also gives you permanent weaknesses now if there was another pawn on e7 like in in like king's indians then it's a little bit different because this bishop yes it's better or like in dragon for example it's less um your king is less exposed the square this f6 square is less uh.

Vulnerable and you know worst case now you can just throw in an e5 and just close up the diagonal so you have more stuff to help your diagonal and help your king and your safety and all those so that's kind of one of the reasons i'm very skeptical for.

For me playing this pawn structures but again your opponent also should know how to do it now we talked a little about this knight c6 and like the hypotheticals of what would happen if they want to eat but they don't have to eat you know they could just develop and now we would continue with our attack.

And this is still very advantageous for white because white has an attack black doesn't black if this pawn was like on b4 yeah okay now we can now we can talk about um the problems but now let's go back a little bit i'm very ready to wrap up this g6 line let's talk about rook e8 let's talk let's say they played a.

Different angle at angle instead of doing stuff like this let's say they start attacking pawns what would you do then also tracy where are you going i'm jet lagged why are you leaving dorsey when was this game played 2000 not 15 16.

Yes uh i know it was in serbia okay i played a few tournaments there and i also want to do the february question mark oh man i played way too many tournaments back in the day i remember specifically i had like a tournament plan that i did.

I went to belgium for a round robin it was fine i got a few points but i didn't really get the norm then i went to this uh tournaments it was like two of them and then i from here i flew directly to like there was back to back not even a day and then i went to austria for a league and i closed 2400 there and then from.

Austria i flew to moscow for airfloat and i think i burned out after that because it was it was like five tournaments in a row and then i took a break and i did it again but yeah so i don't recommend that by the way prepare play like 10 games sit down.

Analyze them 50 games all right so what everything here are we still liking this f3 idea all right let's go f3 we're setting up shop for g4 h4 ideas also this this is not the game yet the game was not g6 just to confirm this.

Is still like analysis on what would happen if they did this g6 okay now let's say they continue with the idea we can again do our plan so this setup for f3 g4 is very um something that i really really like when i'm playing opposite side castles.

So i've had experiences with this like specific pawn structure uh in scotch for example you know in scotch when they play bishop c5 knight b3 bishop b6 you can set up for this ideas in a lot of sicilians you can have these ideas especially dragon um i know french unfortunately.

But hey if if your opponent ends up getting a structure like this and you end up in opposite side castles which can happen a lot from pier modern some weird curl comes you can still you know still do this specific pawn attack for the structure so hello eduardo all right.

Now let's say for example again this is something that also does happen in scotch too this idea is with d5 or just ideas with knight e5 i mean it's a little different because you don't usually have this bishop on g7 when it comes to scratch but.

Now let's say d5 what do you do yeah patrick you're correct yeah that is the idea if you do play this like ideas if upon unless you play e4 d4 knight c3 without c4 you can get into this structures yeah yeah g5 thank you peter g5 is pretty interesting because.

Opponent is attacking in the center and this is one of the key defenders so let's kick it bond is happy about it let's take it away now they gotta move this night now you get to just get the pawn and even if they exchange it i mean i'm pretty happy i really enjoy this position king b1.

I guess possible two but queen d2 makes more sense because even if they exchange it they can't really defend this problem so you're gonna have a very pleasant endgame so yeah i'm happy about it now let me do a mini jump back in time let's say instead of d5 knight to e5 now.

Again in scotch i've also encountered ideas with like 95 to be fair this bishop is like here but still 95 now what they're trying to attack some of these potential weaknesses so what do we do also jack never play f3.

I mean if your king is on g1 never play f3 okay or if your king is still on e1 and this can get checked maybe more and more yes then no but if your king is in a whole different you know part of the game go up by f3 who cares the whole idea is not to weaken your king so.

If it's not weakening your king do it okay i'm getting a g5 i'm getting an h for h5 yeah see that's kind of the problem if you play h4 right now you have to be careful about now you got to move the horsey and bye-bye pawn and your stretcher starts to crumble a bit because then that'll also fall and.

We need pawns so we're not just ready for a pawn storm yet so this is a problem however if we could correctly defend them we could hope for something like f4 f5 as well i love it yeah sometimes simple moves are the best now if they play c5 they're kind of.

Shooting themselves in the foot because now this is a problem this square is beautiful you can just hop up here and pick this up and who needs to attack when you can eat ponds right you could even play knight it hurts me i mean obviously.

But it feels like you're so good here that you could if rook was on g1 or maybe your queen was on g2 i would have considered it more seriously but right now knight f5 it's a little scary actually never mind you can you might be able to pull it off i'm still scared i.

Would just eat the pond first then set it up for it but if you feel like you want to go for blood sure why not i mean you get that skit i wouldn't no i wouldn't either in a tournament game but i'm just curious if it's that crazy no it's not that crazy it's just.

I i love my i've became more materialistic since i've had to start paying for my medical schools and it's just i like pawns so yeah that's another thing that i was considering it could be possible the.

Only downside of it is your queen is still you know serving a purpose here yeah so i'm not opposed to queen g2 because i've done like queen g2 stuff a lot in sicilian and in um well sometimes on scotch but i like it but queen g2.

i think my biggest concern with it is you still can't really do f4 because this is falling and you still need like two three more moves to set up any type of attack here and you're not really going to play g5 just yet so it oh well if they.

Oh sorry if they play c5 i mean technically maybe why not look i would still prefer to eat this pond first um i mean it's good but not my not my thing right now quinjuto is definitely doable.

But since your queen is still serving a purpose here there should be two also but if you played queenie two i wouldn't i'm trying to come up with the right choice of word i wouldn't say bad stuff i would be proud of you let's go with that yeah all right.

So now let's say we got this g5 and finally f4 yeah or nay oh we have musical chess tonight soothing hi manny it is a huge cup and i'm very jet lagged so this is definitely going to be helping trying to see what else is in the chat ah okay so i'm getting a no because of.

Knight g4 well yes but this if this knight comes on g4 we could also start thinking if we can trap it i'm getting a rook g1 suggestion possible but.

f4 does make sense because you can simply just bring it back and you have a serious threat with h3 you want to try and you know pick stuff up so opponent has to be very careful let's say opponent tries to you know kick the knight away and they try to.

I have no idea what they're trying to do actually tell me why not take with queen why do you think we should take with pawnee yes but even more than eating we don't want opponent to eat so what changes ah what changes if i.

Take with queen what am i leaving behind yeah so that's kind of the problem if we take with the queen we're leaving behind this guy and now this is a problem actually pretty big problem so yeah again you are quite advantageous at this moment.

But you still need to be able to convert that advantage to more material and then more pieces and then win but i'm gonna actually ask the audience to make all the people to make guess how much do you think white is better right now what do you think engine is giving it no.

Oh look up there it's an integer you're looking up there oh no not anymore maybe you should bring a hat cap next time i used to do that actually when i'm not into classes when i was playing tournaments when i was like a.

Kid i want to say up until maybe 15. i used to wear like a hat well part of it was because i was trying to avoid my country's regulations but anyways but part of it was like it would help me focus because i like i couldn't really see anything around me and i always thought that was kind of funny but then when i stopped wearing the hat.

I was like whoa there's so much more light but yeah it was kind of fun or like still when i played seriously then you know if you check out any of the pictures or any of the videos people still you know sit and like focus like this so i'm not sure how to if people still do.

It when they're playing the computer but still anyways so how much do you think i'm getting a lot of like threes twos i'm getting few fives well actually yeah it is it's a little.

Over five but again not the most accurate engine but still it's white is winning so you have to be able to make that determination that's you know if do the moves you're doing how much approximate advantage it gives you because if it if you're like plus one here it's probably.

Not worth it but if you're plus five then yeah you wanna know for sure what you're doing because everything is kind of wobbly so so many things are happening you have to be very very precise with how much advantage you have and how you can use it you need to convert it to.

Something else this is the type that you can you know attack it is it the strategic advantage dynamic advantage so it's a lot of things that you should try and like run through in your head decision making is really hard and just and in life actually all right um i'm kind of done with this g6 so this is just fun you can find better.

Lines too it doesn't have to be this one you can eat here first for example so many other options i'll also share the link to this study because on leachates at the end so you'll have access to this as well now i'm still done with this g6 let's go back not look at g6 let's say 9×6 there we go okay knight f6 kind of forces your.

Hand right you kind of got to go knight c3 now one final g6 question what if g6 now what would you do what's different than the other g6 yep even more torture now after bishop g7.

You can simply just get your queen out the same way you wanted it and you're still going to do the same ideas let's say if the castle we castle they get the work out we're just going to do the chill things that we want to do the only difference is you you're not obligated to push for f3 g4 immediately.

And since your bishop is not here i should probably mention that right here since your bishop is not here if they take you don't want to be forced to take him with queen and end up in this diagonal so you can just walk away and now this is such a scotch knight style for me again usually this.

Bishop is here in scotch but and whenever in scott's opponent plays a5 i kind of have an immediate response to it so what is your immediate response here yeah kind of like like opponents really is going to be happy if they get a4 and kick my knight away so i'm just i'm just gonna take that away from you and even if opponent does this bishop b6.

Again this is such a scotch style and they want to take it i don't care you take i'm gonna take that i'm happy pawn structure gets a little sucky but that's okay and i'm happy just coming up with the attack on the king side now just for example this is not an exact um.

Game that i'm showing you but for example this is how you could try to manage your attack and one final thing what if they try and kick your bishop out final thing about g6 which then still not done with this specific philidor ideas why h4 because.

I think the king might castle on the king's side so you might expose that side there is one slight thing with bishop h4 which i remember i've done it a few times in rousers what if they take.

Because if you take back they'll pick this guy up and if you take the queen they'll pick up the queen and they're still attacking some of your materials sure uh i mean you can but you don't really have advantage anymore if anything opponent is the one who's.

Trying to push for more now because opponents pieces just got really active really quick everything like uh your developed pieces are quite wobbly you still have to figure out when to castle and you still have to deal with opponents um opponent gets momentum now.

So opponent is the one who's going to be doing the thank you all right so let's say bishop of four and let's say they're just going to continue developing now what they're delaying their castle oh hello from greece we could we could consider moving this.

Or i don't want to take this but i am open to this bishop g5 bishop b5 ideas because if we go knight b3 there's no guarantee that they're gonna go long castle so what i'm thinking is what if they just kind of set up shop for you know long castle two.

Just for for the fun of it let's say i'm deliberately avoiding playing this bishop p5 and i really want to just go for long castle again i'm gonna avoid doing this bishop b5 and you know you're having a little bit of a trouble now you're not i mean i'm not so sure how to play if i'm not playing bishop b5 and.

Keep advantage so that's kind of why you want to be careful with how you choose where to castle because you see opponent is delaying their castle so it's kind of important for us to keep our options open as well now i kind of like this bishop b5 primarily.

Because keeping options open i'm not opposed to taking it but if i do take it now my lawn castle is going to have some um issues now so probably i'm not gonna be doing that anymore there we go and another's opponent that's totally fine and this is a very comfortable position.

This pawn on g5 is funny uh this position is just comfortable for us opponent is the one who's struggling with gaining more center gaining more things to attack from us and we're the one who has more say on the pawn structure more stay in the center a little bit more center.

Development and we have potential weaknesses that we can start to consider how to attack so i'm oh actually i'm happy with this so yeah all right this is actually surprisingly the most sane g6 line i saw today so.

Yeah so if you're the one who who likes to play this um g6 d6 ideas try to delay your castle and just confuse the opponent because if you cast it too early on then sure i'm gonna castle two and then we go into attack but if you actually keep your cast a little bit longer it's it doesn't mean you're not gonna do it it just means that you're.

Gonna wait to see what opponent does small tip hopefully none of my future opponents are watching this um like in scotch also it kind of bugs me when opponent is not casting immediately and most people do but when they're not casting then like they keep their options open and now i.

Have to keep my options open and i can't start to cast you know i have to kind of start to make this too many decisions for if they cast out this way if they canceled that way and no we're not playing together right now don't don't take notes yeah so.

Yeah just keep that in mind confuse opponent all right now let's finally get to my game yay now let's say bishop e7 now what do you do oh yeah i forgot to mention this so non-test related but funny thing in persian calendar.

Uh first day of spring is the first of new year so it's no ruse it's not just in persian it's like multiple countries but around the same region so it's kind of funny it makes total sense too first day of spring start the first new year now now the first day of spring is the middle of march nobody cares.

Anyway so that's called nauru so for those of you who celebrated happy naurus thank you thank you all right i'm getting bunch of f4s and bishop of fours and ah thank you patrick yeah all right not the biggest fan of pawn four but i am quite fond of bishop before and so is.

Negi in this game i went bishop e2 first because again i wanted to kind of confuse the opponent just a little bit and then i won bishop f4 and um now which side do you think we should castle and again this wasn't a this is an.

Important game because every game is important but it wasn't like a killer peak heal type of game because you know if you're playing a tournament last round you need a norm you need a medal or whatever it's going to be kill or be killed type of style this wasn't that this was just someone who was a bit higher rated.

That i've already beaten once but so i definitely wanted revenge surprisingly this is a weird opening transfer revenge but then again if he played like e5 i would have probably gone down fortnite and it's already a draw so probably sicilian would have been the.

Best choice for him eh well not my problem okay i'm seeing a lot of kingside castles now whoa why i mean it's possible but come on people what happened to sense of adventure the only.

The the big difference between like now that they haven't played g6 is your queen you don't need to do queen d2 you can instead go queen d3 and maybe you know try to switch the queen that way i've done a few games like this in sicilians when i did like queen d3 ideas so feel free to check out the sicilian.

Neverending series that we did for like oh my god how many weeks that was 12 weeks eight weeks it was months all i know is it was months and tracy was about to pull out her hair and we finally wrapped it up just to start a new one yeah so.

Let's say opponent plays okay so many options here uh let's go with knight a6 first because knight ah let's go to d5 first the music stopped why here why not it's the golden question isn't it.

Ah long castle is appealing yeah thank you yeah lawn cast is pretty cool i might there say dope because if they take you don't have to take it you can just go queen g3 now you have funny ideas here you have funny ideas there you have funny ideas everywhere and opponents kind of stuck because let's say they try to you know.

Run away actually can they run away not here not they're not they're not there let's go they go there yay they can't really run away can't let's say just they try to develop again they saved the night but.

You know what no no this is better yeah just bring the pressure because if you play bishop c7 they have to play queen e8 you still have advantage but why should i help them make a choice right i'm going to play nine to five and torture you now you have to make a choice now.

So yeah that's kind of the thing about d5 if they take we can just take and it's still pretty pretty nice you have great center you have great development your pieces are centralized it's just great all around so that was the thing about d5 let's talk about knight a6 looks a little weird i actually haven't.

Had anybody play this with me but what do you think should he use king stuff or queen stuff uh as a principal a3 might help opponents so i'm kind of meh about it if you want to go long castle that's okay but the opponent wants to play knight c5 so.

I kind of like queen g2 yeah you see this special e2 made a lot of sense because stops bunch of this knight h5s right so that's one other way to consider it now if opponent goes knight c5 great we don't have to we could also do like bishop f3 but i'm completely happy with this.

And you can start poking around if they go like f5 f5s are always a little weird for me to be honest whenever opponent does it even on scotch we can take and this is a very comfortable position yeah black is doing a bit better than most of the other lines we saw so far but as white i don't really have any.

Concerns because they still have to take a lot of time to try and attack my king and the only good thing they got going is that they have this centralized pawn that i can't take away from them but also i could try and push my h-pawn so it's i think this is more of a fair fight than any other line we've seen so.

Far that's why 96 is kind of the best one for black uh if you go like king h8 has black well that's totally cool like i now have to move the bishop and if you take well amazing that just well that's going to be fun so you're not going to take as black let's say knight f6.

Now you can simply continue with like um well not this guy's under attack so not just long castle either f3 or bishop f3 and you know this is again very comfortable position since you have your queen on g3 you're not going to be doing those like f3 g4.

Ideas anymore so this is a little a little bit of a difference dynamic but um you're still attacking it's just you're not primarily attacking with pawns per se you're now kind of switching the gear between attacking with pawns a little attacking with pieces a little so it's more of a mix than just pawn attacks.

All right now if bishop f6 again since you your bishop did its job you can try to come back and just exchange it off and that's totally cool because we want them to take it now again this is happy happy times yay again now this is again great you get the edge file it doesn't.

Necessarily grant you a win obviously but it gives you a bit of an edge for this game and i like this more attacks more eatings it's just very comfortable again you have to convert it to a full advantage and a full win but white is very very.

Comfortable should you shouldn't really have any real troubles here so yeah you can oh yeah i was just showing as like a potential idea it doesn't have to be this because like you have the edge file but you still need to be able to create an attack but you can't just start doubling up because opponents could just.

Try and run away so what about i'm sorry you can but what if i just play like i'm gonna say g6 or yeah let's say like g6 yeah let's say i try to attack over here for example again you're better.

But your rook is great where it is on the h file so you that's kind of why we're trying to attack the other weakness that they have okay i was thinking about doubling but i mean i didn't see it through but i was wanting to double.

Even if you try to like go a little bit of a more longer route a you double but you can't really get through so that's a bit of a problem all right now finally we get to my game but the time is up so it's okay we're.

Gonna try and push it through uh it wasn't it was just a really nice game but we already got through the most of the big ideas so okay exactly oh there we go i can't take that away from audience still they'll come after me.

All right but now i'm very comfortable with this position i'm already you know we're adding the opposite side castles you're already kind of determining where i should place my i think b4 is a little too early honestly.

Maybe because i feel like if this pawn was already on a4 and then you played b4 then i would have to push this knight backwards but that's also two moves that you have to do so b4 should be okay i'm i'm comfortable with this and to be fair uh.

Idea was okay but it wasn't the best one i probably should have started with like king b1 the idea is if you go c5 then i can simply move this light away attack these guys and even if it get exchanged because the king is defending the pawn i have the option to consider re-routing the knight whereas when your king is.

Still here your pawn is defenseless and this knight is kind of in a awkward pin situation so i went to h4 not a horrible idea but and i can still try and set up shop for h5h6 but i think i kind of confused myself in the game because i really.

Wanted to mix it up but i couldn't and then this one was weak so i had to do and e5 is not what i wanted to go for because i don't want to make opponents pieces strong bishop f3 might have been the best one but i chose kind of i went for f3 instead and here is when i actually.

Started to see the problems with my position because c5 you move the knight and now they get c4 and now black has pretty nice advantage but it's not over because black still needs to develop blackstone needs to be able to break through and can have this attack so it's not that easy for them.

Uh knight c6 is a very logical move which they didn't do they went knight d7 i'm assuming 97 is because to follow it up with some ideas and exchange this knight and my position is worse because i messed up the center and that's so funny because in like span of.

Two three moves and i didn't really blunder but because i let my opponent relax and you know expand their um their pieces and their center now i'm in trouble so i started to try and attack anyways and.

Now taking is a very risky i would not do that because well you are very i'm very close to getting checkmated so just i don't want to get checkmated this bishop is a real monster i wouldn't do this under no circumstances i want that.

Bishop to be that's free so i tried to still salvage the position keep it up and i'm surprising i won this game so technically i was trying to do perpetual but anyways um i'm still trying to attack right i'm just gonna run through some of the ideas that i had which is for example maybe i.

Can do this but then upon gets c3 so all right here i think was a very crucial moment for black what do you think is the best move for black because he went bishop c5 and it gave me some chances to free up my queen right so what do you think was the best move.

For black here no my oh was was it b3 move um well i guess first they got to make a choice about what to do with this bishop i mean b3 is problematic because they can't take back that's that's one of the reasons i have that queen on d4 because i want to try and protect my king as much as possible.

And that's another thing that proves that this position is not that easy to win for black too they have to really um try and well torture me give me a little more room to breathe and well so what what should black do something with that bishop but what.

Uh b3 is still too early for black because even if they play b3 now i take and they go right rook b8 well that's totally fine because you can't really you still have the same problems and now i have defenders too for my king as well so f6 what should black do okay bishop.

Fate is one of them the other one is just take it and if i take back now take knight takes e2 because now you're attacking queen you want to go knight c3 and even if i take take you know the other position that what happened in the game my queen was on d5 so that guy fell but now that's not it anymore this is just well.

I'm pretty lost now did knight f5 also before here yeah um honestly possible but i feel like the the thing with b3 is it's it helps open my position as well so i i.

Still have some defenses so you you sh like um the squares are very weak so if you can get a knight here if you can have a bishop in this diagonal up toast but if you're going to try and push pawns it helps my position because it opens up some of my pieces to come defend my king too.

So it's just a matter of how to torture me better i've also been watching the tv show good place so it's quite fun the good place oh yeah it's pretty good so i'm coming up with some new analogies anyways.

Yeah b3 looks really good but white keeps defending it so it's not time bishop f6 would have been best and then i take and then you take and i probably would have resigned here because well there's not much to do but after bishop c5 opponents kind of blew up their advantage now.

They they you know it was like minus five now it's minus a little bit it's like minus half so pretty good what do we do it's kind of funny um i was happy trying to repeat this like some repetition ideas but i couldn't really come up with it first of all they want to checkmate me so i gotta stop.

That and uh probably taking would be best for her opponent but he just went through k8 i centralize my queen they pretty they close up this diagonal which i'm happy about and i also have new ways of defending and i might be able to do new stuff.

Okay probably in hindsight you should come back to not let my background get all funky because now they could do this again i recall we were in real time trouble but okay they didn't play rookie one not my problem but yeah.

Uh if i was playing more accurately rookie one background is a problem so first come back defend it then switch it to the other side that's a good title how to torture me better that feels like anyways.

Um uh i mean ah come on little joke i mean even if queen b3 they can just go the other way would i give a permanent weakness like that i want to go back in time like five.

Years and smack myself wait six years that hurts six years ago my god well in hindsight my cat was not alive six years ago so let's not go back in time his birthday is coming up he's not six years old i thought i took.

Him to the mat like five years ago wait he is born 2017. so fine when he was just like one year yeah yeah his birthday is april 7th i'm gonna get him a lot of catnip let him get high and.

Give him some tuna as well i have to see if i can mix it up somehow all right yeah now but this position was like somehow fine and i st and my opponent managed to royally see now i realize that oh okay let's go back see.

But no this was fine and to top it off my opponent started to mess it up yay still not there still not there all right come on let me get to the good place oh there we go now it's the messing up part.

Now what opponents should have tried to done to me with this rookie one background problem i did the dim yeah this background problem is pretty nice and even if opponent is trying to defend it this is a permanent weakness so their queen has to permanently stay.

Defending it which gives me more of an edge to try and bring more attackers bring more problems so i like that hi i enjoyed this rookie seven nice i tried to repeat for a second but i didn't have to i could have just went for like maybe rookie five but now because of how much i have peace activity.

My opponent is in deep trouble the material is the same as it was before the king's miking safety is still everything is still as it was my bishop is still useless weird thing but i have peace activity with the few pieces that i have so peace activity is very very very important in chess and now i got just 27 and voila well i.

Guess technically this would have been faster i guess well anyways let's just pretend i didn't miss that queen e7 is also pretty beautiful i mean if you take it's still checkmate right there we go it's all that matters checkmating two or three is the same but yeah it's really really important so.

When i'm talking about center centralizing pieces good development purposeful development all of those things i'm not just shooting cool chest terminology at you um i actually mean it it's really important to have your king to be safe however safe it can be right now surprisingly my king was.

Safe because opponents couldn't attack it but once created a nice blanket around my king my pieces were more active than opponents because the opponent messed up and gave me that option to activate my pieces which i earlier also messed up and gave them center so.

Overall this is quite a fun game but the main thing to take away from it was the ideas that we did with like if g6 you have that f3 g4 idea if not g6 you have that queen d3 queen g3 idea and the how to attack and opposite side castles and the all the center development king.

Safety peace activity all those fun things that i always talk about i feel like i need to get tattoos of them on my eyelids but all right so i'm glad it's this was fun so this is the main thing for philidor that we talked about next week i'm going to try and wrap up the filter just some little.

Ideas that is in negi's book but i don't have a game from myself that i'm going to show and then we're going to dive into french and karaoke and yeah his book is pretty good get it all right uh we're gonna switch to twitch analyzer games for a little bit and then i'm gonna go home and sleep.

So uh i'll see you on twitch in a little bit bye you