kashia collins was born on july 27 1991 in florida kesha has an enviable physique today she has built this body because she had two keisha collins is a fitness model and personal trainer from florida in 2011 she was diagnosed with scoliosis the condition which which causes the spine to twist to one side of.

The back to treat this kesha collins had to work out to strengthen her back muscles and train every day to prevent pain by 2013 these doctors orders had become our passion kesha says she came to love the fitness lifestyle admiring the bodies of great athletes and wanting to look like she hired a personal trainer to help her get in the best.

Shape of her life around this time kesha also began uploading posts on social media displaying her new physique and trying to motivate other women to start their fitness journey she's attracted a lot of attention through these channels developing your fan base every day in terms of cardiovascular training cashier.

Completes a 30-minute high-intensity interval training session either before or after weight lifting she also incorporates a bloody suit twice a week which includes an ab workout to kesha collins loves to eat as healthy as possible incorporating the dominican diet of rice seafood meat and beans into a bodybuilding diet as well as eating a.

Diet rich in quality produce she also drinks around three liters of water per day she says that she needs this to stay healthy and because she sweats a lot she needs to rehydrate often kasha collins height is 5 feet 5 inches and weighs around 60 kilograms so.