you're welcome back on life variants chanel if today is the first time you're coming across this channel kindly like subscribe and turn on the bell notification caitlyn folisade also known as caitlyn chade is a nigerian plus sized model.

Body positive activist social media personality she is a brand ambassador who is currently signed by ln position management caitlyn chade rose to fame through her eponymous instagram account she has.

Earned huge popularity for her casual chic bikini and glam plus sized fashion modeling often with lifestyle photos from her everyday activities caitlyn chadey was born on march 15 1997 in lagos nigeria she is currently living in los angeles california united states she is currently 23 years old her.

Astrological sign is pisces caitlyn has two sisters and one brother in june 2019 caitlyn schade graduated from the university of california los angeles ucla caitlyn loves traveling caitlyn chade has amassed over 290 000 followers whom she entertains with her stunning.

Contents on the instagram caitlyn has modeled for some famous fashion brands like fascio nova curve pretty little thing and several others caitlyn is currently a brand ambassador for fascio nova curve caitlyn chade stands five feet eight inches tall or.

172 centimeters her hip size is 48 inches or 121 centimeters body type voluptus she has a beautiful dark hair and brown eyes color marital status single nationality nigerian and if you want to know more about her.

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