Sunday, June 26, 2022

Sony 15mm F1.4 G vs Sigma 16mm F1.4: This is War!

This video is sponsored by aura the sigma 16 millimeter f 1.4 has long been a favorite lens of mine in fact i did a video stating that if i could only keep one aps-c lens this would be the one it's just very versatile it's a great lens and a very good value for the money so you couldn't believe how surprised i was.

When sony announced that they were releasing a competitor to the sigma 16 f 1.4 this is the sony 15 millimeter f 1.4 g and the aps-c lens lineup just got a whole lot more interesting okay the first thing to talk about is how small and light this new lens is it is 218 grams compared to the sigma's 404 grams.

So basically half the weight and you can see here that it's about an inch shorter overall in sony's words it is 46 lighter and 25 shorter than the competition sony is marketing this new lens as a professional wide-angle prime with g-class image quality great bokeh and fast dual linear motor focusing they even go as far as to say that the images.

From the lens are distortion free when i was on the phone call with sony regarding this lens i was shocked with how they presented this thing and how they talked about the competitors they were very confident in what they were producing so let's take a quick tour around this lens this thing is fully featured even though it is compact and.

Light sony didn't skimp on anything here it's made out of plastic and glass but the fit and finish is excellent around the rear there is a metal mount with electronic connections there is a rubber gasket around the mount because this lens is dust and moisture resistant on the top you get the lens specs embossed not like the simple printing that you.

Get with the 11 millimeter there is a pronounced g logo a focus hold button an autofocus manual focus switch and an on off toggle for the aperture ring this lens has an aperture control ring that is very well done and clicky going from f 1.4 to f 16 and then one more larger click over into auto even with the click off the result is a very smooth rotation.

With a bit of resistance which i like in front of that ring is the focus ring which is very smooth feels great in the hand and is completely electronic this ring is linear so if you are doing manual focus pulls you can do repeatable focus changes with ease around the front is a compact front lens element lens specs are listed here 55 millimeter.

Filter thread and the minimum focus is 0.2 meters or 0.66 feet inside there are three aspherical elements and a seven blade diaphragm it's noticeably lighter and smaller than the sigma but there's one big problem and i wouldn't say this is a problem as much as i would say it is a crime and that is the price of this lens which we'll get to here in a moment.

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Family from america's fastest growing crime you can try aura free for two weeks go to arthur or just click down in the description below and special thank you to aura for sponsoring this video now let's get back to the sony 15 millimeter f 1.4 all right so let's take a look at some side by side samples from this new.

Sony and the sigma 16 which we've all grown to love over the years and this new sony did not come to play around immediately wide open we are getting shots that are just as sharp as the sigma dare i say the sony looks maybe sharper skin tones are excellent as are colors through the frame slightly less warm than the sigma though bokeh is nice.

Looking and smooth as well next shot okay more of the same a bit more contrast with the sony super sharp great colors this is a close one here's the next one and let's get extra close these are portraits not what the lenses are designed for but still a good test of sharpness with eye autofocus both lenses here are exceptional although i have to.

Give the bokeh nod slightly to the sigma the sony's bokeh is a little busier the sigma's is smoother this is a byproduct of the 16 millimeter focal length versus 15 millimeter and the fact that the sigma has nine rounded aperture blades compared to the sony 7 which i don't believe are rounded here is a busy shot at f 1.4 the lines on the sony are.

Straighter sharpness is the same even to the corners both lenses are surprisingly sharp and both have chromatic aberration the sigma struggles with that a little bit more at f 8 from the same vantage point there is no difference center and corners are sharp and chromatic aberration is not much of an issue with either lens here it is on a brick wall.

The sony is flat with straight lines no distortion no vignetting the sigma has barrel distortion albeit it's not as bad as it could be here's a shot at f2 on both lenses the sharpness is spot on brilliant with both lenses the sigma has the bokeh advantage again but the sony has straighter lines just take a look at that railing post here is a building at.

F8 and this is the only shot where i noticed the sigma was a little bit sharper in the corners surprisingly in every other comparison shot they were equally sharp with a slight edge to the sony next chromatic aberration performance is looking good here wide open and the flare on the sony is well controlled last shot this is the bokeh.

Difference again from the same vantage point this sigma has bigger bokeh balls because of the extra one millimeter and the balls themselves are a tiny bit more round which is preferable i also did a focus breathing test and the sony did a really good job with basically no focus breathing i tried the same test with the sigma and it's just as good in my.

Opinion so what sony has done here is they've created a lens that absolutely keeps up with the performance of the sigma and in some cases offers about five percent better performance at least in sharpness and it's not only that though because this new lens is definitely more fully featured than the sigma the sigma lens.

After all is very simple there are no buttons or knobs or anything crazy on it it's just a simple focus ring and that's just about it again the sony has a focus hold button auto focus switch aperture ring that can be clicky or de-clicked as well as a linear manual focus ring and that is not even the important bit which is auto focus performance dual linear.

Motors is definitely better than the stepper motor in the sigma and that applies in terms of speed accuracy and noise level the autofocus system on the sony lens is perfect it does everything that you want when you want it to that being said i've never complained about the autofocus performance of the sigma 16 millimeter sure the 30 millimeter yes.

Before the firmware update it was pretty bad but this one even when it was just released has always had really good auto focus performance in my opinion so what all of this comes down to is one word and that word is refinement and sony actually said this in the briefing that i attended and i was offended when.

They said this because they called out their competitors as being unrefined and i knew they were referring to the sigma 16 millimeter and i thought to myself what sigma 16 millimeter is not unrefined it has never been unrefined it's a great lens what are they talking about but then after spending the last couple.

Of weeks with this new lens from sony and using it and comparing it side by side to the sigma i see what they mean it's not in the sense that the sigma is unrefined necessarily it's just that this new sony is more refined what they have done is they have taken an already excellent already.

Amazing lens and they have made it smaller lighter better at focusing with more buttons and switches and features and maybe a touch sharper as well they have refined the sigma 16 millimeter now all of this comes at a cost and understandably some of you may be outraged by this but there is a law of diminishing.

Returns and there's also the law that further refinement is exponentially more expensive and this applies to a lot of industries i mean it's the reason that the s-class may be 20 more refined than an e-class but cost 80 more with some options ticked it's the reason people spend four or five times as much for a grand.

Seiko over a regular seiko so the sigma right now you can buy on amazon for a nice 357 dollars and at that price it's an exceptional value and something that i would highly recommend now this sony is going to come in at roughly double that i don't have the final pricing but it's going to be between 700 and 800.

Which is a lot of money when you consider this as an ultra wide angle lens that's a prime for aps-c so it's an expensive lens don't get me wrong it is excellent exceptional amazing but also expensive for what it is it's not a g-master they don't make those for aps-c yet but i love it i really do and i recommend it as a great option maybe i.

Was dreaming that a lens like this would come in at 500 or even 600 but i think at that price it would have been an easy solid recommendation and maybe this sony is not so much overpriced as this sigma is underpriced for the performance that you're getting bang for buck you really cannot go wrong with this thing all that being said i am still buying this new.

Lens from sony i've actually been using it over the last couple of weeks for these talking head clips in my videos and it's amazingly sharp very good at auto focus it's a little bit too sharp i would say you could see all my pores which is not a good thing but i am loving it so far so it's a.

A dream performer lens okay so that is it for this review thank you guys so much for watching please subscribe for more check out the link down in the description below to protect your identity with aura and i'll see you guys in the next video thanks bye


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