Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Spot the Correct Logo | Check If You Have a Photographic Memory

I have a logo quiz for you and your task is to find the correct one let's start here's the first one what's the correct netflix logo it's this one i'm sure you got it right we all like a good show let's go on with something a bit harder where is the real paypal that's the one.

You probably stream music every day but do you remember how many lines spotify has it's this one with three lines which logo is the correct one here yes the one over there are you a coffee fan this one's for you which logo is correct.

this one of course now how about domino's pizza which logo is correct that's the one if you watch tv you must know the correct nbc logo it's your chance to shine.

Here it is i know it was hard i didn't get it right myself ice cream people this one's for you what's the correct baskin robbins logo it's this one blue pink pink blue do you have a mastercard credit card then you should know this logo but red and yellow or yellow and red.

yeah this is the one red and yellow that's a fancy brand but you've probably seen it around a lot so what's your call it's this one are you a mac person or a microsoft person which logo is the right one uh-oh it's way harder than it seems but.

The correct logo is this one coca-cola is the most consumed drink in the us the second place goes to diet coke so which logo is correct it was easy right of course this one the third most consumed soda drink pepsi so find the right logo.

This is the one take a closer look at these images and find the correct old school disney castle it's this one if you got it right i bet you've seen a lot of disney movies subway is the sixth most profitable fast.

Food chain the first one is of course mcdonald's can you guess the correct subway logo yeah it's this one lg with a dot or without yeah of course the logo has a dot can you find the correct sprite logo here it is great job are you a gamer if so you're bound to.

Crack this one if not well try your best yep did you get it right what's the correct discord logo yeah it's this one no antenna it's not reddit what's the correct house arrangement on the hogwarts coat of arms only true potterheads will know it's this one did you get it right.

Another question for gamers what's the correct playstation logo it's this one great job especially if you have no clue about gaming the most popular browser used by people worldwide is google chrome as for opera it isn't even in the top three but i bet you know the correct logo that's the one.

Another shout out to coffee and donuts fans can you recognize the correct logo it's this one can you figure out the real nutella logo right here it is can you recognize the one and only shell logo it's this one was it tricky.

Pizza lovers what's the correct pizza hut logo that's the one you need guys this one can be used as a how old are you test i'll remember that uh oh sound forever millennials which logo is correct this one is the original icq logo it helps you out almost every day but do.

You really know wikipedia's logo that well which one is correct if you got it right you have my absolute respect moving on what's the original olympics logo it's this one.

What's the correct skype logo yeah right it's this one of course what's the correct color arrangement here yes it's blue at the top and yellow at the bottom microsoft edge is considered to be the best browser for windows but what is its.

Correct logo it's this one any gamer knows it for sure but others can give it a try too what's the correct dota 2 logo the one over there back to the 2000s when all girls were obsessed with this feline what's the correct hello kitty logo.

It's this one can you find the right pokemon this one of course what do you say here that's the one i know it's level impossible but give it a try listen to your intuition what's the correct logo.

It's this one if you guessed it right you're a real pro


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