vicky has as many brothers as sisters but each of her brothers has only half as many brothers as sisters how many brothers and sisters are there in vicky's family the correct answer is four sisters and three brothers the key to solving this is to keep it.

Simple just count the sisters and brothers in total and in terms of their own number of siblings vicky is a music teacher one day she came over to her students house to give him a lesson the door was unlocked so vikki got in her student mr green was lying on the couch with the flu he was very weak and.

Vicky decided to call the three best doctors in this town since mr green was really rich and influential many people wanted to get rid of him that's why his bodyguards had to search the doctors before they began any treatment it turned out that one of the doctors.

Was a criminal can you tell which one this guy why does he need an axe mr green got well and returned to his business duties he runs a small company producing expensive diamond rings on friday when the working week was finally.

Over he got a call from his bank mr green found out that someone had stolen all the money he had he suspected that it might have been one of his employees so he asked each of them what they'd been doing that day helen the jeweler said she always made two rings a day and showed all the rings.

She had made that week jesse the sales manager said that he had been busy meeting with the clients and amber the cleaner said that she'd been cleaning the office every day as usual and she didn't notice anything suspicious who lied.

Helen there are five working days in a regular week she said she made two rings a day but she only showed eight rings it means she missed one day of work vicky was walking down a shopping mall suddenly she heard screams looking outside the window and saw two women in.

Big trouble can you tell who has more chances to survive look at this lady's hand it's made of metal she's a robot so she'll more likely survive this adventure one morning vicki was walking in the.

Park and noticed this missing cat poster can you help her find the cat in this area it's hiding in this old lady's bag vicky explained to the old lady that the cat had been missing but the old lady refused to give the cat away so easily.

First of all vicky had to solve her riddle i can whistle i can howl i can scream and i can whisper but i don't speak what am i can you help vicky the correct answer is wind after getting the cat vicki headed to its owner's home she walked through this.

Beautiful park can you spot what's wrong here this bench doesn't have legs it's literally flying in the air vicky brought the cat to its owner diana she was very glad to get her pet back and invited vicki for dinner vicki was very hungry and agreed.

Diana served these four dishes with various foods but only one of them is safe to eat can you tell which one the coconut cake is sprinkled with some human nails if you look closely at this tomato soup you'll notice some metal nails something's moving inside this burger so.

This pasta is the only edible dish here after dinner diana made a confession she was a real witch but vicky didn't believe in magic at all that's why diana offered her this deal if you solve my riddle i'm gonna use some magic to fulfill your biggest wish i'm beautiful up in the sky i'm magical yet i cannot fly to some people i bring.

Luck to some people wealth what am i can you help vicky out the correct answer is rainbow vicki has always wanted to become a famous singer she received an invitation to a singing contest.

Vicky sang beautifully and won first place after the performance she drank a glass of water backstage after that vicki felt very sick the contest manager called the ambulance doctors said that someone had poisoned vicki the police questioned three suspects and searched their bags.

Lily said i was crying in the dressing room this contest meant so much to me jessica said who do you think i am singers should stand for each other and rose said i was outside the music hall with lily she was crying because she had lost this competition who poisoned vicky.

lily said she was in the dressing room while rose said that they had been outdoors therefore one or two of them are liars but only rose carries toothpaste but no toothbrush in her bag that's pretty suspicious when vicki got better she checked her.

Mailbox and saw three messages from different music producers tom offered her a tour in europe ryan offered vicki to work on her first album at his record company in new york and joanna sent this invitation to participate in a tv show but only one of these offers is real can you help vicky make the right choice.

joanna's message is spam she doesn't mention vicky's name anywhere and the text includes a suspicious link ryan sent vicky a picture of his record company but there are palm trees and a tropical forest outside the window it's clearly not in new york.

So vicky should pick tom vicki was walking home from a rehearsal and stepped on a magical portal she fainted and woke up in an enchanted forest suddenly a wicked witch popped out of nowhere and gave vicky a choice if you solve my riddle i'll let you go and if not you'll get lost in this forest forever.

Here's the riddle i can be flipped and broken but i never move i can be closed and opened and sometimes removed you can seal me with your hands what am i unfortunately vicki failed to crack this riddle and what about you.

the correct answer is a deal the wicked witch left vicky alone in the forest vicky searched the area and found three paths leading to the nearest village the first path goes through hungry wolves giant mutant plants are waiting.

In the second path they eat all mammals including human beings and the third path is covered with a bunch of bugs and worms which way should vicky go although insects are gross they are the least harmful to humans so vicky should choose this path.

Vicky got very hungry and decided to find some food in the village when she came closer she realized the gates were locked can you help her guess the right code take a look at the screen it requires a four digit code someone decorated the gates with this symbol.

It's a hint if we divide this symbol into four parts we will see that it's made up of four twos so vicky should enter two two two two and come in when vicky entered the village and angry pixies stopped her and said not so fast lady you gotta solve one riddle first.

What should you do when you see a green man vicki cracked this puzzle right away what about you you should cross the road vicki solved it so easily because she was standing next to a traffic light it turned out it wasn't an ordinary.

Village various magical creatures lived here together vicky entered the local club and asked for some food but the owner werewolf fred said if you want to eat you gotta work now vicky's job is to check the guest's id cards she shouldn't let suspicious persons or those under 21 get inside.

Take a look at these three id cards and figure out who shouldn't enter the club the first one vampire is already 21 and nothing looks suspicious in his id so vicky should let him in and this werewolf lady seems all right too this elf's id card says he was born on.

September 31st but such a date doesn't exist therefore vicky shouldn't let the elf in after work vicki went to the local supermarket to buy some food she saw two attractive young ladies eating street food there can you tell which one of them isn't.

Human take a closer look at this ice cream raw meat this lady is definitely a werewolf vicki liked this village and decided to stay there she met the love of her life and two years later they got engaged today is her wedding day can you guess.

Who her husband is it's the third guy he's wearing a tie which means he attended the wedding and he's wearing a ring too