Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Jinnat or Khawateen Ki Chemistry Sahee soch vs Ghalat Soch Sahil Adeem

Foreign foreign um again.

up foreign is it's a dirty dirty game.

Don't play it uh sir uh last question for today uh from my side irrelevant to purposely you're not in the right picture or not ready for the right picture or maybe you are.

In the right picture you're ready for it but there are things that that need to be taken care of so the alarms is pulling your mind towards it that's what it seems what's happening is your mind is.

Consciously well not to you but your mind is designed to that's what i mean by consciously my your mind is designed to take you someplace very very very it's it's where the best course of action for that point in time.

Or or you're not actually following the best course of action or awkward distraction okay okay so it's um specifically successful


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