lauren sangster is a famous instagram star she was born on june 2nd 1994 and her birthplace is united states lauren is also well known as model and influencer who's risen to fame on instagram representing the plus-sized community.

She has over 920 000 followers on the platform in 2021 she will reached at the age of 26 years june 2nd is her birthday according to birthdate her horoscope is gemini lauren is originated from united states she's a fan of rihanna and featured a.

Photo of the singer from the 2018 met gala on her instagram before she was famous she's graduated with a bachelor's of psychology in 2018 lauren's sister's name is stephanie and sangster celebrated her graduation on her instagram with a photo of the two after the ceremony lauren sangster net worth or net income is estimated to be.

Between 1 million dash 5 million she has made such amount of wealth from her primary career as instagram star she's also founded a clothing line called venom designs that's created one-piece swimsuits for its first offering.

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