Hi everyone and a big congratulations to every ranker it really makes us proud to see your ranks and the achievement that you have really done this time a lot of students have gone from a rank of fifty thousand to five thousand from five thousand to two thousand it really changes the story i'll share the stories again.

In my other videos but today is a very important day because now you're all thinking into what college you can take before i start this small video lecture let me tell you do ensure that you know your priorities you know what branch you need or maybe you have priorities of a college so keep.

That thing in mind and let's not go with what others are saying about us are doing it's your life and you have to deal with it okay there's no one else who can tell you take this subject or this branch or this medical college is only you who must decide it okay let's start this video now any counseling when it uh occurs it.

Always have few rules and rule number one is that we should know what our priorities are there so i'll tell you how does a usual counseling occurs here the first round of counseling is round one counseling the round one counseling is for all the all india quota there is a deemed university the central universities and.

The dnb quotas okay the same thing again is for round two in which everything is now dealt for then after this comes a mop up round and after mop up round comes a stray vacancy round okay it's called a straight vacancy round so what happens in a mop-up round is again it is all for all these three that is all india quota.

Deemed quota cellular cdc and the dnp quota but when it comes to the stray workers quota apart from these all for all india quota and for the central universities it is the mcc which often does the counseling but for the deemed universities it is the respective deemed universities which will d which will do their own respective concept which can.

Be an online or an offline mode so once you know this it'll make your life easier now coming into so how should we move forward so i have made a small list here and if you look at this list there's a branch here and what i've done is i've taken for this under unreserved category for the all in a 50.

Quota and right now i'm looking for only the md or the ms seat okay so few things should be understood so this is what i feel will occur based on my uh observation on the round one of 2021 counseling and the round two of the 2021 uh counselling that is what i feel can happen the seeds have increased a bit from the last year this is the.

The idea that i have got from the various sources now this may actually change when the exact notification comes but really help you to choose your seats but i'm telling you when you look at this you can take a snapshot for this surely and uh understand this phone only for mdms and for the 50 all india quota and is for unreserved seats only so red.

Dynasty is the most preferred branch but please understand it should be your choice okay it should be your choice because you are the person who's going to deal with the life completely so around 251 seats and the closing rank in the first round of costing last year was double two eight five this only for the government.

Seats only i'm not taking the deemed universities right now not for deemed or not for any private medical college i'm taking only and only for the government medical college right now so two two eight five and two seven four two general medicine eight one zero seats and might increase this time again so three nine uh three nine five one and.

Four seven four one was the closing rank in the last need generally went to eight five eight one and ten thousand two eight ninety seven in the uh closing and round two but obviously it will go later on also in the i'll say in the straight uh quotas and in the mobile crown straight down it can also go later also ops guinea 673 with seven eight seven.

Five and nine four five zero how it went pediatrics again a very uh lucrative branch for most of the students it is uh seven five five seven seven seven and six nine zero zero actually went to the last year orthopedics 380 and 7974 with our eight double line three in the round two now other uh subjects as you see here.

That after with 311 seats around now this will surely going to increase a bit more than this year i expect this to be around 350 plus this year uh eleven thousand eight twenty one and fourteen thousand were the closing ranks for the unreserved category fifty percent all india quota in the gorman medical college these are basic things i'm.

Looking into okay dermatology 155 seats was there around and two five zero nine uh with a closing rank of three zero one one ent is two thirty seats for there and fourteen thousand three seventy three and seventeen two forty seven was a closing rank last year pathology was around twenty five thousand eight uh fifty six and went to.

Thirty one thousand around roughly in the last year similarly psychiatry psm and mlc medicine you can see other new branches that is quite available for you to look into the basic idea of showing you all these is you can take a snapshot for this will help you to understand the basic thing now this only for mdms please remember this is not for uh the.

Dnb quota it is not for the deemed universities okay it is not for the private university so all of those have not taken into account right now but if you want me to work on it i'll surely work on it and let me let you know that what are the expectations that you can have for yourself so ensure that guys that you.

Have your choices built up correctly you know what to do you know how to move forward uh i'll just ask you one thing is that make your list of priorities whether you want a branch first whether you want for a medical college first it's completely your priority and let not repent later on that i could have chosen this thing.

Or that thing um in the days to come if you want i can let you know about the dnb scheduling i can the good medical quality of dna for various branches and also the state uh that is quite possible for us and also how to prepare forward if you want to in the inicito need i'll be doing separate videos for all that again but really a.

Big congratulations to all of you who have actually performed so much well and is proud of yourself and your accomplishment you made yourself yourself and your family very very proud of you wishing you all the best take care and goodbye god bless you bye