VSPL 🏏: Math Royals (Shimon Joseph Sir ) | Vs. Biology Challengers (Amrit Raj Sir) 🤩🙌 | Vedantu✌

so welcome to this session and today we are going to have vsphere yes guys without to student students premier league and it is going to be so damn awesome and guys this session is published in both vedantu masters tamil set channel and on vedanta.

9th and 10th channel awesome so there'll be little bit of tamil in hindi also sorry english maybe english or india a little all the languages will be involved in today's session and yes we are going to have lots of fun and guys are you excited.

Today's matches between biology challengers and shivan math royals so guys how many of you support math royals give me a fire in the chat and how many of you support bio challenges give a heart yeah buy your heart bio guy is hot session which we have started guys you.

Know what one year courses at vedanta is available for just 4 500 courses i think one tab is open for you i get i i just switched it up i just closed it off so guys like amritsar was saying i hope all of you are aware about the ai live course.

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Like if you go down below the video you can see right here you can see this is young wonders for class you know six to eight and here ai live based cbsc 2022 2023 courses this is for class 10th then there is cbsc neat course who want to study for two years many of you are going from.

Class 10th to class 11th and 12th because 2-year courses are available for just 13 500 rupees can you imagine two years so this is crazy guys because the first time i came to know about it now i got reminded of my childhood so i studied uh 11th and 12th in 2011 2012 okay so 10 years back very old people right so.

exactly but i don't think students know that i am i am i am younger than like shimon is older than me guys younger to him i am four years younger to him i have just passed college i will show you my birth certificate you're actually two years older so when i was a student right so i was.

In a local institute in chennai and i paid around a lakh i'm not kidding amrita i paid a lot dude delhi made this 1.5 lakhs i paid 1.5 lakhs apart from that i joined tuitions also for 5000 rupees per month because they were not teaching good in the institutes so don't know what i used to always fall sick okay i used to have this uh.

Headache and fever i was not a very healthy kid in 11th and 12th so when i missed classes those classes were gone like i can't even get anything out of it i have to copy notes from my friends exactly but these days technology they can watch replay replay they can give tests whenever they want they can give test periodic tests.

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Lovely teachers in these fantastic courses so definitely promise you forgot the promise okay i was almost coming to that this is not all this is not the crazy part the crazy part is yet to come so how many of you are aware of vip tamil person that was a movie by dhanush now hindi.

Students might be thinking who is dude has been dubbed in hindi that movie that oh yeah was that right that no danush movie has been dubbed in hindi also that same movie so yeah so vip is uh it's a tamil movie which was dubbed hindi also but i'm not talking about that movie i'm talking about vedanta.

Improvement promise okay so even if you pay one year five 4500 and earnings if you guys don't improve let's say after one year if you don't improve and you are feeling bad like your ranked and improve your entire fee is refunded guys i know right that like what is the surety you have.

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Don't mistake it like we will make you you know work really really hard and you will definitely get results from this okay so on this note guys if you can see this is the video below the video you can go okay there you can see ai live cbc 2022 to 2023 this is for class 10th it is for 4 500 for class 10 student if you are in.

Current 10th and going to 11th and 12th next year i would highly recommend you you join this take a need cbsc neet english and j english okay english it is hindi plus english you can join either of the two again this is gonna be 35 13 500 for two years guys okay yeah.

Great the normal price of that is around three lakhs okay i'm sure you guys know nothing guys it is really the best scores available here and uh definitely it will help you and uh we reduce the price because sir thank you for creating master.

We love this channel thank you to vedantu because vedanta's goal is to reach every corner of this country if a child wants to learn or vilejo or a town or anywhere a child wants to learn all he or she needs to have is just internet exactly that's it that's it and the cost is reduced so much 10 rupees a day.

Anybody can afford that anybody so that is why i said we will revolutionize indian education and it's going to happen and you guys are part of it perfect guys with that with that enthusiasm let's start the match where she wants her ad yes match royals vs so many students asking how to join it.

Amritsar will brief you guys about it quickly guys see this video is there you can also play with us and you can also win prizes okay so here hey vedas click here to join the match below the video you can see click here to join the match click on this link and you can play with us okay so we will wait for you for two.

Minutes everybody participate everybody and show your support okay and royals is already leading we are at the top oh we lost first first physics physics team lost first smith oh i think it's the type so both are equal so both are at the top so let's make sure we stay at the top okay so whatever.

Whatever so let's maintain it and keep math at the top you can play with your parents phone also and win the amazon vulture and all those gifts okay you can win an echo dot also so yeah play with your parents phone make everyone play and you might win and the quiz is going to be general.

It is general uh ipl and i'm very weak in general ipl management what about you i i follow ipl but i don't remember stuff but guys i will give my everything to keep math at the top like i okay no problem guys we will go with we will go for biology challenges we'll.

Yes let's go the first question it's time to get started people let all your friends know there are a thousand people watching you know a thousand have joined the this is gonna be fire amazing so guys put some fire in the chat and if you feel your friends also should come and if you want to embarrass them by asking.

Them the questions then please bring them in share this video to them okay the more the merrier okay yes you want the guys biology challenges we are going to go you know guys the best part is i'll be answering bio questions okay yeah there's no bio and there's general questions okay and then amritsar also answered a few math.

Questions wait man i need pen and paper for solving mathematics wait if you give iit-jee questions i will start crying hey wait i need my parent paper it's the same for me right you don't have to solve anything why you just have to do it you have to remember right i studied biology last intense standard back in 2010.

After 2010 i don't know anything only so let us start guys here's the first question for you people all the questions are mine wait yeah first question is for amritsar who scored the fastest free tata apl oh my god.

Dude we should give him negative marking she won for rockhead so he should get negative markings from tamil nadu he ate very fast oh fat comments oh my god comments is the last person i would have guessed he's a bowler see i've got support man i've got pen and paper now i'll solve and win with.

You please how is it pat commence he's a bowler right i have no clue man i have no clue i have stopped following them i would have never guessed bad comments anyway next one oh my god i made first question wrong come on next question for you shivan here it is guys help me help me please.

Be fast in the chat okay hey you should not cheat man you should not cheat i can take help from math royal supporters hey come on hey this is cheating guys we should create some rules for not cheating i'll google and then answer start answering.

Okay next question for you which team oh consider most extras in an innings audience also would not know any of this guys any idea please help me i'll go for csk okay chennai is the bookings that's because i like csk okay students are very good at this dude like.

How would you it is not even there now in 2007 you know you know adam gilchrist so he was the captain of deccan charges hey they went hyderabad challenges i guess they met hyderabad yeah they meant you a question itself was wrong when how.

Did they give you right answer i have no idea anyways the force is with them next guys let's go to the next one this hey is this is a torture man i don't want to do this i'm not saying god bless you please.

Minus one minus one what do you guys know one one a a option a option a option a d wait i got more time if i put x is equal to y y is equal to z z yeah answer is one oh value of a b c one yeah one one one.

Answer is a everybody says b okay oh i think i'm getting the chat later answer is a good that's correct ah i i substituted the value and got the answer wow how many of you actually got it how many of you actually got it my method was correct no substitution.

Method i put the value and then did it yeah yeah you can do that i have a good student like you you appreciate my math skills awesome awesome legendary substitution skills you call it jugaad did some bio jugaad and he got math question correct guys i have meant a lot of biology.

Because mendel's knew studies not mental mental okay great job anjali kaushik is still leading man awesome nalin and kaushika are always on the top good good good guys these guys are going to win some gift man nalin is going to give me guys.

Okay a person is in a road accident is suffering punctures in his chest cavity but there's no damage to the lung what would be the effect of this injury my god how much seriously only chest is punctured come on man it's so difficult.

are you don't understand see when there's a puncher so there's pressure difference is not there so cessation means you won't be able to breathe only guys this is insane i should have asked them a very advanced question guys.

Struggling they are two wickets down and biology challenges are rocking we have hit a six out of this medium but overall we are at the top okay you are gonna be at the bottom today man you messed with the wrong people okay let's go class 12 biology hello i was an engineering student i studied computer science hey this is.

Class 10th biology this is easy you saw the students know none of them answered hey your question was so difficult when x to the power a b c d that was 6 000 hey no no no no no no great job guys next question for me next question here we go.

Is you can use pen and paper for this come on guys you can help amritsar if anybody knows the answer quickly lucknow super giants this question is proper they use proper current teams unlike deck and charges is that dude my question was so difficult.

Sensation of breathing and i give the exact problem wait when you don't talk let me solve extra points for what's the answer 2 pi r is the perimeter that is thank you so much guys and we math it we master it is coming late hey don't talk man i'm i'm trying to focus it'll be very silent no for students.

That's why i'm talking hey don't let it be i have to win so i'm gonna go for let's see just option b option b option b is right man great i'm a new student vishal welcome welcome.

Back guys biology challenges has hit one more six out of the stadium the force is very very strong here max max royals are struggling here guys smash guys everybody check it out you can do that you can message me there if you have any doubts so people let's go.

This was a crazy good question amritsar did not even take pen i used it yes next question would the making cricket bat is obtained from what is this what was preparation dude.

Mad child struggling now i don't know who is that but let's go with option b what is the answer i don't know you don't know guys bio bio team captain.

My team guy did not know okay so i get double the points so last night guys it happens in an ipl match the you you see that right last five times five wickets are done last player comes and starts hitting six is red this is like that one you likely i told you csk.

We catch in the end only everybody sounding guys who do you think will win biology challengers or math roles tell us in the comment box i hope we don't get another tough question.

Guys only op in the chat great great great guys one more sixer out of the park guys we are telling that that is augmented interactive sessions yes yes yes i think that's correct it is.

Not artificial intelligence spike boys and girls it is augmented interactive means you will be feeling that teacher is interacting with you that is what it is you will you will feel as though it's a real live class you will be interacting with the teacher answering quizzes like this exact same way it will be awesome.

Guys okay yeah and one more ball out of the park which is still holding to his leading spot amazing next level man with fun leaderboards watch interactive replays i hope it's currently called v2p i hope.

I'm not wrong this year it's called utopia hello amrit it's called vitopia this year okay which we create which euphoria you have right like that it is vitopia okay the platform is wave i i have been i have.

Been cheated no hey okay guys he does not know nothing and yeah okay let's go let's go let's see who how many students answered this right like few only but yeah like they were good they knew this has answered it.

Right right nathan you should have come instead of me man you should have played for math challenges one thing you're losing it is like losing very badly so mass rolls is losing very badly guys and today's superstar is amritsar of.

Biology challenges no it's because this year csk is also performing like this so it's okay i think csk and mi fans will sympathize with me how many years can mi fans do you guys know what you're going for the longest six in ipl 2020 i'll answer if i get it right i get points okay why why for what.

See i told you because second is liam livingston hey you answer your questions man first don't answer my questions okay whatever you are getting yours are easy hey wave you should have known wave i saw the very difficult question of maps guys natural song.

Guys how many of you answered this one right oh naleen nalin is a true ipl fan i think dude i saw two match questions two difficult match questions i have solved both one i answered right so you know what the longest six right second third and fourth all three are the same guy hey.

Last last which player holds the record for being the indian with most transcode in boundaries and your question oh for you simon you have to answer i have no idea one more googly and shimon is gonna get bold on this again and the back is gonna.

I want biology challenges in the comments now the students got it right everything everybody is saying option c guys i want pile of the challengers we'll win the ipl match in the comment box everyone okay matches are already at the top we'll come back stronger because of you they will be in the bottom now it's okay guys csk mumbai fans you guys.

Know what we are going through but we will come back stronger next game next game not next game next year they will come back now because we will come back but whatever happens let's not let's make sure bio challenges don't win hey why because they're talking too much the oil mattress.

Such sadistic behavior no sportsmanship guys there is no sportsmanship over here yes great job man great job you have literally killed it what you have literally he has did everything yeah yes guys you can tag us on instagram yes and share share it on you.

Know facebook whatever medium you have so that more of your friends can join and play with us okay and we would love to see you on all the ipl matches which vedanta is conducting with student premier league you can win prizes guys i guess nala and vijay and because we'll get prizes from vedantu and yes if you also want to win play with you play with.

Us play with your parents and yes we will be loved loving to see you here absolutely so all of every match if you guys are in the top three like these three over here they'll be receiving some goodies from vedanta amazing prizes to be won so come participate be regular and people if you haven't seen b master check it out and i would love to see you.

All in my session yes guys we master session just check out me and shimon sir we teach in tamil okay it's a tamil's channel for all the tamil students so she wants another s and we are having lots and lots and so come join the energy and these are our teams guys these are english uh and sst titans chemistry kings match.

Royals in the namashiman center then physics nights and this is me in biology challenges guys and if you can see today we will be in the top spot with most number of points if i'm not talking no no no no yesterday they got nine questions correct who man who was that abhishek sir and uh arvin sir so i i don't think bio is.

Going to the top but that way i'm happy guys guys this is sadistic behavior but yeah the top person in each match i guess nalin will get an amazon echo dot and vijay and mikas will get thousand and seven hundred fifty rupees worth of uh this thing wow.

Okay okay amazon watcher top fifty players can get all these gifts so do make sure you're not missing any of the matches guys okay so yeah so thank you for joining guys like i said if you are interested to check out the ai courses guys the link is below in the description we would.

Love to see you in classes and uh come to our youtube sections regularly have fun learn some great stuff because this is exam time right these next two months are very important i hope you guys will take it a bit seriously and guys biology challenger rocks in the comment box okay math math will always wrong put fire east norway whether it is high or low.

Whether it rains or shines we always support math so put some fire in the chat don't support a losing team guys don't sit on the sinking ship whether it rains or shines always stick to your favorite team like how i am supporting csk this year even mi fans know my fans are even more.

Hurt than csk fans cs caddy is 1-1 get to open account yeah so guys thank you for joining thank you shivan thank you everyone guys do subscribe to vedas to 9th and 10th with unto masters and all the way down the channels just stay connected with us guys we love you all and have a great.

Day take care bye bye okay see you guys thank you bye