hello how's it going everybody the camera is higher so i have to remember to look up so um we are continuing with our third french and we're hoping to also finish the win over today so make sure to.

Check the other two french's on youtube and we are hoping i'm kind of hoping i'll be able to touch a little on the second part of philadelphia today too but it's just an hour i can't do everything so um.

Let's keep the goal for finishing up another um so if you remember hopefully you do um we talked about some of the weird lines last week and a little bit of the queen c7 line let me.

Make sure my position is there yeah so we talked about a bunch of weird lines we talked about queen c7 which is also mainline to be fair and you know we take and i gave you some of the lego's recommendations some of my own personal experiences and i also kind of touched upon.

You know for example what if they don't take right now what if b6 or what if 97 first and so we kind of had that going um so i did not talk about castle i do know that so i'm going to talk about that a little uh the idea is that i will share some of my games like some.

Of my experiences something that works for me with you and we can kind of see if that's something that you want to do or you can take recommendation or you can do something that um well you do i have great experience in french.

I think i had two at least two games yeah sorry my apologies that's my text message because i want to like feel funny when i get text but i don't want something boring so um yes uh.

Yeah so i've i had like two great experiences with french in u.s championship 2020 so i haven't included those here because they were not exactly venomous so but we're gonna stick with this shores castle for today now um if you have some.

Experience with it from the audience or from the chat is this something you guys play as white or black i see a lot of heads shaking i don't really see much ah on the chat either let me also refresh this see if i can mess it all up nope did not mess it up.

Good all right yeah so let's talk about this then um after queen g4 there are a bunch of stuff black can do but castle is one of the main two that's something that i'm going to be talking about a lot now i really like this.

Bishop d3 because with bishop d3 you are kind of setting up the ideas for attack so uh some of the things you want to remember is because of this pod structure we do like it because you know how closed off it is uh we do like having this diagonal.

Because it definitely is the strongest place our bishop can be in there are obviously weak squares here but we can't really get to them just yet because of the pawn structure we could consider some sort of these attacks not just yet but because the center is super close we could consider doing king side attack.

With our palms without having castle so i have a bunch of games where i just you know left my king in the center i brought the king to d2 now some of the weaknesses that our position has is well this pawn you know it's very attackable um so that's something you do want to keep and touch.

When you're thinking about you know what do i want to do the other part is so we said that we want to do a king side attack right so we should always kind of keep in mind what what about f5s that's one part the other part is you know if black tries to also come up and do a queen side attack with their pawns so there is a bunch of stuff you have to.

Think about both as what is some of the benefits what are some of the things you want to watch out for so uh i just mentioned f5 so let's actually talk about f5 what do you think we should do should we um or should we move the queen.

Oh now i find now i understood the chat chat is coming in from the top that makes more sense okay i'm used to youtube chat when it's you know the new one comes from the bottom this makes more sense thank you different yeah i forgot yeah see the thing is if you don't jump us on you have to move the queen which means.

Your bishop kind of got blinded and the opponent gained some control over their king side so yes you kind of have to um possum rook takes now what i'm sorry that is true yeah but right now black could have ideas such as e5 to try and gain more control over the center and poke or clean.

So what do you think we should do do you if you can read that far you have a little bit of advantage compared to the online queen might audience to get out of the discovered attack well that's a big mite um you know something like queen h5 to threaten on the h7 score is possible but opponent.

Could easily play h6 and stop it how about h4 are you still hitting that and the rook tank come over and be fitting still punish six g5 yeah bishop g5 makes a lot more sense too because you're you're developing and you're also attacking the rook and you're kind of pinning over here so the.

Either the rook has to move or they got to do e5 now the problem with e5 is you get queenish for attacking over here and there so even if e4 then you just pick this up and you're good to go so bishop g5 is cool after bishop g5 what if real close to f7 this happened to me in a real overboard game.

A few years back and um i was trying to you know cross 2 300 trying to get my double gm i am norms that that's the notorious 2015. oh my god 2015 was so dreadful i mean it was great but my rating was going up and down and up and down it was a it was crazy.

Where was this game played if you can read this this wasn't bl and this is the apartment big with 2g really well that's that's true but again they want to do e5 so now your idea of moving the queen away could be useful so queen.

H5 so you start attacking over here and you're forcing opponents to choose to move one of these pawns now my opponent chose to play g6 even if they played h6 i don't have to move this bishop because you're not going to take this so i could simply develop over here if you do take then i can simply take back with the knight you know and you're.

Pretty toasty so um let's say g6 now what would you want to do with the queen hint if you were here last week or if you watched last week's video we did talk about some of the um weird maneuvers with the king with the.

Queen sorry i'm seeing a lot of my usuals here but see the problem is queen h6 it doesn't it's not really threatening anything so black can simply play c4 and you know now you have to vacate this diagonal and when you come back then something like uh.

For example queen f8 could work but the problem with queen f8 is now this end game is much more desirable for us our king is safe we have this really good rook going this bishop is very useless so this end game would be much more beneficial for us but instead of queen f8 something like queen b6 would be interesting because as.

I said this pawn is a weakness our queen side is a weakness so this is a serious threat right so now we're in a little trouble so instead of queen h6 yes no actually no we don't want to do anything more forcing because we can't we want to we want to retrieve the queen.

And start to come back to our queen side because right now my queen up here isn't really doing anything and there's no attack there so i'm listening yeah so queen d1 kind of weird but make sure to refer to last week's video because we.

Talked about another cool slash weird idea like this yeah yeah exactly h pawn could also join now after q
ueen d1 if you do stuff like this well that's great because you are not you're no longer attacking much stuff so let's say queen a5 now what well give it some thoughts and let me.

Know oh just developed a nine ninety two ninety two is actually a pretty bad idea maybe knight two is not a good idea your bishop gets trapped that's right but what if they eat your f2 yeah that's why you hit the f2 with the.

Rule you guys can't do that knight f3 yeah knight f3 feels kind of interesting right because you're developing you want to might want to jump up there even if they do take it that's not a problem for us because their queen gets extremely misplaced and we might not be able to trap it but we are definitely making it go in a very.

Yes but that's not the point the point is like it's not about our development because my bishop would love to stay here and doesn't have to you know go up there or my rook isn't doing as much up here as it was doing on i want the point is that we made opponents queen go in a very awkward position and it's very attackable we can try to attack it this.

Way we can just let it be we can castle if we want to you got three of black pieces are not developed and all your pieces are good yeah 95 could also be quite interesting yep um my favorite is just trying to eat the queen if you can but if not that's also pretty good.

Thank you so uh unfortunately for me my opponent didn't take over here a very interesting line is this because you can't take with the queen i mean technically you could but now you have a lot of trouble over here.

So that's not something we would want to do if rook takes knight you kind of are forcing to take out the pawn and the queen can take here and this is falling and it's it's a lot of troubles for us so black definitely does have some counter play.

And drip takes knight is one of the best ways black can try to continue another on another yes his night was free when when he got through doing all that basically that is true but um i was just talking about the general position yes if black let us we would definitely eat that.

Night now so another great idea for black is the c4 because um yeah and when the bishop moves they take it over here and they want to eat this and the chat is being funny i like it and a bishop d2 you kind of are forced into doing bishop d2 now after bishop d2.

They kind of have to decide what to do with the queen and queen b2 is the only safe spot but an interesting turn of events this bishop can finally get into a very good diagonal and we are planning yes we are kind of planning on.

Attacking the queen we might again not be able to eat it but we are working on it now let me present another cool thing what if night just comes out what do you think we should do as light c i'm sorry what's the line you're.

Suggesting d captures uh c5 and then in this pawn structures you you rarely want to do that if you do take the problem is you leave these two pawns hanging you know it's now an island you give up the full control over the center and the opponent can always continue.

Doing stuff like this so taking in this pawn structure taking is not a good idea yeah castling is very comfortable but the other thing is now because um we already developed and this is no longer at serious threats we could simply just bring it back to or queen d2.

I went for queen detail but yes castling is also completely doable um i went for queen d2 and as soon as opponents played knight f5 i was thinking about okay so should i take it or should i not because you know it's if i do take it uh there will be a lot of new weaknesses.

For me to explore and technically my bishop on d3 is not as useful anymore so i could want to just get rid of that bishop they could always also try to do c4 but this is a very important game for me so i really wanted to win and i went for something a little different so what do you think white.

Should do and yes christian i believe that is it and sorry i just say 95 yeah 95 makes a lot of sense because after 95 you kind of either have to take it or you got to move the rook right if you do move the rook then i could kind of start to attack over here potentially if take.

We take back now yes the position the pawn structure did change but uh the interesting point is that now i have locked your bishop in so that is another point yes so um that's a very interesting turn of events now my opponent played bishop d7 still trying to get the bishop.

Out get the rook out and i started to just um go at their king now the thing is i don't necessarily need to castle not just because it's french but because um the root might be more useful exactly because of the semi-closed.

Center and opponent's inability to attack my king and to open up the center it means that i don't need to move my king from the center now if they could push and they could open up center then yeah my king needs to move away and that's something my opponent tried to do they went d4 now what do you think we should do.

Yes if the character will exchange queens is that fine mayu okay so after take this is something i went for another suggestion it's more of an engine idea rather than my idea is this visual f6 because bishop.

F6 i guess computer likes it but i'm not that crazy i'm you know this is i don't really mind exchanging queens and if i can't avoid it i would definitely want to not give up upon and so okay let's talk about this position.

White definitely feels better not just because of the um two bishops but also because of this over here because of opponents bad bishop because of another semi-open file over here so we have a lot of ideas but opponent's last move was knight d4 which means they're attacking our pawn so what should we do yeah very logical king guitar is also.

Very doable but um bishop 6 makes more sense opponents were like bishop c6 again making a different type of attack then i went for rook g1 this wasn't um the idea that i was kind of hoping to achieve because i wanted to really try and get g5 h5 and um.

Yes yeah but the problem is that they're not necessarily going to be that cooperative they could always play g5 and you know if i take now i give my opponent some counter play if i don't take then they're still threatening over here so i have to decide how to stop this so i was hoping to avoid these kind of.

Messes so i was kind of keeping h5 and i thought hey i'm always going to want to do these so i might as well bring the recover but that was not the most accurate idea because opponents should have considered doing c4 now and after c4 if i do take then they can.

Start to figure out some new ways of counter play so that's kind of why um rook g1 would be a much better idea rook g1 was not that's much of a better idea because i it was a very slow move and i gave opponents a lot of new ideas some frogs in space is asking what variation.

Franchise is this is venover with castle and after castle opponents went five immediately it's a very sideline okay uh well i want to keep the rook here so i can do h5 yeah but i mean your g pod is it's pandora yeah that's fair yeah i need to be able to um on pin before i can do g4 yes you're correct.

So uh my opponent did not play c4 but i think c4 would have definitely been very weird for me yeah he went rock d7 so it's a different type of counter play and not necessarily they could still want to play c4 right away because if i do take knight f3 and pick this up so um another idea that you could pick.

Up from this game not necessarily just french is you know that idea of like how interesting it is to put the rook in front of a queen even if there's a bunch of pieces in front of it or a rook in front of a king again if there&
#39;s a bunch of piece in front of it i think that's a very um interesting way of.

Creating new threads for yourself now after rook t7 i went to h5 because i had to choose either move the king or push the pawn and i was like if i move the king then i'm giving in to what the opponent wants so i simply went for h5 and now my opponents played very good you entered g5 and i can't really i don't have.

Enough time to take it because he could do um c4 now i what if you play c4 right away instead of g5 well he could but even if i do take and.

They go knight to f3 it's not that big of a deal because i'm actually threatening a bunch of stuff or actually i could take this first so this would be um i mean i would be happy so h5 was a definitely a nice way to counter play and after g5 now they do want to do this.

Though so i chose to just move the king away h6 is also quite interesting because you know i might be able to bring the rookie or attack a little bit more but it would definitely give enough time for c4 and i really did not want to give my opponent that many chances so i went for.

King c1 and i ate that and see again my opponent is developing with temple even if it's kind of like a weird fake temples because he's not technically turning my bishop just yet but i have to be very careful about it so what do you think we should do here as.

White should we move the bishop should we ignore it and just um maybe do stuff in the king side what do you think to where where are you going well yeah the problem is that they don't care about this night as much as about this.

Bishop if they could eat our bishop and give up this night they would be very happy with it so something like bishop e4 centralizing the bishop and attacking over here would not be very fun for us i mean we're not losing but we definitely lost the advantages.

That makes more sense bishop takes g2 and then we can take the knight actually rope takes knight yeah well they're also taking our so we would have to attack the bishop first and yeah this would be the best way opponents should have played but lucky for me when i played rook d1 they.

Immediately wanted to defend this first and also you have to keep in mind we've been playing 25 moves until here and we were both not in time trouble but we were in time pressure so we had maybe about 10 minutes each left more or less so what do you think we should do with this.

Oh i like the hat so what do you think white should do while you're thinking i'm going gonna take a minute and self-advertise so um i have a mini simultaneous coming up and not next oh actually i was gonna say two weeks but it's more like ten days now the day after my birthday it's not.

Because of my birthday but i kind of want to time it close by but now the problem is i can't really celebrate the birthday on a stage so i celebrate after this anyways on april 16th if it's in person so you kind of have to be here but since a lot of you are here already you might as well grab a flyer and sign up it's.

Not going to be in the chess club it's going to be in the pulitzer art foundation i'm sorry if i miss pronouns i've said it so many different ways i don't even know which one is the correct way so yeah feel free to sign up and yeah i know there are 30 spots available.

But i do know there are still a few spots left so thank you yep that that link will doesn't i actually have two students who came just in town for this for the for the pulitzer for the symbol so i mean if you're close by you want to come down i'm not going to stop you.

It's a destination yeah somebody wants to come with their private jail jets with brazil oh i wish i could explore brazil i've been there but it wasn't you know i was there for tournaments so all right back to chess why to move.

What do you think what what did dorset do actually dorset didn't do the best move so never mind but what do you think is the best one for the position yeah that would be like who who was oh that would be the best move for the position because you know you're moving.

Away your bishop you're um beginning to attack something you're defending c2 it makes a lot of sense but i went for king b2 because i was okay if they take it i thought uh this is still going to be enough counter play and i was kind of wrong.

Because this is too messy and if i was doing it right now like i don't have advantage but neither does opponent this is too crazy complicated so um the problem is if i was playing right now i would definitely go bishop d3 because i want to avoid complications i don't want any i don't want my.

Opponent to get funny with my pawns or pieces so bishop d3 would make a lot more sense because you would be attacking h7 you would be defending c2 yes they could eat over here but even if they do i can first of all simply take this and sacrifice which i don't think i would honestly i would probably go to g1 you move it then great now i can get.

Funny with your pieces i do like this very much i have to say so this is not what i did and i want to try and wrap this game up because i have another line i would like to get to but uh no it's too crazy my opponent started to.

Mess up he played rook b5 raps looks like just look like such an innocent move right but the best move was either to push or to take and open up my rook which is crazy when you think about it taking should not be the best move in this position right because it just it's crazy you give my rook the whole seventh.

Rank my other rook can join but the problem is i don't have enough time to do stuff like this because my c2 is falling and then you also get the second rank so that's what i'm saying crazy chaotic that's not what you want in a game i actually know some people do i have a student who like always chooses the.

Craziest openings i actually had him yesterday so if you're watching um the craziest openings that i've never seen but he knows what he's doing so i'm not gonna stop him but it's really crazy i try to avoid chaos i want more like the the cobra style i want to take away all your um all your hopes and dreams.

And go with that but some people really enjoyed the chaotic and the tactical and everything so my opponents went to rook b5 i mean king a2 you know but i kind of have to and in this situation there is only one move to win what do you think we should do.

Try to avoid looking up there but if i mean it's really hard if i was i would but don't take your glasses off maybe that might be i know nikki likes chaos with the um king's gambit oh boy thank you alan.

Yeah wait okay oh okay um instead of why can't i play with g7 first and then well because your rook is defending your second rank if you do play drug g7 then they can check check you at least i said i think that's the best.

To be honest for black so c3 was very crucial i'm very proud of myself yeah yeah so your knight is kind of busted and if you do move the knights well let's say you move the night now i'm going to check you.

And it's going to say check me to you but i can't so probably eat stuff maybe chicken again no let's eat stuff and your knight has to stay here to defend which means my rook has enough time to join and check me too possibly yeah i mean i prefer the.

Checkmate but yeah that's another part of it so my opponent enter f3 my opponent was taking your advice trying to promote and i just went for you know the good old eating to be fair rook g4 is not the only move you could have considered taking as well but i really really really wanted to avoid.

Giving my opponent any type of opportunity so this would again be chaotic so i didn't want chaos so i went to a rook g4 and i wanted to just eat if you take g
reat now my rooks are here i have some serious checkmating threads and my opponents tried to prevent it which only meant i could bring more.

Pressure on this if you play f2 bishop h4 that'll be another win my opponent tried to defend it over here now that i'm thinking about it e6 is also interesting but i went for king b2 opponent move the rook now e6 uh he took i took and with two pawns in exchange for bishop this is winning enough especially since now i'm.

Threatening to either eat that or exchange rooks so my opponent just resigned but it was definitely one of my great games and to be honest i had slightly forgotten about it before today that i had played this game i remember the opponent but i didn't remember the game it's been seven years oh my god.

Oh it's almost been 16 years since i've been playing chess my yeah my chess career is like almost an adult now good drive my chest carrier can't drive all right.

Let's go back to something a little different knight d7 is the best one back when my opponent played drug f7 but knight d7 is indeed the best one the thing is if you take it they'll take back attack the queen you move the queen wherever and now they get to attack you.

Again and um thank you adam yes and i can try to you know defend it but then again whoops bishop knight e4 opponent gets a lot of momentum so that's something that i didn't really want to do.

So after knight d7 i would advise queen asher actually leggy would advise queen h4 and kind of piling up over here if h6 now you can consider taking but you have to be very very careful with how you play it.

Uh for example when i played it in a real game i wasn't as careful as i should have been on the game ended in a draw now what do you think is the best move for white's rights now sorry yes because black just took over here knight f3 would be interesting but the problems is that again queen a5 is.

Coming up c4 is still right there you move the bishop boom knight e4 there's still a lot of like black has a lot of ideas that we ideally want to avoid how do you feel about take that's what i went for and it gave my opponent some some nasty ideas it's doable it wasn't a bad idea but it.

Definitely made it more chaotic than i would want to the best one is queen g3 which i couldn't remember during the game um well you go here since you have extra material you would love it if you know you can exchange stuff over and even if the knife gets.

Here perfect i've already exchanged this bishop and that's the only thing that i have to care about that's perfectly fine all right so queen g3 was the best one but i went for um take an opponent got e5 and now it's kind of forced into f3 to stop e4 and knight f5 and you see you see how chaotic it gets right for price of the.

Pawn now why two what do you think we should do they're threatening c2 yeah also since the center is no longer closed then it's very mobile we don't want to do that now i would play knight i don't really care about.

Dropping this bomb i mean it's triple pump so 92 yeah 92 would be interesting um but i feel like it's not just the tutorials they'll definitely gonna eat at least another one of these so that's kind of where i really really didn't want to give up the pawn but yes 92 would be a good idea.

I started i i should have probably went queen enough to or 92 but i got too creative and i long castle i did not lose this game i should yeah but my king is like up in the air see back in 2014 15 16 i had a wilder chess ideals now i'm just like.

The cobra style but now and you know when i played this game it wasn't like that it was the kill or be killed boom yeah that's not bad though because now see yes you're correct so the best move for black would be to play d4 first to cut off the queen which we kind of both missed.

And we were both um what was i i was oh my god i was uh i was 2365 when opponents was 23 19. so sorry yeah actually i don't know what's my uscf but if if you take you've got to take back with the pond and um well well see if you do take queen a5.

Yes yeah that's yeah so this is very uncomfortable even if you play knight e2 they can still do this but we both miss this d4 idea and opponents went queen e7 but i got queen before an opponent had a comfortable position but not that comfortable so the game ended in a draw eventually.

And i'm cutting it short because i really do want to show you another idea which is not f5 so we talked about this f5 for quite a while which was quite fun but the main line is not necessarily a five it's actually knight c6 and with knight c6 niggy had some really great ideas which i think it was.

Published before his book came out on chess base because i know i had i was playing it before the book came out but um i really do like this knight c6 because after 96 you do have to remember your move order though i kind of once messed it up and it was not pretty so quinash five is very interesting uh the idea is you still will you want.

To check me first so they have to stop the checkmate then you want to get the night outs you still want to do checkmate ideas now um you also have to be careful because if you let's hit black will try to play c4 they can't do it just yet because your idea is whoa whoa first sorry this.

You want to get this this would be ideal your bishop was in a great place you're one upon voila so it's important for black not to play c4 first and also they don't have to play something like h6 they could simply play queen to c7 now.

The idea is simple if you do the same things now they do sorry h6 if you do this they they no longer have to take it with the rook but they can take with queen and threat and checkmate right so because they would be doing this threat.

You can again you should play bishop e3 first now again if c4 do you think we can play knight g5 or no does this work queen takes after h6 knight f7 f7 well the thing is they don't have to take it anymore because in the initial case we.

Were attacking the queen but since the queen is no longer there they could take this first and my knight is a little trapped too so that that would be problematic so um you and after c4 in this specific case you are kind of forced into taking.

And after f takes queen g4 is very interesting now black has a bunch of ideas there is this a5 there sorry there's this b5 there's some queen of sevens um if i'm not mistaken bishop d7 is also quite intriguing but.

I i remember this friendly game that i played years ago that my opponent kind of managed to get the bishop over here and i really didn't like it but that was a very longer process um in the chat.

Cosplayer without the k yes you are kind of partially correct but the problem is if you do that you already lost the pace and you haven't eaten it back so yeah that would be a problem um so after in this case my opponent went b5 queen f7s again i would advise you to check neggy's book because.

I'm not really sure if i'm advertising it but it really helped my chance so i guess that's the great reason um so this queen beast queen f7 would be very interesting and there are a lot of really cool ideas because yes the center is closed yes you do not need to cast those you can do king d2s but at the same time you have to choose how you.

Push these pawns because you can't just start with h4 you or you could you could start with knight g5 um if i'm not mistaken because it's been a little while since this position has happened to me there was a very interesting idea that you leave the knight over here and sooner or later you're gonna try to go f4 move the queen away go g4 and start.

That attack so that is and if they attack your knight your knight will simpl
y jump back to h3 um so that is one way to consider it the other interesting idea would be to start off with for example h4 you could start with knight h3 as well.

But again when you go f4 you have to think okay where do you want to put the queen then you go g4 are you going to go actually at five or you're going to just keep it around here and just push the g and f g and h pawn so there's a lot of factors to consider so that's kind of one of the reasons i'm.

Leaving this up to you for you to design because i can't really decide for you but there are a lot of great material out there including the next book so make sure to check that out i'm sure there are fun stuff on youtube too actually i don't know if a lot of the most of the youtube videos i've seen.

Unless it's something that goes this deep or like those video series they don't really get as deep in the openings they just give you like traps or like general ideas but so yeah another reason i like to do these um video series is to.

Get as deep as i guess end games so uh in this specific game my opponent played b5 against me and to be fair i had this prepared i always do if i know who i'm playing so uh that's why you should also join me on.

Tomorrow's prep like a pro i'm gonna show you some of my favorite preparations i don't usually do that class but tomorrow i'm subbing so make sure to join i believe seven yeah 7 30. all right so h4 um again queen f7s are a very good idea.

For opponent to do but in this case my opponents kind of delayed their queen movement um they went for rook five now what do you think we should do um tessubukura that's also an interesting choice i tried knight d2's i tried e5s but i and again my french wasn't as.

Great until i saw the um leggy book back in 2014 or 15 actually can't recall what year was it so you saw it um a grandmaster wrote a book about french car how to play against french karakan and philadelphus like this thick and then he wrote a bunch of extra books.

About how to play against sicilian so his name is perimer john negi so i read that book and i really liked playing against french and i have a really good score against it so it's kind of some of the lines that he includes his book i'm talking about here and my.

Experiences with them i know the club was selling it but i think they're out of it since i started um talking about it but it's well written it's simplified um well it's i read it when i was already 22 2300 and it still had a lot to offer for me so.

If you do read it regardless of your level and you will have a great understanding of french slash carl con and pierre philidor sorry not pirk as white right yes if you're looking at something as black another friend of mine.

Wrote another great book two years ago actually for black as how to play caro con and it's very in-depth everything is really great my brother who's 2400 read it and loved it and yeah i don't think we have it here though but what was the name of the first one the first book um if you look up negi.

Books yeah the first one is the french versus french white versus french karakan and philidor and it was really great okay where were we oh yes um so another there are two really cool.

Ideas here one of them is knight g5 one of them is this queen h3 then g4 what's the point after knight g5 i didn't see that like what was the threat that we're making well for starters um in this specific game i wanted to sacrifice the knight so i want i went for h5.

Telling you i had a very sharper side before well i just feel like i was just thinking like you were saying bishop d7 edition e8 why after knight g5 after like bishop d7 i didn't see well something like bishop d7 now h5.

Your pieces are not in time but if you did play h3 and if i did move the knight then something like queen f7 to stop h5 and then yes that could happen well black would be or rightish i'm very biased when it comes to french so.

Especially vinover stainless is a whole different situation uh so my opponent actually ended up playing h6 when i got ashfam i was very happy about that however uh queen h3 is also very interesting because you start to set up shop for a different type of pawn attack.

And since the rook is out here this would work better um that's kind of why queen f7s are more desirable because not only it stops h7 but you know you could try and get queen at five as black so appointed one rook of five i think i.

Should have went queen s3 i went knight g5 because i was well i wanted to chaos um and my opponents did not accept to take it just yet if they took that would be great for me because you know i get the full file i can do queenish files i can do god knows whatever i want honestly.

Um so opponents went quinoa seven which was a good idea and here i should have retreated the night but i was not ready to do that because i thought well what if they take and i didn't really want to leave the attack but it's not i'm not necessarily leaving the attack i'm simply switching my.

Attackers i'm switching pawns out for actual pieces because i'm no longer going to be moving these palms for a few moves but i am going to try and get the knight out and start attacking over here so this would have been much more pleasant but i went for f4 again i i really wanted to.

Make it a huge chaos and my opponents played queen eights which was again a great idea they should not be taking it just yet because if they do take now this is completely winning for white so she went queen eight i simply moved the coin away which was a good idea in this situation because if i move the.

Knights then i'm going to lose my pawn and that is not going to be very fun for me and i have to move the queen again so i went queen h3 i'm setting up shop for if you do take right an opponent took on h5 now.

I had to retreat and i did but see if i had to retreat it would have been better to retreat back here to go to h3 and then jump to f4 rather than push pushed upon to f4 and then retreat to f3 and then potentially h4 so that would have been better now um after knight f3 my opponents went.

97 i got the king out um again knight sword was probably slightly better but i really wanted to make the king safer see yeah the black position is beginning to look solid but the problem with black's position is that it's too wobbly opponent has to be very very precise whereas i can play a few moves.

Not as accurate and still hold a lot of attack so opponents should have played queen f8 or queen f7 and had some potential ideas for take again i say potential but the problem is that actually not the problem good for me opponents with knight g6 which meant i get g4.

Now after g4 uh up one is pretty toast she took i moved the coin correctly she took and i took that guy if she ends up taking here now come on brooke where are you yeah come here yeah now i can enjoy this so she didn't she played h5 and i simply.

Followed my knight at 4 and i got a really great attack and extra material so i was very fond of this position now all i have to do is bring my pieces over there start piling up don't pay enough attention to over here and do a beautiful sacrifice she couldn't have really taken it in.

Good conscience because well um this is almost checkmate so she played rookie seven okay seven try and guard a little but with having an extra pawn this was too good in this case i went knight f7 which was really cool honestly but i feel like queen g6 would have been even better.

But i didn't go for that um this is too crazy i mean it's great but i feel like knight f7 was was enough crazy so yeah this was a great this was a really cool game that i wanted to show you.

We are kind of done with the vinover the only other lin
e that i do want to just briefly mention which is not the short castle is keep in mind we did talk about 97s we did talk about early queen c7s we also talked we talked about queen so now castle now uh we didn't really talk about knight.

A5s knight f5s are take so the thing is just remember if take you can play bishop d3 and convert it into the lines that we talked about last week with queen c7 so about queen c7 i much rather not take it because everybody do so everybody knows it i.

Want something a little different so i usually go for bishop d3 i have tried queen g7 and it's really great but bishop d3 is what maggie wrote that's what i did that's what i love make sure to read it do it it definitely confused a lot of my opponents and um the other thing is this knight f5.

Yeah this knight the f5 i never really liked it i mean i had great results in it but i don't really love it because it kind of stood against a lot of the things that i wanted to do but the thing is castle now and i'm very comfortable already opponents should be trying to you know play h5 make sure my queen moves and try to exchange queens.

This would have been a very interesting try for black but black would also lose a lot of their counter play because this pawn is weak my king is in the center if you're exchanging queens then that's no longer that's great for them so with that we're going to take a tiny break and come back and analyze your games so make sure to.

Have your games ready send them in the chats don't forget it's supposed to be on leachat's link format and all right see you in a little bit only on twitch only on twitch you