all right detroit lions have to teach deandre swift the difference between being injured and being hurt and playing through injuries all right let's talk about it you got detroit lions talk playlist thumbs up the video share the video subscribe to the channel and subscribe button it's the bell icon.

Button hit all notifications crease your chances notifications will live drop videos you got detroit live top players more videos like this no it's piston time that's what time it is it's piston time but uh got some lions news here right so i mean.

Apparently deandre swift don't know don't know the difference between injury getting injured or getting hurt and getting hurt but uh like i said before man remember kind of like when they were trying to get him to play through uh whenever they were trying to get him to.

Play through that concussion and adrian peter steps peterson stepped in so i think you know i think with adrian peterson stepping in i think that might have had confused him a little bit about you know taking care of himself and i think you know adrian peterson did the right thing they tried to throw him back in there and peterson.

Was like nah man this this kid ain't ready this kid ain't ready bro so you can't get you can't get mad at that but the lions running back coach do stanley tells deandre so if he needs to play through injuries now um.

He said one of the ways the sport of football has changed through the years is the way coaches treat injured players and that's dynamic maybe playing out between the lions running back coach and deuce daley and running back deandre swift staley uh nfl playing career started before swift was born in.

Stalerville and talking about how he discussed injuries with swift that staley has more of an old-school approach quote injuries happen but one things swift and i had a conversation about is you got to be able to play through some of these injuries as a running back staley said be a detroit press quote we all know that there's a.

Difference between being injured or hurt as soon as you step in the building as a running back day one training camp you're not going to feel the same there will be some things you have to fight through stately said he liked the way swift responded to that talk super quote super positive he knows we need him out there which is good stanley said.

Playing running back you're going to take your fair share of hits you just have to make sure you protect yourself and it's the time to protect yourself there's going to be a time to put it all out there the two nfl season swiftly played 26 games um with eight stars and 265 uh carry 265 times.

Excuse me and for 1138 yards 13 touchdown lions will love to see swift carry a bigger low in year three some people just ain't built to carry the low bro we seen as soon as his low step up he get cracked it's over with so you know like i said sometimes some people need to wake up.

And smell the coffee you know some people need to wake up and say well he not every down back let's just use them where we can use men and the lions have a long history of drafting two small running backs straight up and down they have a long history of drafting them small running backs.

They do so now we gotta discuss about him playing through the injuries and him paying through pain and this that in the third bro they don't keep it moving bro either he is the guy or he ain't the guy and right now if he don't know the difference between playing through.

Injuries and and injuries and pain and being hurt and being injured bro i don't know what to say honestly i don't know what to say bro you learn that in pop warner you learn that in pal a team b team c team d team whatever it may be.

So i don't understand that how you not know the difference how does he not know the difference bro you know and he don't want to play through pain i mean he ain't tough not only is he a small back but he's not a tough small back so i mean it is what it is.

It is what it is but these are the type of dudes excuse me these are the type of dudes you know that they keep drafting bro too small weak and then for his size and for his lack of toughness he ain't even really that.

Fast to be dealing with all of that be honest he ain't even that fast i was running back way faster than him out there anyway tougher than him you know just use him accordingly that's simple as that use him as he need as he as he as he's his body sees fit let's use him as a scat back row and that's.

Fine but him being every down back that's not him he don't get the tough yards neither you know what i'm saying trying to bounce it out might get two yards he won't get three four not gonna pull the pile in he'll pop a big one but he ain't barry sanders he ain't barry sanders.

Shred up and down you know and that's why i said they need to get a young bull to try uh craig reynolds then go in there and see what he got even you know jefferson and the bookie looked pretty good last year until the boogie start fumbling jefferson did too so.

You know gotta protect the ball but he ain't the guy gonna give him give all the carries to he not and that's fine they trying to do the same thing with chris mccaffery and carolina trying to make him every down back and he just can't hold up.

Amazing talent but he just can't hold up you can't give you can't give value to something that ain't durable he ain't ain't durable right now deandre swift tried to put some weight on and all that sometimes it's just boiled down in genetics but the weight might help but he don't he not every down back.

He don't he don't pull the pile he don't get the tough yards you know from a technical standpoint he really ain't clean from from a technique standpoint and the little integral parts of uh a plan running back you ain't the most patient he know he got the best vision under that so i mean.

They just trying to they just they just see the the potential and you're going to year three you gotta understand the running backs don't have long in this league if you ain't healthy when you're young i mean nine times out of ten you're not gonna be healthy late so i said before i like see craig reynolds.

Get no touches bro you know i know he was fresh against you know uh you know wore out players last year but he seemed to have a burst that jamal williams don't got neither because he ain't got you know he fresher he seemed to have a burst and you know i just like the way he run see if he can carry the load.

You know but only one thing about deandre swift ii that they don't have to lean on no more is him being the really the most the only explosive dude out there that that's really a leak leaf roman he explosive but you know he more of a kick return type of guy he really wasn't you.

Know going deep so you know you add josh reynolds you add quintesses you add dj sharp you had to tighten in mitchell virginia tech whenever him and james williams gonna play you know i'm saying um you know he ain't the only he ain't the only explosive weapon that's gonna have.

A problem in a row coming here in the near future you know so that's that's the beautiful thing about it so he ain't got to carry the explosive role so i mean you know it's a big year for him and tj hawkinson too huge year.

Time for them to start playing dividends it ain't like hawkinson fought you know they
just detroit they dropped tight ends high and don't know how to uh you know just don't know how to uh you know you know draw a skin to utilize to tighten so but yeah i mean this don't surprise me.

Bro everybody got this this super duper hope for him man and i don't i just don't see it i just don't see it so that's my opinion on that man but uh you know you learn them type of things in pop warner or or or pal or high school or something like that.

You know but you know he's they responded positive and he came back yoked up and all of that but like i said before they trying to you know they're trying to put 20 cylinder box in the back of a chevy colorado instead of putting it in the back of a.

F-150 or chevy uh silverado right you know what i'm saying or or something that can hauling handling a flat bag a tractor truck whatever you call it so um you know so i mean you know but hey it is what it is and is that a bodybuilder i'm pretty sure they.

Working on some things but he's just not every down back even if he is durable he don't get the tough yards he don't need the tough yards and and that's the problem one of the problems so it is what it is um check out the detroit lions talk playlist for more videos like this man.

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