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Elizabeth Georgina | Bio | Networth | Body | Measurement | Career | Top Plus-size model | Curvy

welcome to the glamour models youtube channel we present you the hottest plus size curvy models please subscribe to our channel elizabeth georgina is an american model and a social media influencer who posts amazing photos of her and flaunting her.

Perfect curvy body she is famous for her pictures and height and body structure her fans follow her for the daily posts from her she is beautiful and tall and pretty she is from america and is 28 years old her hot and bold pictures really attract the audience and her followers she started posting videos and photos on.

Her social media handles which really attracted people then she became a social media influencer later she started an vans account which became a source of earning for her she became famous from the pictures she posts so fashion nova made her their brand ambassador she promotes lingerie and swim brands on her social media handles.

Elizabeth georgina has a good educational background she passed out of elementary middle and high school with good grades elizabeth's georgina had a cosmetic surgery in september 2020 to increase her buttoned boobs this made her look more beautiful and sexy she earned her college degree from a leading university.

In california she currently stands at 5-5 feet and moderate in weight elizabeth georgina is an instagram star she uses her instagram platform to showcase some of her fashion work and model she is currently an ambassador to at fashion nova elizabeth is one of the richest model in.

Los angeles and currently have an estimated net worth of about 500 000 to eight hundred thousand dollars u s dollars.





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