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Katalina Gorskikh Wiki{Каталина Горских} 🇷🇺 Russian Plus Size Models/Biography/Instagram Influencer

catalina gorski is a well-known plus-size curvy fashion model from russia is in september of 2015 she made her first instagram post.

She is well known and well liked on social media platforms such as facebook instagram youtube and twitter she is a plus size model he uses her platform to give beauty advice with others and has served as an inspiration to many young women in her neighborhood and.

Beyond canada she began her social media career by using several social media platforms such as instagram facebook tick tock and youtube she did however join and become active on tick tock in may of this year on june 15 2020 she uploaded a snapshot.

To her instagram account she participated in a number of fashion shows in wales there she received a lot of attention and praise for her fashion sense catalina is a well-known model and social media influencer in russia with a twist.

She has also received prestigious accolades for her efforts on instagram she has over 545 cave followers catalina is a model actress and instagram celebrity her net worth is estimated to be at eight hundred thousand dollars.

Catalina grasskick is her true name on the fifth of march 1992 catalina braun was born in russia she is now 29 years old scorpio is the sign of birth modeling is her profession and she is also an instagram sensation russian nationality fashion and modeling are two sources of.

Income brown is the color of her hair gray is the hue of the eyes weight in at 78 kilograms let's not get into her measurements her chest measurement is 40 inches her hip measurement is 40 inches the dress is a size 12. the shoe size is an eight.

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