amira dime popularly known as cake queen is a german-born instagram model actress and allegedly rehash poopy girlfriend she has used your instagram account to promote numerous fashion brands such as fashion nova naked and blanco bay amira was born on 14th of january 1995 in germany.

She is the daughter of costa dime father and elsa dime mother the instagram star has seven siblings not much is known about her educational background although it is believed that she graduated from university kate queen is one of the famous instagram models she began posting her photos in 2016 and.

That is when her account started going viral she gained more fans brand endorsements and promotions towards june 2020 her account had more than 3.1 million instagram followers thanks to amira dime outfits and breathtaking shots that most people die for.

Apart from modeling and brand endorsements the instagram star is actively involved in different charitable courses for peace recently her page was able to achieve its goal of having more than 20 000 individuals donating towards the peace initiative amira dime instagram images are clear.

Evidence that she is a beauty with brains she is a woman of average stature with a height of 5 feet and 7 inches she weighs 70 kilograms when done with the right precision and interest modeling is a fruitful career amira has mastered the art of this career and as a result she has.

Accumulated a huge sum of money her net worth is estimated to be around 2 million the german-born model makes around 116 067 per year the amount is earned not only through social media modeling but also through brand endorsements some of the fashion brands she has.

Worked for include just like many other models amira is active on various social media platforms here are the links to her official accounts amira dime fame has risen over the years as seen in the millions of followers on her social media platforms she is not only admired by many but also.

A role model for both upcoming and well-established models.