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How Toothpaste Comes Out in Stripes + Other Secrets

linda is an intern at a dental clinic she's walking up to her car with a coffee in one hand and a purse in the other she takes out the keys but they fall out of her hands she puts the bag on the car's roof picks up the keys opens the door starts the.

Engine and drives away she pulls out onto the road and realizes she must have left her bag on the roof linda pulls over gets out and looks back her purse is on the ground linda's approaching it but a truck runs over the bag her cosmetics a cell phone a book and everything else is flattened and broken.

Linda gets out a smashed curved tube of toothpaste she squeezes the gel onto her palm how is this possible there should be a complete mess inside the tube but somehow these three colored stripes didn't mix they're running parallel to each other with the same thickness linda decides to find out how it works she comes home.

And puts the toothpaste in the freezer after a couple of hours she takes out the tube and cuts it in half she sees a frozen substance with three colors inside it seems they put the gel in the tube in this way with three stripes when you squeeze the tube the paste comes out evenly okay but why don't these colors.

Mix inside linda finds out there's a whole science studying the deformation and flow of substances in liquid gaseous and soft solid states they call it rheology they use this science to create the necessary viscosity and density of toothpaste to prevent it from mixing.

Inside the tube and turn it into foam as you brush your teeth they put toothpaste in the tube from the backside with the help of a special machine different strips inside the tube have the same rheology under uneven pressures they retain the same thickness and flow.

When it rests inside the box these strips have a more voluminous shape but when you squeeze them they get thinner as they approach the nozzle they're released at the same speed and consistency no matter how hard you press the toothpaste regains the thickness after being pressed it's like a marshmallow that returns to.

Its shape after you've smashed it some dental companies equip their product with a small cylinder connected to the nozzle inside the tube they fill the pack with white paste and put a small amount of two colorful gels on the sides of the cylinder as you're squeezing out the toothpaste it's passing through both sides of the.

Cylinder and pushing the colored gel out of the container then all of it comes through the nozzle in the form of three stripes there are a lot of different patterns of toothpaste it can be three stripes or just one color but white red and blue are the classics.

The white stripe is responsible for whitening teeth and removing the dirt this is an essential function of toothpaste so there's a lot of white gel the blue stripe is responsible for fresh breath and protection from germs the red color protects and strengthens the gums this is not a strict rule and companies.

May change the functions of the stripes however they want linda is a little dizzy from all this knowledge but she seems to understand everything she squeezes the toothpaste onto the brush and thinks why does the brush have exactly this length and why should the toothpaste cover it completely.

Brushes have various shapes but their proportions are generally explicitly created for comfortable cleaning and here's a little secret about the amount of toothpaste you don't need to cover the entire brush one little pea size is enough to clean your teeth companies want you to run out of.

Toothpaste quickly to make you buy a new one sooner linda is brushing her teeth and thinking how lucky she is to live in the 21st century toothpaste dentists and dentures so many different ways to treat and care for teeth she can imagine how difficult it was for.

People long before they invented dental technologies in the distant past it seems they all had severe teeth problems and were in pain but in fact they didn't even cave people had much better teeth than we have now archaeologists found evidence of this many ancient skulls have a perfect row.

Of teeth without cavities linda doesn't believe it she looks at her electronic toothbrush those ancient civilizations must have had some secret technologies that we don't know about but there were no dental technologies to understand how they managed to keep their teeth so healthy you first need to.

Understand what a tooth is on the inside it consists of dentin a flexible but durable substance the outer part is covered with the most solid material in the human body enamel it's made of calcium and covers each tooth and it's not just a strong shield enamel consists of hundreds of thousands.

Of thin fibers called prisms one prism is brittle but a bundle of a million can be as hard as a diamond the prisms are closely twisted with each other like a rope and form an ideal tooth structure that's why teeth are a perfect tool for survival imagine a cave human eating meat and.

Vegetables this food is different from steak and salads at a restaurant back then food was quite dense and solid to chew it you had to have strong jaws and teeth every meal was a real workout during chewing the fibers and meats and vegetables cleaned teeth from dirt and dental plaque people had strong gums and didn't know.

About cavities their teeth were practically invulnerable many years later we began to use this excellent tool for survival to chew soft buns hamburgers tender pates and omelets teeth no longer received the load they were created for that's why they've become weak humanity is faced with a diet that has.

Never existed in the entire history of our planet too little time had passed from the moment when people were chewing on mammoths to the instant they started ordering tender meatballs at a restaurant in simple words softness has taken over the strongest material in the human body yeah the teeth became weaker but then.

Another serious problem arose sugar cavities appeared when they first brought sugar to europe this delicacy instantly became popular they added it to food and just ate it in cubes like candies sugar was considered a prestigious and expensive thing of course no one knew that this product would cause tooth.

Decay when this problem appeared people started to create new dental technologies there are other destroyers besides sugar your mouth contains a lot of bacteria most of them help digest food get rid of bad microbes and clean teeth from plaque but there are also harmful germs that destroy teeth structure and form.

Cavities in the past when food was more natural and rugged these microbes were not dangerous for strong teeth today we eat food rich in carbs flavorings various additives and sugar we help harmful bacteria multiply making them stronger your lifestyle also affects dental.

Health in the past people had to get food in the fields forests and mountains they mostly lived an active lifestyle and burned a lot of calories nobody really works like that now training in the gym is much easier than trying to catch a mammoth lack of activity provides calories.

Extra calories and germs create stomach problems gas and acids from the intestine enter the oral cavity and destroy the teeth as well now just look at these guys for comparison cats lions.

Bears tigers cows and other animals with teeth still eat the same way they did millions of years ago and that's why they hardly ever have dental problems many tribes of indigenous people living far from civilization also have perfect teeth linda realizes that all this is.

True and what do we all have to do with that move to a distant island and eat bananas no worries it's not that bad after all just eat less sugar clean your teeth with a brush and use dental floss twice a day visit the dentist regularly and everything will be fine


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