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IELTS essay Economy vs Climate impact on people’s lifestyle

This essay was seen on 21st august 2021 in the academic ielts in india and as this essay has been seen for the first time so it was not there in my book it is not there in my book academically essays from the past exams so this essay indroop has written.

And i have come up to share with you some people believe that climate has the greatest effect on people's way of life others believe that economy of the region has the greatest effect discuss both views and give your opinion it is believed by some that climate has the most significant impact on people's lives while others argue that economy is.

The most significant factor i believe that a good economy enables people to disregard the effects of climate and thus economy is the overriding factor so this is a two sentence intro and uh if you remember we have come up with 15 sentences for the whole essay writing the discuss essay in 15 sentence how to.

Write a problem solution essay in 15 sentence so in those 15 sentences the introduction those 15 sentence essays the introduction is of two sentences and this introduction is also of two sentences on the one hand the main reason given by those who believe that climate change has the greatest impact.

Is that climate determines the variability and availability of natural resources people depend on like food water and energy for example deserts are scarcely populated because of the hot climate which leads to water scarcity climate influences how people live and what jobs they do.

People's lifestyle including what they eat what clothes they wear the type of houses they live in all in some way or another depend upon the climate the region experiences similarly ice fishing is the most common profession in cold frozen countries while agriculture is the most common.

Profession in warm and humid climates on the other hand those who believe that economy is the principal factor say that because economy frames the choices and decisions people make regarding work leisure consumption and how much to save for example in rich and developed countries people tend to spend more as the governments can provide social.

Security in the form of pensions and free health care while in poor countries people are more likely to save similarly developed countries with good economies have a more educated workforce and thus their citizens secure better jobs while people from developing countries are seen employed as labour.

In the past i believe climate had the major impact on life on life but today the impact of climate can be limited by a good economy the biggest evidence for this can be seen in the oil-rich middle eastern countries who have established modern cities in the middle of deserts with the help of their rich economies.

Their people today have the same facilities and luxuries as available in other developed countries despite the region's harsh climate in conclusion i would like to reiterate that although both climate and economy impact people's way of life the impact of economy is certainly more.

So this is the essay and this is uh this also has some examples i hope you like it and thank you very much for watching patiently


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