Physical vs Chemical Changes of Matter: Untamed Science Middle Grades Video

hey is oh smell that sea breeze no i didn't say we're gonna catch a sea trout i said we're going to see if we.

Can catch a trout over there okay let's go i mean i wore the shirt for nothing oh man okay it's physical no chemical no it's physical chemical you can see it's physical chemical physical chemical physical this is nice now this is where you'll see a trout we've made a physical change by.

Changing our fishing spot despite the chemical changes going no danny you're missing the point you see matter cannot be created nor destroyed so the real difference is what's the difference between a physical change in matter and a chemical change i told you for the last time it's.

Physical chemical love see this this is physical and this limestone is about to get physically taped ah easy you guys are gonna scare all the fish now obviously this is just a physical change because all you did is break this rock up into a whole bunch of tiny.

Little pieces you still have the same amount of rock and you still have the same total mass but you want to see some change check this out all right you guys physical or chemical oh see those bubbles there that's your clue.

Chemical change yeah and you see those bubbles they're full of carbon dioxide see that's a gas that's given off when the acid reacts with the calcium carbonate that's already in the rock oh okay i get it it's a chemical change because the reaction formed a new substance exactly.

How about this one chemical physical ah that's easy it's chemical you see the powder and the sugar mixes with water forms a new substance fruit drink sorry bud you're wrong this time this sugar and powder is dissolving in the water so it's a physical change.

But chemically the powder and sugar they're still in the cup atoms are just rearranged so the total mass stays the same we call this the conservation of mass trout okay this is the good stuff you guys.

Just put a little bit of oh oh oh this this stuff's gone bad oh you guys oh my stomach already ah want an antacid have you ever seen one of these things dissolve is that a physical change whoa look at the bubbles oh wow that's got to be chemical.

Yeah but doesn't that break a major law the law of conservation of mass nope remember the bubbles that is actually the missing mass being released as carbon dioxide gas wow well okay smartie what other clues can tell you that there's been a change well some changes actually give off heat like my hand warmers in my pack.

Oh yeah those are nice one thing that makes chemical reactions different from physical changes is that the original substance is chemically changed into different substances which have new chemical properties the reactant substances cannot be physically recovered.

Because they've been changed into the product substances but you can always recover the original substances in a physical change right yep i mean if we stayed here long enough with our orange drink over there that water would evaporate and the powdered sugar mix would still be there see wow that's cool.

Cool so chemical reactions produce new substances that have different physical properties than the original substances that's cool i get it well yeah i mean when the physical changes they actually only change the appearance of the matter while the matter itself stays the same.

Hey hey haley oh that's cool oh look at that now here's something that you can try physical or chemical and on your next adventure make sure to write down a new log you can bring chemical and physical changes that are happening all around you and remember to never stop exploring.

Your world all right let's keep fishing hey this is my secret spot keep it moving run away fish i'm gonna get you you