uh um searching database on plant cultivation methods calculating plant growth formula.

Eh huh uh plant growth formula completed.

oh uh uh.

it's ah.

hmm searching database for possible solutions recommendation build shrinking devices.

good um shrinking device completed commence.

Trial run uh um uh.

wow uh um okay.

reminder alert it is now daniel's nap time i repeat it is now daniel's nap time wow hmm.

Huh me i'm home where's the tv.

Oh gotcha i didn't steal nothing somebody put them in my bag hmm hey debbie hey i'm a huge fan could i please get your.

Autograph of course have a nice day hmm take that come on die alien scum hold the heavy ones first.

Warning daniel has disappeared search immediately daniel located you're not allowed in sir no robots allowed in the mall troublemaker are you.

wow i am searching for daniel uh.

hmm this must be a new it's dog.

searching for daniel get that robot when i get my hands on you i'll recycle you as a trash can uh.

Get him daniel located rescue daniel immediately that'll be fourteen dollars do you need a bag give it up robot you're surrounded anything you say can and will be used.

Against you in cyber court um what the heck.

Hmm oh we should get going our bow put this in the shopping cart and these.

Oh and this tool oh hello little one you're adorable oh yes you are dear shoppers we have fresh discounts on designer clothing today come join us in aisle four debbie come on.

All right marko please take care of daniel and sally oh and try to get everything i'll see you back here in 30 30-minute minutes.

immediately attention do not make sally cry i repeat do not make sally oh look at this it's amazing ah.

Huh huh come on i saw it first let's be adults about this you know blue isn't your color counting down 13 minutes remaining get all items on shopping lists immediately.

um um.

eh um.

uh uh.

wow what on earth is going on here.


hmm uh no racing on the premises.

Green is in the season i think you should wear that i think you should wear green uh