So welcome everybody welcome to buy juice exam prep get an ac youtube channel and also in this competition in which we are going to see amazing battle between the abhinav commandos and josh ninjas with the help of today's session we will be able to see that so today we have.

Soil versus transportation two most one of the most you can say important subject for your exam of gate or yes or take any examination so quickly everybody just shared this session with each and every friend of yours more the people more the competition and remember there is a prize also for the people who are going to come at the first rank.

Whoever will get the first rank will get an amazing gift from our side last time winner i can tell you saurabh tiwari is the student who won the prize and i have sent him the uh the code also the confirmation code of that amazon the one i have sent in the price that i have sent in right so you'll be receiving it soon so everybody please just full power.

Share this session more the people more the competition and let's go directly to abhinav sir the dawn sir the captain of the team of avenatti commandos okay so all the player out there let me just welcome you all for this fight between between transportation soil and i guess i guess.

The better would be between the dawn the commando and ninja okay so guys let us see who will be the winner just you have to do two things the question is okay okay just first of all do the question everybody has to do the question everybody has to do the question 57 seconds left.

Everybody go to the and we have already tell you the quotes five minutes before we have told you the quotes go to the and apply the code this is the first question everybody has to tell you this everybody has to do this even who is in my team or in yoshi's.

Team everybody has to do this and how to play this you already know and i have already tell uh five minutes before in the telegram as well 28 seconds left just take two mobiles just take two mobiles or one laptop or two laptops or one laptop one mobile or whatever go to the and apply.

The code as we have told you earlier eight zero six nine eight four two five you should be having two mobiles one to see us on youtube and one on to see everybody has to do all the questions this is the first question let us see who did it correct and time's up.

And nine people have only done it correct guys four c by gamma root k a k a for clay is one one minus sine zero upon one plus uh sine zero four c by gamma four c by gamma is equal to that critical depth whatever is given in the question i guess six meter from.

There c will be 30 meter and cs 10 is equal to c only because 10 phi is 0 for clay so 30 guys we're telling you that we'll be giving you the solution also just after this session within five minutes we will be giving you the solution and just let me tell you who will be the winner according to team and rank one.

Will be the awarded prize also let me all tell you all that see whose name starts from a to m as we have already played this is in my team is in commando stream is in abhinav commandos if his first letter starts from a to m he is in my team if the first letter starts from end to z he will be in joseph team that's clear.

A2m my team n2z joshua team okay now who will be the first who will come first in cumulative 10 questions i will be we will be giving him the prize next thing how the team will be decided as earlier that last final leaderboard when we will be seeing in final leader board we will be cumulative taking the.

Score of commandos team that is those person whose name starts from a to m and cumulative taking the score of ninja steam that is from end to z and from cumulative score the team winner will be decided okay from the cumulative score the team winner will be decided and f there is no negative marking and for every correct.

Question you will be having some marks if you do it faster you will get more marks but no negative marking any doubt you can tell us now only and everybody has to do all the questions total 10 questions 5 from soil 5 from transportation but even if you're commando you have to do all 10 questions even if you are in ninjas team you have.

To do all 10 questions please let us know any doubt over to yourself yes so guys i hope there is no doubt and uh appreciate your full power everyone let me tell you that is a gift which i always wanted to give one of my you know best student you can say just remember that virus from the uh three idiots there was that pen right.

So similarly i don't have that pen but there is something else and that is a life changing thing for me personally so that is the only reason why i sent this to saurabh tiwari who is the winner of our first minty quiz where we uh we have seen that although although although although that the jews ninjas were not able to win the.

Competition but the winner was from our team so it's okay let's see it happens right so please everyone let's share the video and so let's see that uh that after first question let's see what is the leaders board a to m is an army of commandos and rest in that is in my in your team s is a new team again s is.

Your own team system d is in my team saline team dhoni in my team so my team just only three players dhoni d and arman but guys the commandos are always known for hitting the six at the last ball so nine more questions have to go and every see please don't do like this that commanders are only solving soil and.

Ninjas are only solving uh transportation everybody has to attend all 10 questions okay so let us see and winner will be team mina will be decided on cumulative score okay okay so let's uh move to the next question answer can we have the next uh.

Slide huh so uh uh foreign today so please please please today the joshie ninja has to win and everyone has to answer to every question no no no doesn't matter if you are in which team soil also transportation also you have to answer that question all.

Right and this question is from transportation but everybody has to do this yeah everyone has to do this i'll just close my uh video just please see this so which of the following is not accepted criteria for the design of a veliker headlight side distance stopping side distance travellers comfort after drainage.

Control out of these food which is what is going to be considered if if they ask you which which are accepted so it will become msq but right now it is mcq so please everyone quickly answer to this question and let's see who will give the right answer and am i my expectation my expectation is that most of you will.

Give the right answer to this question so let's see let's see let's see only 20 seconds left with us come on answer every note is prepared by you that is also a good idea if i'm not prepared by you as a just.

Reward we can do this we can do this yes five seconds everyone come on everyone has to please ask to has to answer this question doesn't matter in which team you are time up i guess i'm sorry c i guess i guess oh no which is not not a criteria which is not a criteria okay so in this your headlight side.

Distance is important i have told you why right because and in the daytime there is no problem right but at the night time you will be able to see only up to the side of your headlight only so headlights is important second thing travellers comfort is very important right or not because the centrifugal force and the weight of the vehicle both.

Are acting in the downward direction so uncomfortable will be there so you have to apply the comfort criteria as well and the last one is your drainage control in your summit cup there is not much issue of a drainage why because the water can flow off right it can simply run off but in a valley there will be a problem of drainage as well because it.

Is a vehicle right so that is why the b option will be the most an appropriate answer tk said so let's see the leaders board okay and every question is here in this quiz with only one intention to tell you to give you something new right.

Something new okay i can see i can see new uh names here second rather it will be super super super great if you can take participation in this quiz okay let's move to the next question now yes sir everybody has to attempt it guys.

Again same okay yes okay we have done already already already already this is occurred yeah okay our man is still leading now let's move to the question number three from soil mechanics everybody be ready and see one thing happens in. that see youtube is lagging white couple of 10 to 12 seconds everywhere whole world not only india not only by this whole world right so might be you might be seeing screen late here in suppose it is youtube it is so you might be seeing this.

Phone faster question faster because youtube is lagging 10 to 12 seconds so okay we keep concentrating on that phone if you are having two phone because two phones are required one is youtube one is see the because the question will appear there faster than here okay because youtube is like in 10.

Seconds let's start question number three all the best to all ninjas all the rest of very easy come on all ninjas come on all commandos everybody if you are insert team if you are in my team you have to attempt it you have to attempt it everybody no negative marking faster you give.

More answer more marks you will get a equipotential line b for reacting line c flow line dc page line 12 seconds left guys go to and there you will be finding the question faster than youtube because youtube whole world is lagging 12 seconds okay the correct answer is.

Equipotential line guys the upstream slave is on the water and water there is no loss all loss occurs in soil in earthen dam upstream slope is the all is water as you are going downward pressure head is increasing but datum head is decreasing by same amount as you are going downward pressure head is increasing but datum.

Head is decreasing by same amount so upstream slope is equipotential slow phenitic line is guys the top floor line that is not the upstream uh surface okay flow line is that passes through earth and dam not the upstream okay that is also seepage line okay let's see now the venus.

Come on come on come on come on come on this question will change the ranks definitely yeah good airman and this is this is also putin putin from russia santo is in sir team from pune she is in my team in my team okay thirteen my team certainly my team said.

It's neck to neck neck to neck assist body again sorry so i already have two prizes one i have sent him i hope so sort of told me also that he finally loves it uh in the last last.

War or in the civil war in last war you have given him uh in civilization mechanical i guess is mechanical i have given in this app series okay let's move to the next question guys not wasting time let's move to the question number number four guys everybody be on your toes.

Now see here question number four let's see this will be from your transportation okay guys transportation questions will be here if a vehicle traveling at 40 km trade was stopped within 1.8 seconds after the application of the break then the average discrete resistance coefficient.

Will be what come on answer everyone this is one of the most beautiful question from iv engineering directly for you all all you need to find out is the value of your average skid resistance coefficient will it be point six three point seven three point eight three or point nine three let's see let's see let's see who.

Is going to give the right answer 40 seconds left with you 40 seconds left you will be needing a calculator for this but for this particular 60 second duration you will be needing it otherwise uh if you have time there is no need of activator come on guys.

Full power if you can easily find the value of your deacceleration rest can be find out very easily this is the hint for commandos and ninjas both all you need is to find the acceleration rest you know how to find the value of f yes great great great amazing perfect.

Perfect so here we are going to use the equation of your motion and that is which one v is equal to u plus a t instead of plus it will be negative y because we have d acceleration final velocity is going to be zero and from there we are going to get the value of your acceleration once the acceleration is there then with the help of.

Acceleration and the g value you know f is equals to a by g you will be able to find the value as 0.629 and that is nothing but 0.63 so i hope you all have enjoyed this question let's see the uh the leaders board come.

In my team raja and your team don't in my team i mean my team jumped and come on chapters okay now the commandos are here guys guys see one more announcement a big announcement to all of you that tomorrow all civil champions will be having a.

Gate mock test that will be very very helpful for the students who are appearing for the gate 2022 okay there we will be showing you exactly exactly the same pattern same syllabus same difficulty level same number of questions as you can expect in gate 2022.

65 questions 13 to 1 plus 35 to do 65 questions 100 marks and yes mcq msqn80 and we will be telling you cut off also that if you're scoring 32 then this much you can get if you're scoring 45 you can get this much if you are getting more than 65 you can get this if you get more than 74 you can get this right so tomorrow.

That will be all subjects guys all subjects will be there and yes guys all subjects plus plus plus plus a maths and amplitude when i'm saying all subject that means technical and non-technical both let me share you the link that will be very important please take calculator and pen along with you.

Tomorrow at 5 pm let me share you the link here everybody please like and share that session like now guys that will be very important 65 question 100 marks all syllabus technical non-technical all three types of question mcq msq and n80 and we will be telling you like how we'll be dealing this at the end of this.

Game and there is a one kind request also related to this session first of all everyone has to be on time because we will be uh like going like this like one faculty will take their subject and another faculty will join then another faculty will join if you will join late then you may miss some questions and you won't be able to find your actual cut.

Off right first thing second thing is please uh just keep your notes away when you are watching this session so that you don't get that urge of looking at or speaking at the formula we all just want this one thing that you should feel the gate before the gate all we want is you should know that what is the actual situation right now that you are having.

If it is not that good we will improve it if it is good we will we will just you can say celebrate it okay so sir next question okay okay emmy thank you thank you akshat let's move to the next question thank you so much thank you question number five.

Let's enter now next question a flow net diagram length of low line in the last field is 2 meter in the last fill it is 2 meter the total head loss is 18 and number of potential drop is 12.

Find the exit gradient total head loss 18 total drops potential drop 12 last flow field is 2 meter what is the exit gradient very simple very logical very conceptual i don't think that any single student can't do this you are my commandos i have taught you soil mechanics everybody will be.

Doing this who has seen my sessions guys yes yes yes a 0.33 if i had to just make a very wild guess i will go for i don't know by d okay okay b 28 people and all our commandos all have done that those who have seen my sessions have done it correct guys see.

Very logical what is the total head loss total i lost 18 in how many drops this has lost is being occurred 12 12 drops 18 loss 12 months 18 lakh loss 12 months 18 lakh loss so in one month 1.5 okay 18 is the head loss in 12 drops so in one drop it is 1.5 loss what is ie exit gradient hl by l.

So last head loss is 1.5 because every loss is 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 up to 12 times it is 18. so 1.5 by l that is 2 last length so last flow field loss is 1.5 length is 2 so h l by l one point five by two is point seven five yes oh carman it's okay armand see armani whether you are first or you are.

Last everybody has to come has to become ninja has to become commando in the gate exam and we are very sure those who are with us from the last many days will be having flying colors in the gate exam and guys if if if here you have done some mistake that's very fine because here if you are doing all correct you.

Will be getting price for rank one but see armada has done mistake now that will be benefited in gate exam because if this question comes with gate exam then he will never ever do this wrong and that is much much more important than gift you will be getting here he will be more attentive now whenever.

This type of question will come he will be more attentive so whenever you make a mistake it is a good sign for you uh all you need to do is don't repeat the same mistake that's it making a mistake is not at all a bad thing repeating it it is a very bad thing minus point plus two marks.

But you can never say in this because you know even the last three questions can change the whole leader's world so we can't out of this and this already have we has a gift s has two gifts okay and let's see suppose did you get the name.

Oh so guys let's see the next question from transportation engineering the great compensation provided at the curve of radius 60 meter with a rolling gradient of five percent i am requesting officer to don't grade the option do not give hint please.

And i will also say nothing i'm on mute now i really want you to see the like what the answer you are going to give i am not saying anything a 3.75 b 4 c 1.25 d 1 huh now please answer everybody complete silence.

Complete silence full concentration 175 4 many people are participating okay let's see the winner okay yeah so as as i suppose like i knew it this is what i.

Expected so four percent so many people have said four percent but the problem is that you did not read the question properly so this is the silly mistake they did not ask you the compensated gradient yes compensation compensation first problem right and they are given answer five minus one is equal to four.

Five minus that but they asked one how much has to be minus not what is the final answer why gate compensation is done because on the hilly road when you are moving your wake uh steering so guys practice was in another direction we v is another direction so there will be a suppose tactic was t so in the desired direction you are having t cos theta cos.

Value is less than one so your force is t but you are only getting t cos theta so your power is reduced and also due to the upward gradient your energy sensitive is pulling you back so might be nano panel might be a car like nano going upward is going downwards okay that way the in the turns the gradient is reduced just feel.

When you're going in a hill there is a slope but as soon as sun comes little bits less slope is there that little bit less is the due to great compensation joshua am i right or not i'm not i'm no one and another thing is guys so first thing is great compensation is asked so a and.

B are anyways out of the league now coming out to y it is not c because when you do 30 plus r by r you get 1.5 percent when you do seventy five by r you do you get one point two five percent so you will be saying that one point two five should yes sir that one sensor i remember because in offline it is most survey.

Okay one answer is one point five one answer is one point two five so answer will be the minimum so we'll say 1.25 but irc fourth point that you can never ever reduce grade from more less than four percent so one answer is 1.5 from 75 r plus r or 30 plus r by r and 75 and one is 1.25 so people will think 1.25 but there is one.

More recommendation that grade cannot be less than 4 so by subtracting 1.25 that will be coming 3.75 that is not possible according to irc indian road congress code so you have to separate only one yoshi said am i correct or not obviously right so i hope you learned something.

From let's move to the next question soon we'll be having the winner guys now question number seven enter now question will be coming from soil but everybody has to do this even the ninja has to do this now this is not working but now it is working now let me click.

Answer get to one so fast to get more points if a normally consolidated clay settles three centimeter when effective stress is changing from 80 to 160 what will be the further settlement when the effective stress is further increased to 320 80 to 160 settlement is three.

What is the further settlement from 162 320 yes pankaj 80 to 160 settlement is 3 what is further settlement from 160 to 320 is asked a 7.5 b.

9 c 3 centimeter and three six centimeter come on little bit tricky not concept wise but to understand the things so everybody can apply the formula here not much difficult but understanding the language of the question and putting the answer that might be a little bit tricky.

Not the concept here concept will not be tricky here let's see who has done it correct and and and and and three is the correct answer now somebody has done it six i see these two are out of box i don't know how anybody can write these two but okay six.

You can write guys see when you apply the formula now settlement delta h is equal to ccs not upon 1 plus c naught log sigma 2 y sigma 1 takes c s naught by 1 plus e not constant so log 1 6 log 80 by what was the value there i guess 160 by 80.

Is 2 and 320 by 80 is 4 so log 4 is log 2 square log 2 square is 2 log 2 so settlement from 80 to 163 then 80 to 320 is two times that is six but further settlement is only three now three plus three is equal to six further settlement is only three so that is the answer any doubt you can ask me i'll we.

Guys one more thing leave price leave everything after this session within five minutes we will be posting the pdf of all solutions in our respective telegram civil biaser and civil by ninja sir let's see that is the thing master after soul so this is he saying.

For both sir okay okay seeing the energy must after so long time he's saying for both now question number eight from transportation yeah actually domestic design plus epic engineering plus plus payments.

I clicked two times and josh's are warned me sir please don't click two times the area added to terminal building intended for loading and unloading airplanes is dash as this is transportation so it should contain railway and airport also not only highway engineering please answer.

Everyone please answer everyone you should actually know the basic plan of an airport right the component the basic component right because you never know what type of question you may get in your examination okay so that's the thing.

So please answer everyone you just have a 15 seconds left with you i'm guessing most of us can get the answer congratulations right so that particular building the terminal building loading and unloading of airplane is being conducted in april okay.

Let's see let's see runway you all know what is runway right from where the airplane is going to land or take off our taxiway is the one that path from you can say is the path between the main building of the airport and the runway so the between the passage is your taxiway okay all right i can't see any changes.

It's all your team sir no amman of soil and the second last question of the war the minty war let's let's let's let's go let's see for a sand having the internal friction.

Of 30 the ratio of passive to active little earth pressure passive to active passive two active a option one b3 c6 d9 one three six nine pankaj you have to go to and.

Apply the code as we have post in the comment section you can see here also above the question it is mentioned go to and use eight zero six nine eight four two five as your post take the calculator the final question will be after this after that we will be announcing the.

Winner okay very very easy okay sanket has given to me okay okay yes guys k p by k a that is 1 plus sine phi 1 minus sine phi upon 1 minus sine phi 1 plus n phi that is 3 by 1 by 3 that will be 9.

Let's move now to see the leaderboard i hope some commandos have done some here okay again sort of has given it correct armaan is also correct now so so so we also correct stuff too tough tough tough tough neck to neck is going on let's see the last.

Question no pushing from transportation now let's see begin guys number 10 come on if curve of 4 degree accompanied by a ruling gradient of 1 in 150 on broad wage track the permissible variant would be how much quickly answer so what is the great.

Compensation for a broad gauge track if you know that you will be able to answer this very very easily four degree curve is there currently we are having 1 in 150 so what is going to be the quickly tell me the answer the gradient the permissible gradient the allowable.

Gradient and you have 10 seconds left with you this is the game changer question for you all and this is going to i guess change a lot of things in our p discord also and the time is up and most of us have given the i mean correct answer 17 people has given the.

Correct answer and that is amazing the only thing you need to know is that for a broad gauge for every degree point zero four percent is going to be your value ticket okay so winner is okay s is winner okay congratulations yes now let's see the t team winner sir.

Please add point of calculating is will be having a sound sleep today armaan is my team emmy is in my team d okay okay so santo and the second is armand so uh see armand please already you have two prizes now third prize is uh.

Guys uh we'll have a google meet whenever you want me and josh's are with you and in that whatever you demand will be giving you and a special gift temper which was supposed to be given to swamp tiwari already he has two prizes will be given to arman is it fine sir.

It's a bigger gift to you since you are rank one that we are having a google meet with you and google meet whatever you will demand now that we'll be giving whatever whatever you want to ask for you just ask us in the google me right and uh rest armand so just mail both of us and whatever time you want a meeting we'll be showing.

The will be coming there in a video call and there whatever you demand i'll we'll be giving you okay might be test series of your exam prep okay might be book might be any gift temper that's your choice your requirement whatever your requirement is just send a mail with phone number pin.

Code address winner a price will be coming to you okay man okay so shall we then show them this uh ppt for the tomorrow that will be great guys one more thing that you have to share the session.

Money is sure sure whenever i am if you have learned something something if anything you have learned new from this session please just send hearts and in the comment box that will be a great this is also looking a nice background it won't go like this option anyways you have to close it.

I will click everywhere and my finger surface area so much that not much clicks are required okay guys i'm getting something left again nothing nothing okay leave this okay leave guys tomorrow we will be having a special special mock test 65 questions technical non-taking.

Everything like it made safety also will be there anki joshi sir will be coming yoshi sir will be coming i will be there and rohan will be there all subjects 65 questions same as gate pattern do watch us on hindi youtube channel at 5 p.m tomorrow okay and please i'm sharing the link please like that session.

Okay to give you information with some fun with some competitive spirit and i hope we were successful in that and now uh tomorrow we will be seeing each other again and this time we will be doing the 65 questions i have told you about that okay so 5 p.m on hindi channel and guys if you.

Haven't subscribed the english channel the one which one which is uh which will be please subscribe please subscribe the channel and also the hindi one as well so thank you so much for being here so that's it thank you so much take care subscribe it now this english channel for more such beautiful videos of tech and non-tech both.

Thank you guys take care you