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Bethany Lily April | Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Career, Facts & more

here we are going to explore more about one of the emerging british models bethany lilly april wiki and bio she is a fashion model and social influencer the model is well known for her hot social media uploads bethany was born on the 24th of april 1996 in essex.

England as of 2020 she is 24 years old bethany is listed as one of the popular fashion models of england she has a huge following of bethany lovers on social media on instagram bethany ever since her childhood has been fond of modeling fitness and dancing she started her modeling career at a tender age.

Bethany came into the limelight after her hot and bold instagram pictures went viral on social media she has been a proponent for breast cancer awareness the fashion model also promotes many popular brands including band energy fashion nova and others bethany has a youtube channel named bethany lilly.

April flower where she uploads her lifestyle and fashion videos she is also active on only fans where she posts her unseen exclusive video content she is a hot bold and amazing personality the model never opens up anything related to her personal life but if she.

Does we will let you know according to some online sources and interviews she is single bethany is a fitness freak and loves to expose her body she's approximately five ft and six inches tall and her body weight is around 56 kgs her body figure shape is approximately 3.

8 2 8 3 8 bust 38 waist 28 and hips 38 in inches bethany also shares her workout videos on her social media she has not given any insights about her dating life at present she is single and very focused on her career.

Someday she wants to win oscar as an actress bethany's net worth as of now in 2021 is approximately 400.500k which she earned by vlogging commercials and brand endorsements bethany lilly april has 500k followers on tick tock she has over 3.6 meters followers on.

Instagram she has gained over 160k subscribers on youtube she loves traveling and photography australia is her favorite holiday destination she hobbies includes dancing and singing she loves to read and cook she does not smoke but drinks alcohol.

Occasionally bethlehu's parents know that she's a glamour model and consider what she's doing as spreading love she's a manchester united fan thanks for watching the video to the end don't forget to like comment and subscribe.



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