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Fawn || plus size model || curvy girl | lingerie model || bio | facts || wiki #instagram #curvy#plus

hello viewers how are you all welcome to our youtube channel diva logs today we are going to share the facts biography and amazing photos of another beautiful plus size model her name is fawn fawn belongs to united states of america she is very bold and brave model.

the model is known for her curvy figure and plus size body she is very beautiful and she is never afraid of her body weight the model is very confident that is why people are following her from all over the world fawn is included in those social media.

Celebrities who got fame at a very young age of her career she is famous among women and men equally fawn is a very hard working model she likes to wear colorful clothes and laundry she has been working with different.

Brands designers and modeling agencies fond is also famous for her digital content which is very creative and colorful she is also a brand ambassador of curve apparel shop the model is very simple and energetic she also shares her small and short.

Videos on her instagram profile fawn is very famous on all social media networks especially on instagram on which she currently has 67.1 k followers she has shared her 126 votes on instagram her real name is fawn she's from america.

That is why her nationality is american the model is currently 25 years old she has got red colored hair and early brown eyes her dress size varies from 16 to 18. her aim is to become successful model and influence other people as well her hobbies include she likes to travel.

And she is also a pet lover by profession this model is a social media influencer brand promoter and a very creative digital content creator thanks for watching this video we hope the video was entertaining for you all please do like share and subscribe to.

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