Join kids hat family good habits bad habits hi tia i'm home hi tofu you know tia i'm so tired today we played hockey at school you want some.

Water tofu yes please tia tofu is this where you keep the glass uh i'm sorry tia i didn't notice i'm going to my room to change okay lunch is ready come to the dining room in half an hour alright tia.

Here we have some beans for you thanks tia so how was school today it was good but i feel a little tired after the hockey match okay why don't you take a nap for an hour yes you are right tia i think i should take a nap now tofu please keep your plate in the kitchen.

I'm very sleepy tia i'll see you after an hour what's wrong with this boy tofu wake up let me sleep for five minutes mortya okay enough i will teach him a lesson now.

oh my god tia what have you done to the house what a mess tia please stop what are you doing tia yes tofu what is it tia will you stop doing this what's wrong with you you are doing the same thing too look at your.

Room it's an absolute mess uh i'm sorry i did not realize that it looked so unpleasant until i saw your belongings all over the place it looks so messy and unorganized i will keep my things in place now that's what i was trying to teach you.

Tofu one bad habit often spoils a dozen good ones learn to stay organized and you yourself will feel good apart from that you can adopt small good habits like holding the door open for someone sneezing with your mouth covered.

Washing your hands before eating and always keeping track of time because once you catch hold of a bad habit it develops deeper i get it now tia i will take care of all the things that you just told me thank you for making me understand this for your favorite rhymes stories and.

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