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Which is Better? Handwriting VS Typing Notes (the Science of Note Taking)

hey welcome back to the channel if you're new here my name is mike i'm a doctor working in california and co-founder of rem note this is another video from our series on evidence-based learning strategies where mattie and i take the research in.

Cognitive and neuroscience and help you apply it to your studies to get better grades so if that's something you're into definitely subscribe for weekly videos today we're talking about the science of note taking and since we built rem note you know that i'm excited about this topic.

The first point i want to touch on is whether or not you should even take notes to take or not to take we've all had that professor who tells us to not take notes during lecture and to just sit and actively listen well studies by cuba and romani both demonstrate that students who take notes either from.

Lectures or from reading their textbook perform better compared to students who don't take notes so they suggest that taking notes helps form new pathways in the brain that are beneficial for long-term memory and interestingly this third study by ny and crooks showed that the quantity of notes the student.

Takes also correlated with better results on both multiple choice and essay tests but i would take that with a grain of salt because it's hard to compare the quality of notes from someone who takes a lot versus someone who doesn't take very many and this is the general theme of.

Today's video that you can't just take all the research at face value because note taking varies from person to person and depends on many factors for example what kind of subject are we talking about is it math or science or history some are heavy on concepts.

And some have a lot more facts to memorize another example is the professor some professors give you their own notes some professors give you power points some professors give you half completed notes and have you work to fill in the rest and finally some students are just.

Better at taking notes than others so these are all factors that we can't control and so the research isn't always clear cut i would argue that there isn't one absolute best way to take notes but there are ways to optimize note-taking to fit your personal needs to do this we have.

To define how notes actually fit into our study plan note-taking consists of two steps step one is actually taking the notes and step two is using the notes to study step one is important because taking notes while listening to lecture can really improve your comprehension or.

Understanding of the information regardless of whether you actually review those notes but step two is equally important because having good notes to study from will make it easier to commit them to memory later so now that we understand the bigger picture of note taking let's answer.

This question what is the best device to use when taking notes you got the traditional handwritten notes with pen and paper you've got digital notes on a tablet or ipad with a stylus and you got digital notes typed on a keyboard there have been tons of studies.

Going back and forth on whether you should hand write your notes or type your notes these studies by mueller and oppenheimer showed that handwriting was better but these studies by bowie and fiorella showed that typing your notes were better a study by morehead and dyloski even distinguished handwritten.

On paper versus handwritten digital notes and the results showed not much difference well unfortunately each study has its limitations as pointed out by luo and cura showing us how difficult it really is to determine a true winner but in the study they made a very.

Important point that notes can be effective based on whether or not you actually review them and this is key because remember that taking notes during lecture helps you understand the material but having good notes after lecture makes studying easier.

So right off the bat i would personally not go for pen and paper anymore the obvious reason is that it's highly inconvenient using paper and notebooks for storage and management but the main two reasons are that a you don't have a search function so you can't just use command f to quickly search for specific key terms.

And phrases and b you can't quickly insert images with technology you can quickly take a picture of the board or screen and add it to your digital notes right there and then all these reasons point to digital notes having less friction for you to study afterwards the disadvantages of pen and.

Paper are inescapable but the disadvantages of digital notes can be overcome one of the biggest problems with using technology in the classroom is that you are prone to distractions from the internet and social media but you can use apps to block these distractions or you can go into airplane.

Mode if you have the discipline to be watching our study videos then i'm confident that you have the discipline to avoid these distractions the other big disadvantage is that many students fall into the trap of just typing out what the professor is saying verbatim.

This is passive learning and you aren't processing the information and it mainly happens to students who haven't decided on a note-taking method so pick one you got cornell notes the outline method charting and numerous others there is no one single best choice but if you pick a few.

In practice and get good at them then you're less likely to be transcribing your lectures verbatim so laptop versus ipad well it's kind of up to you but the more important question is what are you going to do with those notes after lecture how do you transition to step 2 when you have to study your notes.

And commit them to memory well if you've seen our other videos the best study strategies according to science are quizzing spacing and mixing it up and the best way to use these strategies is through flash cards well the problem with flash cards is that making them can take up a lot of.

Time but flash cards are just so powerful that we would just have to suck it up and do it anyway that is until we built rem note the first smart notes tool that applies science to your studies remnant was built to cover the entire note-taking process.

Both step one and step two you can take notes like any other standard note-taking app but rem note is the only one that automatically generates flashcards from the notes that you took saving you a ton of time the flashcards have built in space repetition and we even made a video.

Right here showing you how you can use handwritten notes by combining remnant with goodnotes rem note is free to use and is definitely my favorite way of taking notes so in summary the ideal way to take notes is to have a system that will a.

Help you understand the material and b help you study the material and remnant is a tool that was built to help guide you through both phases if you like this video we'd really appreciate it if you can share it with other students for the next video in this series we're going to cover how to learn material for.

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