welcome to the glamour models youtube channel we present you the hottest plus size curvy models please subscribe to our channel emily bazan is an emerging american fashion blogger model instagram star and social media personality she rose to.

Fame on social media platforms especially on instagram for sharing her sizzling curvaceous captivating photos and videos she is also popular for sharing lip sync and singing videos on tik-tok anilee was born and raised in houston texas usa along with her family and relatives being a fashion modeling and.

Writing enthusiast from a young age she chose to make a career in modeling she began modeling on instagram by sharing her sizzling curvaceous captivating photos and videos in a short span of time she amassed popularity on the platforms as her modeling photos garnered thousands of followers with growing popularity as a fashion.

Model and social media celebrity annaleigh has been a promoter of numerous fashion apparel sports and makeup brands including cutie collection trago samargos tequila and many others besides this she writes fashion and lifestyle blogs on her self-titled website emily bazen has not disclosed her exact.

Date of birth as of now so it is not possible to talk about her age she is five six inches tall and her weight is approximately 54 kilograms annelie bazan hails from houston texas usa she is an emerging fashion model blogger instagram star and social media personality.

White and blue are her favorite colors swimming surfing fishing modeling writing reading and skating are her hobbies annaleigh is a pet lover and has a pet cat italy is her favorite holiday destination emily bosn's net worth as of now in 2021.

Is estimated to be more than 350 000 sources of her earnings are modeling blogging brand promotions and advertisements.