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Morning Vs Evening Workout for Good Sleep – Health Science & Fitness Part 2- By Dr. Santosh Ingle

Hello everyone myself dr santosh once again welcome you all today we will discuss the most important topic that is the relationship between sleep and exercise so usually there are some questions in our mind what is the best time for exercise which exercise is good in.

Evening or morning which type of exercise you can perform to get the sound sleep third one the most important does the late night exercise affect our sleep how to get the sound sleep does exercise help in condition like insomnia there are some other questions like what.

We can eat before going to the bed so these are the simple questions we need to talk about this now we will discuss all these questions today so the first one is what is the best time for exercise you cannot say which is the best time for the exercise like it depends upon age any medical.

Health problem or chronology in a simple word chronology like some people are like they sleep late or some are like they wake up early so it depends upon that so you cannot say which is the best time it depends upon the chronological type so there are various type of workouts so second thing which type of workout is.

Good like uh mis hit or lis so hit you already know high intensity m is for moderate and l is for lower strength okay so you have to divide this which one is better simple way if you want to get sound sleep now if some people are like a late.

Sleeper or they are like you can say night owl they can perform the workout like 90 minutes to 2 hour before but it should be moderately intense stretch workout it shouldn't be a hit like if somebody is like early birds because they go to the bed early so they can perform the workout hit like in the.

Morning time or if they are like if they perform to work like in the evening one time so evening time they can choose like three to four hours before so why i'm saying like there should be a time gap in between the workout and your time of sleep now let's discuss why exactly when you perform the workout or any exercise the level of endorphin.

Inside your body it will be raised and because of that your heart rate is more because of that you are keep awaking so to get the sleep it should goes down so that your brain waves slows down and your heart rate also go down most importantly i forgot to mention the core body temperature also core body temperature when you perform any kind of.

Workout it will get increased so before getting the sound sleep it will lower down so what you need for the sound flip three things most important one your heart rate should be uh come to the down or normal level second thing core body temperature go down and the third thing your endorphin level goes down so it should be the so that you can.

Get the sound sleep or you can say the deep sleep so does this work out or exercise affect our sleep or it help in the patient of insomnia yes it help the patient of insomnia or you can say like sleep related disorder like moment disorder but it should be sleep.

Related sleep apnea it will also get benefited because of the workout so in short how much time or how much time gap is present in between your workout and sleep so if we perform like high intensity workout so here at least there should be.

Three to four hour gap to normalize your endocrine level or poor body temperature if you perform the moderately intense workout then at least at least like one and a half hour or you can say 90 minutes and if you perform like low intensity at least one hour to get all normalizing to get the sound sleep that is the time gap.

In between so it's not which type of workout or is not like either your performing workout in the evening is good or morning is good it doesn't really matter the matter is only the space or the time in between the workout and your sleep now the last one usually to get the sound sleep is there any diet which can help the sleep after.

The workout as we know that the sleep is the best time where your all muscle they will get or all the body part where they are exhausted already they will get recovered so for recovery they need the protein so what we can eat or drink before so best is milk and you can say any protein diet so that will help to rejuvenate your muscles or.

To regenerate your another organ or metabolism over because this is the only time where everything is like reform whenever you are sleeping so brain is actively working when you are sleeping ah then i just say about the milk milk why milk because milk is the best combination because milk contain melatonin and the most important protein.

Also so it should be a cow's milk where melatonin is there that will also help to get the sound sleep so this is like a custom things you can eat or you can drink milk or you can eat some protein like snacks before going to the bed so hope these are the small points might help you in your daily routine when to perform the workout and then.

Go to the bed so what we can going into it so thank you we will see the next most common topic in the next lecture thank you


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