Tuesday, June 28, 2022

VSPL🏏: Chemistry Kings (Shilpi Kaushik Ma’am) Vs. V Math Royals (Priya Jain Ma’am) 🤩🙌| Young Wonders

Hello my dear students welcome welcome welcome first time when we have students from young wonders as well as 9-10 english channels so ma'am you are also meeting them for the first time yes the english students super duper excited to meet your new students.

Yeah so ma'am what do you call your students welcome to all of you okay so guys how many of you are updated about the ipl going on this time and yeah on a scale of one to ten i think so.

um still i think we have few more students to come david warner guys before we move ahead quickly give a big fat thumbs up to the session let us see that you are really super duper excited for this.

Session today right yes it is that is not possible so yeah your weak with yoga that is going to be beneficial for your academics also plus your favorite ipl and also we have questions right ma'am mix and match from the maths chemistry and.

Right and guys this is a competition okay it is not a normal week quiz you know that it's a competition between the like priya ma'am and superman also plus young wonders versus 9th and 10th english channel so you have to give the maximum correct answers and even priya ma'am will be solving chemistry today like how do you feel about game history.

So tell us honestly speaking i didn't like science but physics chemistry or biological compared to chemistry was on top okay so mom has like chances what about you ma'am how do you feel about mathematics well let me see let let let student answer that question from 1910 english.

Channel okay so guys tell me what about shall be mom's max what is my used to be my favorite subject in school school like you know my buddy hi tell us more about this key like how do you enjoy that how when did you started.

So long story started from my childhood only grade one i played one class teacher inspired me to be a teacher and still now i am in connect with her so she was the one so like when i did my 12th class so my parents were like well engineering.

Support so everyone was like you go with the engineering you know so my parents also suggested me not the fourth kind of thing you just thai advice you should go for it so i was like no i want to be in that line teaching so it's like this tag line of vidantu teacher by choice so.

Good so all the best guys all the new joinies you need to go to www dot week quiz dot in okay dot com nearby it's what dot in so i'll start sharing my screen map yes ma'am.

So we are starting with the week quiz now um guess we'll start with the week with okay so the game is on guys and you know that there are amazing surprises and gifts all so that you get so actively attend through okay yes let us know which team you are supporting.

That is also important we should know that isn't it yes yes i think code and all everything is visible ma'am it's two two four six two five guys ah so the code is written guys on the map uh can you remove that zoom valley features car like you know upper top.

Plate is hiding the wood chest can you drag it to another downward direction yes ah likewise so guys now the code is clearly visible it is two two four six two five okay.

Great all the best pm ma'am i hope that you will not see okay so guys links to join the week quiz is in the description box of this video okay link here so please go to that and open it unable to join some students are saying no i can't do.

294 students also right now make it 150 come on like the video so we have 300 plus now on the weekly so requesting everybody to be there in the at chaff sheen is saying ma'am do not teach us a strong competition okay yes mommy it's okay mom hashtag me but yeah like see.

Ya ma'am that's nice i like it so guys make it 150 and start writing the new hashtag in the chat box with let us know the juice videos i so we are going to play very fairly with the henna and you also have to do the same so.

You haven't tested yet so we will see that okay guys join hello invite your friends and then we will be starting it come on yes dear you need to login to the quiz my dear it's not dot com it's starting now is there any lag which you are.

Facing no ma'am i'm not seeing any i lag one or two students no it's fine yes so shall we start ma'am i think you know we target yes so guys hit the like button.

The first question we do not know what will be the question even like we don't have access to the questions is going to be new for you also and for me also okay so we will see that what happens okay and hit the like button 150 likes the target here for now okay ma'am start kidding so we'll also be playing buzz upload click.

Carrying and we'll be playing verbally with you so here we start with the first question and man we have around 316 students in the quiz so it's going to be super duper amazing and yeah we go with the first question guys yes first question for priya ma'am on this screen is going to be from.

Which player holds the dubious recording of having a hat trick of course in the ipl sachin tendulkar prize um of having the leaderboard and yes ma'am it's not lagging i guess they just is on the top then we have breathed accident clearly.

And 3 27 now but to join great shall we start with the second one the answer is guys they are confusing see no many have written bdbd so you can go to the same link and just.

Put this code over there yes yes ma'am so here we have the leaderboard still tedious is still on top you just is i hope next question is three two one and here we go oh oh chemistry.

Okay foreign foreign guys keep it up new students are keep coming great anita still you can join don't worry but you are not late we have done only three questions till now stay.

Just let us know in the chat box are you from nine tenth english or young wonders here we go okay so fourth question of maths find the parameter of a rectangle whose sides are twelve and eight so mom perimeter of rectangle is two into length plus breadth yeah.

Yes forty is the answer what is foreign is actually the sum total of a closed figure circumference circle for other shapes for other polygons we call it perimeter.

Great so still here around 40s to 45 got it wrong but 276 of you done a great job ma'am yeah i guess yes yes yes yes huh yes i just noticed sorry guys i think the answer was marked as wrong.

It was not option d it was option b only yes kalyani says it was easy yes easy so as shilpi mam told it was twice of length plus breadth or unit same t that is why we have directly substituted the values so 20 into 2 is 40. so i think leaderboard didn't change much pages is still on top followed by but i.

I see now if he knew the right answer he would have marginal guys this is not a cheating beta the thing is that the points are they're still the same hello option and they are not on the leaderboards right in.

So that is all are on the leading rules so much to sort of like neutralize oh yeah and we will get it rectified also right now yes yes yes cello so let's move my next mirror okay fifth question.

Cricket bat cricket is logical is it just the composition would consist of carlton okay so that is the whole thing i appreciate you for that thank you thank you.

I hope this time the points have changed yes so great they just followed by yoke astha then we have surya prakash kanees ashu abhijit anuj preet and prince well done amazing guys keep it up and now we can take some time to talk about the ai also.

Yeah sure yes so we'll move ahead so guys we have something surprising for you and you have to listen to that because that is going to be beneficial for you in this academic year you have to do the entire syllabus and you know you have to practice a lot of.

Practices required if you want to be on the top right mom so you need the test series for the same and notes that students don't have so vedanta has launched something special for you and idea of launching this thing was very simple you know every child sitting in the remotest part of the world gets access.

To the quality education right and we are so lucky we feel that we are so lucky so what we've done in this we have modified our tech product to such a level that you guys will be really surprised and your performance will all also be like you know increasing like that so you have to listen to us and.

Know about all the features some prices maybe is it possible to get that for all the updates so guys this is the link i have opened for today's session so when you go to the description box here you can notice that it's written vedantu students premiere link so if you click on to this link you will be coming.

To our official page over here ma'am wow it seems so bright amazing yes ma'am super duper great so here you can see all the upcoming matches as well full match schedule also available for everybody right now yes mom and mom prices me and students.

Kill av and like everything that's great schedule is over there so next match is on 25th april 5 o'clock biology challenges versus sst and english titans that's great all the best guys so you can just go to this link.

Right so i think i'm side by side we can also show them this amazing thing out there so here you just need to choose your grade right after joby so you need to choose that choose your this board also accordingly after target exam.

Is it cbsc icsc or maharashtra board or are you looking forward to j double e n you just need to choose your target exam so as ma'am was telling all the features at just a minimal price are there for you so the full course starts from five thousand for one year is it ma'am yes ma'am can you believe it is it only.

For one subject mom no man i think cbsc before i was just telling my students yesterday so mom if i tell you you know break turkey you get six subjects so you are getting english maths physics chemistry biology and we are having.

Social studies so it's a complete package ma'am takes you up and that to not for one month is it one month fees no is it your full year facebook ear fees and monthly this is the topic to improve so ma'am that is why we are giving that guarantee.

The ipk bar rem would you like to tell them something yes sure ma'am so vip is first of all guys for all the new students it's vedantu's improvement promise so not even your school teachers your private tuition teachers anyone is going to come over there it's going to be vedanta who is taking your.

Responsibility right right there will right and there are other two offers also for you all so the one which me and shilpi mam was explaining is ai live then you have ai live plus also where you get some more additional features according to your requirement and last but not least life pro is there so.

According to your needs you can choose your package output and i will advise you personally to go for ai life i'm a price difference they create this is the beauty of vedanta so this is what we have done for you guys it's a complete team who is doing it for you is doing it for you okay so we have.

Reduced the prices to 5000 for one year without compromising with the quality by enhancing our tech product to a highly significant level milestones only a session where your personalized report cards in every ai live session would be given to you the feature is amazing okay there is no bracket to say no to it and special.

Point in every bash there are less than 100 students so that teachers can pay attention to all of you class teachers can listen to each and every student out there okay hundreds they come strength hoogie plus you are getting each and everything over there analysis so there's no point you should miss batches are getting filled very fast so if.

By the class teachers right great great so let's move on the map teachers are like amazing enhancement so sorry doubts will be cleared great so it is for everybody grade six seven eight nine ten apart from that you can also share it with your siblings your neighborhood friends your school seniors junior sup.

Amazing important yeah sure we have 132 likes guys make it 150 come on it's 126 over here great 150 people's continued.

Foreign in chat people is saying can i join a pre-booking batch for class 10 so ripple you can go with the ai live sticker if you even go with any other batch the prices would be high you know your hobie ticket you are getting the cheapest price and.

That is for one year duration only okay so you can check it out you can go with it easily okay i'm joined everybody come yes extra discount so priyanka what is your coupon code my mine is p j a p r o okay p j a so i say it's priya j p j a pro ticket and like my code is.

Very similar like the same way it is s k april so i also say like this that is our army okay guys so you can apply any coupon code priya mamka application okay so go for it sure let's move ahead guys let me clear chat box there's no cheating going on that answer.

Was marked a bit wrong so we will get it clarified don't worry absolutely if if eight teams qualify for the knockout rounds of ipl how many matches will be required to find out the winner of the ipl tournament eight teams who qualify.

is on top now second position with four five three six points yes next question medium of instruction in the courses it's all of them i mean english maybe and also we have english.

Bachelors what is your answer all of the course yes now amazing oh what is the starting price of full year long term courses of vedanta so guys that's easy the starting price of julia long-term.

Goals to 5 000 rupees yes and in fact ma'am i'll tell you a secret agar if they apply coupon code then for some great they also get it for forty five hundred rupees yes they get the ten percent discount of 500 so i think most of the people already.

Know it great guys so yes you get the points for it and let us see who is leading the leaderboard now is so i think this is the last question for me now today or last question ninth one i hope i feel good which which of the following former.

Indian player is the mentor of lucknow super giants seen foreign most expensive player of ipl 22 auction guys health issues.

Is she rocked in chemistry she rocked an ipl which was not her sport and also in maths also we are mom like you are technically the first winner and apart from that we have so guys let me tell you you can still play this quiz the link is given to you in the description box so that's the.

Best part of vq is that even if the session is not live you can play it again in case you have missed it out the first two questions by chance you have joined late so you can join the quiz again out there right mom yes ma'am and ma'am students are saying both the teachers have cheated you know guys like actually you know i.

Asked my child today the okay so that was all for today's session right now so we can wrap it up now it was super duper amazing to have you on our channel thank you so much yes that's amazing you were also like on our channel by the.

Way but the you are also there it's similar so you also met the new crowd right now many students were there last year right so young goddess and you know initiatives taken and vidantu has taken that via this channel so that is also one thing.

Great yes so all six seventh eighth young man let me tell you if you go to ninth and ten shelby mom is one of the amazing teachers teaching out there so we had introduced you to her today and thank you so much ma'am great so let's have a final goodbye with them now.

Yes ma'am bye bye kids bye bye foreign on the young wonders comment section also that how was the session and what was the best part of the video today and yes keep telling shilpi mam to come on our channel as well aman will keep on planning these thank you ma'am bye everybody take care.


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