Welcome to biography extra youtube channel we present you the hottest the famous people singer models actor and actresses please subscribe to our channel chelsea joy handler was born on february 25 1975 in livingston new jersey she was the youngest of six children in her family.

Handler's father was a used car dealer and her mother a homemaker her mother was a german immigrant who came to the united states in 1958 she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1989 and died after battling cancer for 10 years handler's father was jewish and she was raised in reform judaism.

Handler grew up in a good neighborhood and had a happy childhood she moved to los angeles when she was 19 years old to pursue acting to support herself handler began to work as an actress however when she was 21 years old handler decided to pursue stand-up comedy full-time since she discovered.

Her storytelling abilities handler started out her career as a member of the oxygen network all-female cast for a hidden camera practical joke reality tv series girls behaving badly the show was on the air from 2002 to 2005. the handler then began appearing in.

Several other shows like weekends at the d l the bernie mac show the practice and my wife and kids handler also began working as a correspondent on the tonight show handler's big break came in 2006 when she began hosting her show on e name the chelsea handler show.

The show lasted for two seasons the following year handler performed on the comedy central's our stand-up comedy tour in the united states her stand-up performances have been aired by vh1 comedy central's premium blend and hbo in 2010 it was announced that she would be hosting the 2010 mtv video music.

Awards with this she became the second woman in history to host vmas after roseanne barr in 2007 handler began hosting her comedy series chelsea lately on e the half-hour-long show was a major success averaging more than half million viewers in its premiere the show continued to air for more than.

1 000 episodes ending in 2014 handler made a spin-off of the show a documentary after lately the show debuted in 2011 and included guest stars like jay leno reese witherspoon johnny knoxville and many others she has also been on the time magazine.

100 most influential people list handler was on the cover of playboy magazine in 2009 in a non-nude pictorial in 2009 handler received the ally for a quality award from the human rights campaign for her efforts towards lgbt rights in 2006 handler began dating ted harbor who was a former ceo of comcast.

Entertainment group and was at the time overseeing e channel however they broke up in 2010. in an interview in 2010 she revealed that she had had an abortion when she was 16 years old she was also a supporter of presidential candidate hillary clinton for the 2016 election.