welcome to the glamour models youtube channel we present you the hottest plus size curvy models please subscribe to our channel denise marie beto is a famous plus-size american fashion model denise was born on 18th of june 1986 in miami florida.

Usa and she is currently 34 years old the real birth name of denise is denise marie vito the zodiac sign of denise's gemini similarly denise was born to mixed ethnicity of puerto rican and kuwaiti descent denise follows christianity her mother's name is daphne beto.

Denise is a professional model she got the major popularity when she dared to walk on the ramp in new york fashion week 2014 as the first plus size model ever to walk on a fashion show ram after getting huge popularity denise eventually worked with different international brands like old navy lane bryant nordstrom forever 21 levi's.

Macy's target denise made her television debut from the new vids curvy girls denise also starred in shows like mama vs mama and hbo zabla women she stands tall with a height of 5 feet and 11 inches similarly denise has a plus size body type with a weight of around 93 kilograms the accurate body figure.

Measurements chest waist hips of denise is 42 32 45 inches furthermore denise uses shoes of size nine and shirts of size 18. denise has dark brown eyes along with dark brown hair she is a great influencer in social media like instagram twitter and others the american model has earned more than 789 000 followers.

On her instagram account likewise denise has earned more than 31 000 followers on her twitter handle the hubla women's actress and model denise's net worth is four million dollars she earns money from her professional work beato is one of the richest models in the fashion world.

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