All right so today we're going to talk about health education compared to health promotion we're going to talk about why is health education and health promotion so important for the population so health education is a social science that draws from the biological environmental.

Psychological and physical and medical sciences to promote health and prevent diseases also prevent disability and premature death through education driven voluntary behavioral change activities basically health education is motivation to change behavior.

Um that draws from those sciences they talked about the biological the environmental um it prevents diseases and promote health um and disability and premature death so it helps with mortality rates among the communities so there are so many different divisions.

Of health education i majored in health sciences and i am a certified health educator so like there's so many different things that i can do with a certified health education specialist certification so there's sexual health you know dealing with sexually transmitted diseases.

Pregnancy uh maternal health is in there too there's environmental health you're dealing with pollution environmental waste um acid rain um litter in the oceans and how that affects the environment you have mental health education we're.

Going to talk about mental health disorders bipolar depression anxiety postpartum depression and schizophrenia you also got workplace health you know you gotta deal with osha occupational which is the occupational safety and health administration hepa the health information portability.

Accountability act with hospitals protecting their information osha is like safe practices for like picking up a box and not how not to hurt yourself on the job and ways to prevent harm you have school health has to deal with physical education with.

Exercises with the students sexual health classes teaching the kids about how to prevent pregnancy the their body puberty um the different areas of the penis and different areas of the vagina the parts you have nutrition lunches how to eat properly balanced meals at.

Lunches and breakfasts you also have nutrition health which is balanced diet with the protein fruits vegetables and whole grains over raw healthy food so with the sexual health i found this stats and a lot of people a lot of people in the health care field know these stats.

Like one in five people in the usa have an sti or has had an sti that's that's near that's nearly 68 million people being infected within sexual transmitted disease in 2018. 26 million the new cases of sexual transmitted disease in 2018 and half of those.

That are infected of new cases are people between the age of 15 and 24. please get screened it is so important it doesn't even matter if you know if you're in a monogamous relationship for all these years you should get screened every year for an sti or every time you get a new partner and.

The cost of sexual transmitted diseases are totally nearly 16 billion in direct medical costs in my other video i talked about primary prevention secondary prevention and tertiary prevention and like screening is secondary using a condom is primary.

Remember always use a condom always get screened for stis so this graph is about healthy foods the different calories that are in healthy foods i tell my family members all the time um to eat ground turkey compared to ground beef it's so much healthier for you but they have a breakdown of this um.

Lean beef versus beef fat if you do eat beef make sure you get the 97 or greater percent lean that means it's less fat it's only three percent fat versus like 87 percent i don't even know if they have that that's way more fat than the 97 lean beef i talked about the bread the.

Whole milk skim milk is what's best if you do um drink milk and skim milk is basically fat-free milk talked about popcorn or popcorn versus butter um espresso with coffee and chocolate syrup and apple sauces with the added sugar.

And unsweetened apple applesauces i also found this substance priorly list on the fda website they talked about the top five dangerous substance list for those of you who are crime show junkies you probably have seen arsenic being used in a not okay fashion.

Um so arsenic is number one lead mercury uh vigneochloride and then that last one folio chlorinated i'm not even going to pronounce that word but um yes our you can have arsenic poisoning and you can you can die and get sick you can have lead poisoning and you can die and get sick if you're.

Too exposed to these um substances it can have bad health effects for you so that is health education those are the divisions and health promotion we're going to talk about health promotion next um and i'm going to tell you what they told me during undergrad of.

What really is the difference because you can't really tell the difference by comparing this definition to the health education definition so the world health organization defines health promotion as the process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health.

What my undergrad professor told me is that health education you're providing them with of course have education how to improve the behavior how to prevent diseases um health promotion you're giving them resources to to not just talking to them you're.

Telling them hey this is how you do this these are the resources that i can give you and provide for you on how to manage you how to manage your diabetes and how to prevent diabetes you know how to um screen for diabetes what resources that we have in a community that can help you prevent obesity for us.

Healthy foods and exercises what resources that we have out here that can offer you free gym memberships walkable sidewalks so that way you don't have to pay for a gym membership things like this which gives the communities resources to become a healthier communities.

You're not just giving them education you're showing them how to do this and how to maintain that behavior for long-term behavior change so health emotion involves you know the disease living with the disease family caregiver the cycle spiritual dimension of it how you feel.

What your beliefs are potential self-care what are you doing in self-care if you are obese and you like to eat food as therapy that is not a good behavior what can we do about that how can we change that self-care to make it better for you emotionally.

And physically and spiritually and then the tech technologicals of the care club promotion components so i got some of these from my my chest responsibilities because we're health education specialists but we're health we do have promotion we give.

People resources so the first one is advocacy advocate so advocate you're going to boost the factors that encourage health so healthy foods health education specialist hosting a low cost healthy cooking demonstration how to cook a meal with chicken whole grain rice and green beans.

How to make green beans where is still healthy and it still has flavor physical activity um there's a health education specialist explaining a presentation on exercises to do in your office or healthy yoga poses you know you don't have to wait to get home to exercise you can do.

Some light exercises in your chair with like your feet and your shoulders and just some light stretching which will help you so i found this brochure we can from the um us department of health and human services so we can it's like a lesson for raising a
healthy child you got that banana.

Which is healthy foods right you get bike which is activities i gotta take away the tv because too much time on your tablet and on your tv is not good for you and more kids these days are spending more time on their tablet and their tv more than what they did in the past and it's not good for your eyes.

It's not good for concentration it's not good for physical activity kids are not going outside and playing any longer they're just playing their video games planner tablet and watching tv so banana healthy foods plus exercise minus tv equals love equals a healthy happy child.

All right so next on health promotion components we're going to talk about facilitate enable so that means allowing all people to achieve health equity no discrimination we're all no matter what we what matter what we're reasons no matter what our gender is or our sex is.

Or our lifestyle and our lifestyle choices far as decisions we make in our lives we're all should be allowed health equity we all should have fair chances of achieving health and for those of us who have health disparities who have a low chance of becoming healthier.

Compared to someone else we need more resources to become healthy so cultural competence coming in a health education specialist creates a program to help spanish-speaking pregnant women with prenatal care a healthcare provider makes home visits.

To african american families with no transportation for diabetes screening because these families will not get screened because they do not have transportation so that healthcare provider is providing them with a resource that will come to their house and.

Actually screen them taking away the they need to have transportation when they don't have it they still have the opportunity to get screened like everyone else the health education specialist that creates a program to help spanish begin pregnant women.

With prenatal care uh because that spanish-speaking population they don't they don't speak they don't speak english they don't speak spanish so we're gonna get that resource in that's gonna speak spanish it's gonna let them know how to properly get prenatal care and the best prenatal care for them we're.

Not gonna be like oh they don't speak english we're not gonna get bothered no we're going to cater our programs for that population we have health literacy which is advocating for individuals who have low health literacy levels or achievement of a certain level of knowledge to make healthier choices.

I'm sorry so yeah low health literacy health literacy is the achievement of a certain level of knowledge to make healthier decisions sometimes people find those pamphlets so those websites where the wording is so jargon is so specific that the general population cannot understand.

It because those health professionals made that thinking that all people speak their health language like no they do not um so we need to make sure that health literacy plays a part we don't want to give someone something they don't understand we're going to give them something they.

Understand so they can comprehend it know it understand it and promote it in your behaviors for better health so according to the cdc uh website people with low health literacy are more likely to visit an emergency room because they don't know if they should you know if they can just wait to see.

Their doctor they're going to panic they don't know they're going to go to the emergency room which costs way more money than seeing your primary care provider or another urgent facility that is not in the emergency room we have more hospital stays you know the.

Doctor give the medicine and they oh take this blah blah blah or they don't even tell them to take it a certain way they just give them the medicine don't explain it to them that person have low health literacy they don't understand so they're not going to take that medication like they're supposed to and.

They're going to have more hospital stays and again they're less likely to follow treatment plans like i said they're not going to take that um prescription because they have low health obviously low health literacy levels the doctor did not explain it properly to them.

And they have more mortality rates they don't take their medicine they don't do what they're supposed to do because they don't know and something can happen like death okay so the another health component another health promotion component is mediate or lesion so lesion is like.

Um and health promotion is through collaboration collaboration across all sectors public sectors which is like the government not-for-profit sectors which is private sectors like some hospitals and amazon for instance um or clinic maybe.

Those are all sectors so it would be collaboration across all those sectors collaboration with each other the clinic talking to the state department of health the clinic talking to amazon about how to um have a healthier workplace screening for them giving them shots.

When they need it so public sector again local health departments or any state federal or local health department or any departments are public sectors so example a local health department partners with the state department of health to.

Increase contact tracing of coba 19 in 2020 that is an example of a public sector legion and you guys excuse my typo with of um a private sector is hospitals and clinics and uh example of that will be indiana department of health hosting webinars to update health care professionals.

On vaccine rollout i know these two because i work in public health and i work for the i worked for the federal network for the state health department so this indiana health department collaborating with health professionals and nurses school nurses they that is they're they're a desolation that's a.

Collaboration they're telling them hey this is the cases specifically what questions do you have if someone is disposed to copenhagen for her children what do you do how to maintain distance in the classroom while safely providing great education for students um the public sector asking um.

The health departments what do you need can you do your contract tracing if you cannot we can provide people for you so that it takes some pressure off of you so that you can still do your job and have help because there's so many cases of covet 19.

So a cdc foundation is a a lesion it's it's a lesion um so basically what the cdc foundation do is they they work with the cdc and they work with the state the state governments in their local health departments and they collaborate and when there's funding the cdc sends.

People if the state and local health departments need people the same people to the health the health departments to help out like for kobe 19 the cdc foundation hired a lot of people to help out with the contract tracing with a lot of state.

Governments because people were overwhelmed we never had a pandemic like this before um so we needed they needed a lot of people and that was one of those people that was fortunate enough to work for the state government um in collaboration with the cvc foundation first out of college so i have a video.

That i'm going to play about the cdc foundation.

all right and that is basically.

The power of collaboration with the cdc foundation and their impact is very great a lot of state health departments and local health departments wouldn't have would be overwhelmed still if it wasn't for the cdc foundation and sending people public health workers to states.

To help out this awesome organization and foundation that i'm happy to have worked with and those are my references