it's good that luke finally went on vacation he's sunbathing drinking cocktails and enjoying life such a perfect day maybe too perfect luke's smile disappears nothing is real two signs indicate that luke is dreaming.

Right now what are these signs the first thing is that there are two suns in the sky the second sign is that the ocean has no waves luke gets scared he realizes he's sleeping at this moment a giant kraken comes out of the ocean it stretches huge tentacles towards luke and screams out.

Like a siren how can luke escape from it where should he run there's no need to run anywhere this is a dream and the kraken can help luke wake up the monster grabs the guy and he opens his eyes and realizes he's in a laboratory he was caught a few days ago a group of people have been conducting.

Strange experiments on him all this time it wasn't the kraken he heard it was a real siren flashing red lights illuminate the lab the room itself is a mess lots of stuff on the floor overturned tables there are no people only pictures of some scientists on the wall there should be a key to the door among all these.

Documents and garbage quickly help luke find it and escape and the key is hidden not here it's not needed the door isn't locked see luke is about to leave the lab but wait what does he need to take with him look around the room he can only take one item.

luke should opt for the shoes they're going to be useful outside luke puts on a pair of boots and gets out of the lap he's in a long corridor he sees several guards ahead they start chasing after him luke runs away in the opposite direction there are three ways in front of them.

One corridor is filled with toxic gases the second way is a bottomless dark abyss the third corridor is so hot that the walls are glowing red what should luke choose the second hall with the chasm see how the light gets reflected from the abyss.

This means there's a glass floor covering it and luke can walk on it luke runs through the second hall and finds himself trapped several guards are standing there and everyone is looking at him it seems like there's no chance of getting out but wait a minute the guards are not.

Dangerous why they're motionless because they're either well done wax figures or real people who can't move for some reason luke leaves the room and now he's in a long corridor again the doors close behind him guards are rushing towards him from the hall and doctors are.

Running from the other direction what should luke do hurry up help the guy before they notice him do you see a laundry basket there are white coats there luke should dress up as a doctor and walk past the guards the guy enters one of the many doors and.

Finds himself in a large room for experiments this is where they keep their test subjects there are several locked cells with people sitting inside they ask luke to release them unfortunately he can only free one prisoner but who a werewolf is locked in that cell an electrical human is in another.

A seemingly ordinary girl is locked in the third one in the furthest cage there's a guy with a shark's mouth luke should save the girl come on all the other prisoners are scary monsters did you expect a trick sometimes the simplest answer is the right one.

Who is wanted the girl on the right she has the same mole as the girl on the poster who is an identity thief it's the man on the right his real id is sticking out of his backpack which means he must be showing a fake id who is an imposter.

the girl on the left the script she's reading is turned upside down it means she only pretends to be an actress who is the real thief both of these men are thieves while one man is distracting the girl the other is.

Preparing to steal her phone the last will of mr wilson a rich businessman got stolen there were five people in the house at that moment mr wilson's wife their cook butler maid and gardner they all told the detective what they'd been doing that evening mrs wilson was sitting by the fireplace.

Embroidering the cook was making breakfast the butler was supervising several workers in the living room the maid was sweeping the floors in the hallway the gardener was watering the plants in the greenhouse right after this conversation the detective arrested the thief who is the culprit and how'd the detective figure it out.

the cook is the thief he said he'd been preparing breakfast but the crime happened in the evening lily owned a flower store one day she got a call from the police they told her that her shop had been robbed when she arrived shards of glass were on the.

Ground near the store and the pots and plants inside were broken the police questioned three suspects jacob lilly's ex said i was in a hurry and didn't notice that the windows were broken when i was passing by the store i only realized what had happened when the police called me camille lilly's friend said.

Lily asked me to help her with something in the store when i arrived everything had already been broken i called the police immediately matt lilly's ex-co-worker said i was walking nearby and i saw someone breaking a window and sneaking into the shop i left my phone at home so i ran to the police station.

Can you guess who's lying matt is lying shards of glass were laying on the ground which meant that the criminal had to break the window from the inside let's take a little break now you need to think fast mary's mom has four daughters one daughter is.

Called april the second is named may and the third daughter is june what's the fourth daughter's name it's mary of course who doesn't belong to this list napoleon bonaparte queen elizabeth william shakespeare sherlock holmes aristotle christopher columbus donald trump.

Sherlock holmes he's the only fictional character on the list eight girls are in the house and each of them is busy with something the first one is cooking dinner the second one is lighting the fireplace the third girl is playing chess the fourth one is reading a book the fifth girl is drawing a picture the.

Sixth is cleaning up the house the seventh girl is watering the plants what is the eighth girl doing she's playing chess with the third girl one woman turned 40 in 1850 but in 1860 she was 30 years old how could this happen.

this could only happen if 1860 was earlier than 1850 which means that the woman turned 40 in 1850 bce and 30 in 1860 bce an artist was walking in the park when it suddenly started raining he had.

Neither a hat nor an umbrella to cover his head he also couldn't hide under a tree because the downpour was too heavy and still not a single hair on his head got wet how can that happen the artist was bald now let's get back to our detective riddles robert won a million dollars in.

The lottery he decided not to tell anyone about this including his wife at home he put his money in a safe hidden behind a painting the next day the money disappeared the police invited all the suspects for questioning emily robert's wife said in the morning i went to my husband's home to clean up there the safe was open and there was nothing.

Inside james robert's business partner said paul robert he always wanted to win a lottery i stayed at home all day and yesterday and watched tv and mark robert's friend said i was at the gym last night then i went home i can't imagine why anyone would do this.

The police arrested the thief can you guess who it was robert's business partner did this robert didn't tell anyone that he&#39
;d won the lottery his wife noticed an empty safe when she entered the office but she didn't know what was inside mourinho was participating in a figure.

Skating championship she was a very strong competitor and many people believed she could win when the time for a warm-up ran out all the participants started preparing for the performance marina was the first she was amazing but suddenly she tripped fell down and broke her leg which made her unable to continue the investigation revealed that.

Someone had ruined her skates the police interviewed three suspects anna said i didn't do anything but i saw jacqueline and kate walking into the locker room before marina's performance they're the ones who ruined her skates jacqueline said yes i indeed went into the locker room to take my things but i didn't see kate there.

And kate said yeah that's because i've been practicing in the gym until it was my turn besides anna is lying i saw her in the locker room can you guess who's lying kate she couldn't train in the gym because the time for the warm-up had been over by the time the competition.

Started here's what happened kate went into the locker room and ruined marina skates jacqueline came into the locker room after her and that's what anna saw lisa was a famous top model she was found unconscious in her dressing room during a photo shoot and taken to a hospital doctors said she had a severe allergic.

Reaction but when lisa came to her senses she insisted she hadn't eaten anything all day the model's manager was very concerned and interrogated everyone who'd been around lisa's stylist said that she had applied lisa's makeup and indeed hadn't seen her eat anything the cleaning lady said she had cleaned the dressing room.

With organic non-allergenic products lisa's main rival nora said that she'd been watching the shooting all day long she hadn't noticed anything suspicious who's the culprit it was the stylist lipstick was the only thing lisa could have swallowed that day.

In the middle of the night dennis woke up because of a loud crash one of the kids must have been out but they know they aren't allowed to leave at night the man went to check on the children all three of them catherine ruth and larry seem to be sleeping peacefully look at the kids and try to figure out who sneaked out of the house.

It was ruth there's a dirty sneaker hidden behind the curtain and several pieces of french fries under her bed brenda was traveling by train it was scorching hot in the carriage the girl took off her gold bracelet decorated with diamonds and put it on the table in front of her several minutes later the train entered a tunnel and it got pitch.

Dark when the tunnel was left behind there was no bracelet on the table brenda was shocked someone's taken my bracelet there were just three other people in the compartment helen said she'd been sleeping rachel was reading a book on her phone and gregory had gone to the bathroom even before the train entered.

The tunnel who took the bracelet it was helen at first she had her sleeves rolled up but now they're covering her arms down to the wrists hiding the bracelet sarah bought some ice cream on saturday but kept the flavors in secret.

When she woke up on sunday all the ice cream was gone she asked everyone in the house if they knew anything about it james answered he had gone to work early that morning and hadn't seen anything mary said she wanted to have the new caramel ice cream in the afternoon she felt bad she was going to miss it.

John didn't even know there was ice cream in the house but he was looking forward to trying it can you figure out who knows something it's merry the ice cream flavors were a secret she couldn't be sure there was a caramel taste among them.

Can you tell who's a real mermaid here the second one is a guy so he definitely isn't a mermaid the girl on the right is chilling in the sun and she's out of the water mermaids wouldn't do that because they dry out in the sun so the real mermaid must be the one on the left.

There were some thefts at the supermarket there were three cases in total in january april and june the security camera recorded these videos the security officer tried to have a closer look and suddenly noticed one detail after that the identity of the thief became clear what did he notice.

it was the pregnant woman the attentive security officer noticed that in january she looked about six to seven months pregnant in june she looked the same seems like it's the mysterious case of the baby bump that was really a canned ham.

One day a thief decided to rob the local bank he came up with a brilliant plan to dress up as one of the bank tellers and try to sneak into the vault as he was approaching the vault he saw a security guard standing right in front of the door the robber hadn't anticipated this so he hid and watched the guard carefully when.

One of the actual bank tellers walked up to the door the security guard said twelve the worker answered six and got in then another teller came up to the vault when the security guard said six the person answered three and was granted access the thief nonchalantly walked up to the.

Security guard when the guard said ten the robber confidently answered five he was arrested immediately so why was the thief's answer wrong and what could he have answered instead the response has to do with the number of letters in the word 12 has six letters so the answer is six.

Six in turn has three letters so the answer is three well you can see by now that the robber should have said three looks like he wasn't as brilliant as he thought detective callum was spending the winter holidays at a ski resort with his friends in the morning they were going to go skiing on the fresh snow that had.

Fallen at night when a local police officer called him and asked him to come to a hotel nearby to solve a case so detective callum had to go someone robbed the cashier's desk and there were three suspects questly said that she was in her room all night sleeping egbert said that he was out partying in a different hotel and had.

Just come back around an hour ago fenton said that he had been binge watching a show all night but hadn't stolen anything who is guilty it was egbert if he had just returned he would have left his footprints on the fresh snow but there were no footprints leading to the hotel as detective callum was walking there and the name egbert.

Will make anyone suspicious there was a car accident in the suburbs and police arrived to investigate the case the driver went into a cliff right where the road was taking a dangerous turn the car turned around and he was pushed out of it and got stuck nearby he had his cell phone on him so he was able to make a call.

A police officer helped the driver out and asked him to show what was in the truck the driver gladly opened it with his keys in the trunk there was his suitcase some instruments and a spare tire the police officer said that the accident had been staged why.

The driver took the keys out of his pocket if it had been a real accident the keys would have remained in the car mr grayson called the police and said that she had been robbed detective callum arrived for the investigation here's what she said it was almost midnight i was in my room upstairs painting suddenly the power went out.

There was no light or electricity and i could only see the street lights outside then the stationary phone rang i was scared so i didn't pick it up i stayed upstairs and in about 10 minutes the light came back i just went to sleep and now in the morning i found out that someone stole my grandma's diamond ring.

Detective callum didn't believe her why if the lights and the electricity were out how would a stationary
telephone ring this lady is making things up gavin drove to get some groceries and parked his car in front of the store of course he forgot where he had parked and.

Couldn't find his car luckily he had taken a picture of his parked car and he opened it to look up the number of the parking lot the problem is that his parking lot number is covered and the number of the lots nearby doesn't make any sense can you figure out what's gavin's parking lot number and where he should.

Search for his car the numbers are just turned upside down in the photo the numbers are 86 through 91 and his car is parked in 87. now i have a short logo quiz for you i'll show you a logo and you have to tell the company here's the first one do you recognize it it's honda a japanese car brand.

This one is super easy what is it this is pepsi of course what about this cute crocodile does it ring a bell this is lacoste a french clothing brand another easy one i bet you have it on your phone yes of course that's spotify what about this one.

Yes it's nike this one is a very fancy brand what's your guess that's louis vuitton okay another one for you it's harder but you've got this what's your call this is reebok an american footwear.

Company do you recognize this bull is a lamborghini logo this is a painfully familiar yellow rectangle where is it from that's the national geographic logo porsha and vinet live in a country where postal services are super unreliable everything sent by post is stolen from the package how can porsche send his.

Wife vinnette a diamond ring if both of them can buy locks but don't have keys from each other's locks porsha can lock the box with the ring and send it to vanette when she receives the box she should lock the box with her lock and send it back to him when he receives it he can open his lock and.

Remove it and send the box back to vinnette with her lock only so that she can open it once she gets it again there is a box filled with balls of different colors five red ones eight blue ones and eleven purple ones ninja has to pick out balls blindfolded until he's sure that he has at least two balls of the same color.

What's the minimum number of balls ninja should take out to be sure of that worst case scenario he'll be picking out the balls of a different color every time there are three colors so if he picks out three they might all be different but if he picks out four then the additional one for sure will match one.

Of the existing colors so ninja should pick four for casting a spell flora should put these stones in the correct order she has four of them purple green red and blue the instruction says one the red one only has one stone next to it two the green and purple stones aren't next to each other.

Three the green stone is the last one can you help flora if the red stone only has one other stone next to it then it's either the first one or the last one but since green is the last one then red is the first one if the green and purple stones aren't next to each other then there's the blue stone between them.

So the correct order is red purple blue and green it was midday kalyn was exploring a big local forest she found an abandoned mansion and entered it the door closed behind her back and wouldn't open kailyn got trapped inside there were three other doors leading to freedom but there.

Was a catch behind the first door there was a huge pit that would take her miles underground behind the second door there was a magnifying glass that concentrated sunlight and burned everybody and everything that entered behind the third door there was a hungry and dangerous line that would eat anybody and anything that entered.

How can kaelin escape kaelin should wait until sunset when the sun goes down the second door with the magnifying glass won't be dangerous anymore amelia bell chloe and della are identical quadruplets who always prank people one day one of the girl's.

Teachers had to let amelia leave the class early she had a doctor's appointment but the woman wasn't sure which girl was amelia the quadruplets had decided to help her here is what they said amelia is one of the girls standing in the middle no amelia is one of the girls standing.

On the sides i'm amelia i'm not emilia three girls lied and one told the truth who is amelia if amelia is the first girl then two girls told the truth the second and the fourth ones if amelia is the second girl.

Then the first and the fourth girls told the truth if amelia is the third girl then the first and the third ones told the truth but if amelia is the fourth girl then only the second girl told the truth so amelia must be the fourth girl esme was having a walk in the forest and got lost.

She found a witch's house petted her black cat and asked the witch to send her home the witch wanted to play a game if esme won she'd send her home but if esme lost she'd have to stay with the witch forever we'll be saying numbers between 1 and 10. the next player will have to choose a.

Number that's between 1 to 10 greater than the previous one the first person to save 50 wins you can start how can esme win if she wants to say 50 she needs the witch to say a number between 40 and 49 so before 50 she has to say 39. if she wants to say 39 the witch has to.

Say a number between 29 and 38 so esme has to say 28 and before that 17 and before that six so esme must start with six and then say 17 28 39 and 50. cassidy woke up in a dungeon and couldn't remember what happened to her she needed to get out but the door was locked and required a password can you.

Guess what the password is every next number is made by moving the last digit of the previous four to the front so the password must be four seven two eight mrs davies is an elderly lady telling a story of her life after i lived one-fourth of my life i got my first car i married one-twelfth.

Of my life later one-sixth of my life later i started a business one-fourth of my life later i got my first granddaughter she just turned 18. how old is mrs davies let's say mrs davies is x years old one fourth of her life till she gets her.

First car x is four then we add 12 till her marriage x till opening her business 4 till the birth of her granddaughter and finally 18 years from then till now it should all be equal to x if you solve this equation you'll figure out that x is equal to 72.

So mrs davies must be 72 years old esme was walking in the forest and you know what she didn't get lost this time she knew how to get home but the other road led to the witch's house and the girl recently came up with a cool riddle for the witch so esme decided to pay her a visit she offered a deal if the witch.

Couldn't solve her riddle esme would get her cat the witch agreed and esme gave her a square piece of paper 4 inches by 4 inches with a total area of 16 square inches turn it into a square with a total area of 8 square inches without a ruler how can the witch do it.

The witch should fold the four corners of the square towards the middle this way she'll get a square that is exactly twice as small as the original one apparently the witch gets to keep her cat this time there's a box filled with balls of different colors five red ones eight blue ones and eleven purple ones allison.

Has a tricky task blindfolded she has to keep picking up balls until she's sure that she has balls of at least two different colors what's the minimum number of balls she should pull out of the box in the worst case scenario allison will be picking up balls of the same color until there are no more of them left in.

The box the majority of balls are purple so if she picks up a purple ball every single time it'll be 11 balls and only after that will she get a ball of a different color so
she should pick up 12 balls mr and mrs luce have seven daughters each daughter has one brother can you tell how many people there are in the.

Family the correct answer is ten mr loose mrs loose seven daughters and one brother dr luce is a world famous chemist he has just arrived in london to attend an international science seminar the next morning the lab cleaner found dr loose unconscious on the floor one of the six lab assistants poisoned.

The chemist the names of the six assistants are austin william oscar leo dj and robert to solve this case lab managers called the local detective mr smith dr luce left this mysterious note on the table here's what he wrote 76 20.

44 79 16 22 7. after reading the note mr smith asked the police to arrest two criminals who are the criminals oscar and dustin remember that dr loose is a chemist he encrypted the names of his enemies.

Using the periodic table hanging on the wall dr luz got better and returned to his work in the lab he invited a young scientist oscar for a job interview his resume was too good to be true so dr lewis decided to check oscar's logical thinking he offered oscar to solve this number.

Puzzle oscar cracked this task right away what about you here's a little hint you should read this puzzle from left to right and from top to bottom question one what are the next two rows of numbers and question two why here's the correct answer line three.

Represents two ones line four then becomes one two and one one line five therefore is one one one two and two ones using the same logic we can now decode line six three ones two twos and one one line seven is one three one one two twos and two ones dr luce hired oscar and took him to.

The basement of the lab but someone has changed the password on the door can you help the guys guess the code this rebus is a hint the correct password is summary dr luz offered one more riddle to his new employee how can a man go eight days without.

Sleep can you help oscar crack this one the correct answer is easily because people sleep at night in the basement dr luz found out that someone had stolen his latest innovation a superhero costume he had questioned three suspects.

Jack the cleaner said i've been cleaning the floor in the hallway all morning i haven't entered your office yet peter the lab assistant said i was working on my own project and besides i don't have a key to your private office and dr luce's wife helen said you never tell me anything about your work how would i know what to steal.

Dr loose took fingerprints from the closet where the costume was but he found only his own fingerprints who stole the costume it was helen she's the only one who's wearing gloves oh after a short interrogation helen confessed that she had sold the costume to dr lucy's major enemy dr phillips dr loose went to his.

Lab to take his invention back a creepy guard stopped dr loose at the entrance and asked for a password can you help dr loose find out the code see the sign on the wall you should rearrange these letters to spell just a single word so the correct password is a single word.

Dr luz entered the building and found himself in a strange place guarded by two people one of the guards always says the truth while the other one always lies dr loose doesn't know who is who he can only ask one question to escape what should he ask if he asks the guard who always tells.

The truth he would tell that the other guard would point to the dangerous door and if he asks the guard who always lies he would tell the opposite door of the truth telling guard and point to the dangerous door in either case both guards will point to the dangerous door and then dr luce should just choose the other door.

Dr luce entered the room and saw this group of scientists can you spot anything weird in this picture the scientists are holding four slices of pizza in their hands but only three pieces are missing from the pizza box dr loose entered dr phillips's office the room was empty can you help him find anything suspicious.

Someone is hiding in the ceiling vent amy's elder sister vicky gave her this shopping list and asked her to get some groceries amy took the list without even looking at it but when she arrived at the supermarket she realized that her sister had pranked her vicky has encoded the names of the products she needed can you help amy figure out what she's.

Supposed to buy here's the first product it's blueberry what about this one watermelon can you recognize this food that's right it's kiwi.

Here's the next rebus can you crack this code grape what about this one pineapple great job next riddle any ideas vicky needs some bananas.

And how about this food that's right amy should buy some oranges and here's the final product can you figure out what it is lemon amy took everything she needed and headed to the cashier he said i'll give you a 90 discount if you.

Manage to solve my riddle amy agreed here's the riddle if you had three apples and four oranges in one hand and four apples and three oranges in the other hand what would you have can you help amy crack this riddle to save some money try to think outside the box.

obviously you must have very large hands to hold all this amy left the supermarket and headed home but suddenly she realized that she'd left her wallet at the checkout she ran back to the supermarket but the wallet was nowhere to be found amy questioned three people standing.

Nearby bob the cashier said sorry i didn't see your wallet i had the other customers one of the customers kim said i think i saw the cleaner take your wallet from the checkout after you'd left and the cleaner nancy said who do you think i am i need this job to support my family.

Who stole the wallet it was kim she's holding her own wallet in her hand but there's also amy's wallet hidden in her boot amy didn't want to waste her time so she told kim i won't call the police if you give me back my wallet and crack my riddle kim agreed here's the riddle.

Can you name four days which start with the letter t it was kim's lucky day because she managed to solve this riddle what was her reply tuesday thursday today and tomorrow amy vicki and their boyfriends josh and greg went hiking and got lost they wandered around the forest for a few.

Hours and found this sign there were three paths through the forest the first one would take them to a toxic swamp no one has ever returned from that swamp alive hungry tigers were blocking the second road and to use the third path the guys had to cross an ice cold mountain river which way is the safest.

The third one see this sign it says the river is only 20 inches deep they can easily cross it it got dark very fast while the friends were still trying to find a way to cross the river their phones had run out of battery and they only had one torch the river is too risky to cross without any lighting if all four people started.

Crossing the river at the same time the torchlight wouldn't be enough plus each person would be crossing the river at a different speed amy would need only one minute vicky would do it in two minutes josh would need seven minutes and greg 10 minutes what's the shortest time needed for all friends to cross the river.

Usually people jump to the conclusion that the fastest person should guide everyone in this case amy would have to accompany greg it'd take 10 minutes then she would need one minute to come back she'd guide josh across the river it takes seven minutes then amy would spend one minute to return for vicky and make the final two.

Minute walk across the river in this case the entire process would take 21 minutes but our task is to minimize the time that's why we should find a way for the slowest people to walk together so here's the
correct order amy and vicky cross the river which takes them two minutes then vicky comes.

Back that's another two minutes greg and josh take the torch from vicki and go across the river it takes them 10 minutes then amy comes back with the torch takes vicki and they cross the river together that's three minutes in this case the total time will be 17 minutes