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What If This Extinct Sea Monster Lived Today

What's the scariest predator under the ocean the crocodile i don't think so loch ness monster please it never existed how about the kronosaurus well it is extinct but you might be onto something let's take a look at what it'd be like if these creatures were still around today.

First things first what on earth was it the kronosaurus was a marine carnivore that lived in the cool high latitude aeromanga sea it covered vast areas of inland australia between 90 and 120 million years ago during the early cretaceous period near complete fossils of the creature were also found near colombia which is a.

Country that has a noted connection to prehistoric reptiles and turtles this fact makes it extremely possible that the monster i'm about to describe existed worldwide you might have heard soros and thought oh it's a dinosaur but these were actually reptiles they were the largest member of the pleoceroidia family.

Referred to as pleiasaurs fossil evidence suggests they weighed over 20 000 pounds and were roughly 30 feet in length just to put that in perspective the longest crocodile ever measured was a saltwater crocodile by the name of lolong from the philippines it was 20 feet in length and weighed just under 2.

500 pounds and that's still 10 feet shorter and incredibly lighter than the average chronosaurus making the crocodile seem like nothing more than a glorified goldfish in comparison despite its terrifying length the most physically daunting feature of the chronosaurus was its head its skull was.

About eight feet long which was actually proportionally large given the size of its body length anything that was unfortunate enough to end up inside the kronosaurus's mouth may have been given false hope after all the teeth of the beast weren't actually that sharp on second thought i take that back i.

Wouldn't feel confident around a toothless snake let alone being inside the mouth of this monster but it's true that the kronosaurus's teeth weren't sharp especially when compared to other carnivorous reptiles such as crocodiles and alligators the teeth of this prehistoric sea creature were instead conical this means that.

They were cone-like in shape unfortunately this lack of sharpness didn't make them less dangerous the teeth were enormous and could be up to 12 inches long from the crown tips to the bottom of the roots this obviously meant that the chronosaurus had an extremely powerful bite.

It was estimated to be up to 30 000 newtons which is almost twice as powerful as the bite of a large saltwater crocodile because of the bluntness of their teeth they weren't suited for twisting their prey once in their grasp but the size and shape of the teeth made them perfect for simple open and shut biting they.

Would have had no problem crushing hard objects such as the toughest of shells any sea turtle could offer just like crocodiles the kronosaurus is believed to have had a short neck this may have been an adaptation to allow the beast to successfully catch small invasive animals their body in general was fusiform and.

Streamlined this means it was narrowed at both ends and had very little resistance to the flow of water the kronosaurus was also equipped with four paddle-like limbs the hind limbs were larger than the front ones they could span approximately seven feet in diameter all in all this set the kronosaurus up to effortlessly propel.

Itself through the waters and be an ultimate predator predator x if you will that's the name that was given to the fossil of a creature discovered near svalbard a norwegian island group in 2009 the fossil was identified as a 50 foot long 100 000 pound monster with a bite.

Force of 33 000 pounds per square inch this might be the highest bite force of any known animal although predator x is yet to be classified as any specific type of animal it was definitely a pleasure like the kronosaurus and even if it wasn't predator x the kronosaurus was still most definitely a ferocious titan when.

It roamed earth's oceans the kronosaurus actually got its name from the greek mythological figure of cronus the father of zeus cronus was viewed as a titan from a generation of super powerful beings so what was it that the kronosaurus this terrifying monster actually feasted on to satisfy its appetite.

This creature was known to eat sea turtles squid and other larger marine reptiles of that time such as elasmosaurus and in theosource this suggests that if crocodiles existed in the realms of the kronosaurus they too might have turned into lunch for the beast there's evidence from the fossil remains.

Of the kronosaurus that suggests that they also feasted on sharks which i know is a disappointment to those of you who view that beast as the king of the ocean not when the kronosaurus was around my friend in any case grounding all kinds of food into small pieces to help digest them would have been difficult without small.

Teeth this explains the presence of rounded stones found in many of the remains of these sea creatures researchers believe these stones may have been swallowed to control buoyancy or to help process food it's also entirely possible they were accidentally swallowed while feeding on other animals from the sea floor.

As if the chronosaurus even needed to be a meanie with its already existing power and size there's also evidence to suggest that it indeed might have been it turns out that after using all its impressive attributes to catch its dinner the gronosaurus first like to play with its food like a cat does with a mouse.

I guess since the hunt was so easy for them they needed to get their fun from somewhere else well i think now you should have a good idea about these creatures so let's ask ourselves what it would be like if they were still around today and by the way why aren't they.

Well the kronosaurus was completely finished off by the same kt meteor that took out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago but even before this catastrophic event they were coming under increased pressure from an even bigger and more vicious family of carnivorous marine reptiles known as mosasaurs you can't.

Always be a top dog i guess or rather top marine reptile but what if this never happened and they were still roaming earth well this might be obvious but can you imagine what kind of impact that would have on sea tourism based on the impact that famous movies about sharks and killer whales had what do you think the presence of a.

Kronosaurus in the ocean would do to beaches the very creature that would eat sharks and whales for breakfast beaches would certainly become a great place to go for a quiet walk because nobody else would even be there and what about such activities as boating surfing and scuba diving you think anyone would dare try them knowing.

That this 30-foot beast could be lurking beneath them let's give humans some credit and assume most of them wouldn't this would the global sea tourism industry which is responsible for earning roughly 143 billion dollars every year just to make sure this shocking point hits home the most expensive yacht to.

Ever roam the ocean was called the history supreme its master bedroom was believed to have a statue made of t-rex's bone and a wall made of meteorite rocks as well as the 24 karat gold panoramic wall aquarium anyway this yacht was worth nearly 5 billion meaning you could buy 38 of them with.

The money lost and potential damages to sea tourism caused by the kronosaurus i'm sure that the yacht's owner was happy the beast never made an appearance in their luxurious aquarium so luxurious in fact that some people believe the history supreme reportedly owned by some business genius from malaysia never even existed.

Rumor has it that it was simply an elaborate hoax fabricated by the supposed designer anyway i don't think the trouble would just stop there people could actually be in serious danger regardless of being near the ocean or not no i'm not about to tell you that this thing would grow legs adapt to living on.

Land and start picking us off one by one at least i hope not i'm just gonna point out the damage that the kronosaurus would inflict through its devastating impact on sea trade in america ocean transit accounts for 76 percent of national trade on top of this more than 100 vital pharmaceutical products originate in the sea.

I'll also state the obvious and point out that the ocean is a huge food source for us humans the presence of the kronosaurus could have a great impact on our relationship with the ocean something we usually take for granted


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