Luyah was born on november 15th in 1991 in portland oregon she's an american celebrity stylist and a famous instagram star she has more than 2.5 million followers on her instagram account under her username luyah she is the most popular among fans due to her hot hourglass figure in 2018 she.

Also launched her own fashion brand named luya by hallelujah she has millions of followers on her instagram account she stands at a height of five foot six inches tall her body measurement is 36 27 40 inches she weighs around 63 kilograms or 138 pounds and she wears a.

Bra size of 34b she was born on november 15 1991 in portland oregon she's 28 years old she completed her high school in salem oregon before moving to phoenix arizona luya moved to los angeles california at the age of 19 in 2012. she has a big brother who recently got married.

In 2016 she started to post pictures on instagram and as of now millions of fans follow her she is single and very focused on her career she never disclosed anything about her romantic life her previous dating history is also not known.

Her net worth is estimated 275 000 in 2018 she created a clothing line called luya by hallelujah she has modeled for fashion nova she also earns from her own fashion brand luya by hallelujah by selling prada holly luya fax.

She celebrated her 27th birthday in paris france and also shared a picture with the eiffel tower with her fans her favorite color is pink she loves to eat fruit she believes in self-care she loves animals and has a piglet named salem she loves dancing she loves roses a lot she loves to watch football on sundays.

She's very close to her father and resides with her dad she is fashion model for a brand fashion nova pretty little thing laced by tanaya simi shoes etc dream michelle lucy hale and karoush tran hollywood stars are also styled by luya luya has two tattoos on her body hand.

And one on her upper right thigh she's extremely popular on instagram she has a hot sizzling and curvaceous figure and her body is her greatest asset you