shell raven sometimes known as michelle raven is a model from the united states youtuber and well-known fashion brand advocate for nova curve she was born and reared in los angeles california and received her schooling there.

She stands 5 feet 2 inches tall weighs roughly 60 kilograms and has a fantastic body figure the hue of her hair is blonde brown is the hue of her eyes 42 inch bust measurement 40 inch hip circumference.

Size 9 in shoes size 13 in the dress she currently works full-time as an instagram curvaceous model and influencer is where shel raven posts her photos on she has about 150 posts.

Her cheapest package is seven dollars per month and goes up to three hundred dollars per month she has a youtube account where she broadcasts footage of her daily life tick-tock to she spends a lot of time on tik-tok she has around 400 000 followers on tick-tock where she posts lip-sync.

Videos shel raven is a well-known fashion model and the brand spokeswoman for the nova curve fashion line on instagram she has over 2 million followers she currently resides in los angeles.

On february 4 1994 braun was born 27 years of age her nationality is american and her zodiac sign is leo his net worth is estimated to be a dollar seven million albeit these figures are estimates thank you for taking the time to watch.

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