Like every morning daphne went to her favorite local cafe to get her coffee and breakfast sandwich she left the cafe after she'd paid a few minutes later she returned looking anxious because she had forgotten her wallet strangely it was nowhere to be found she called the police to report the incident nobody had left the store so the thief.

Was still there when the officer arrived he started questioning everyone jenny the cashier said that daphne was a regular customer and she had known her for a long time so she would never steal her wallet and she didn't see it after daphne had paid andre was a tourist visiting the city for the first time he said he'd come to.

The cafe because he'd wanted to try their famous muffins she claimed he hadn't seen the wallet he was busy trying to pick what type of muffin he should get at the time and harry worked as a store clerk he said that he'd come there to grab a coffee and he didn't see the wallet because he was pouring milk into his.

Coffee so who do you think stole the wallet it was harry the store clerk or should i say harold do you see his name tag he lied about his name when he ordered his drink also even though he said he was pouring milk in his coffee as you can see it doesn't have any milk in it.

Jessica was an aspiring actor and she had a big musical theater audition that day she left her house early in the morning to make it on time but she had forgotten to take her sheet music with her so she had to drive back when she walked in though she saw her roommate lying on the floor unconscious a nurse was standing beside her she.

Explained to jessica that her roommate had been poisoned but luckily she'd had enough time to call an ambulance before she passed out jessica immediately realized something was wrong she thanked the nurse for helping her friend and asked her if she could get her a glass of water or anything else the nurse agreed and jessica hurried to.

The kitchen there she called the police saying there's a fake nurse in my house she poisoned my roommate and tried to rob her how did jessica understand that when she arrived at the house there was no ambulance car in the driveway or in.

The street and it's not like paramedics started using uber and you might have also noticed that the paramedic bag the nurse was holding was slightly open and jessica's roommate's jewelry was dangling out of it anna and catherine are both influencers but take a look at the latest photos they posted which of these ladies do you.

Think is richer catherine is richer of course just look at the number of likes on her photo she has 27 907 likes anna on the other hand has 9837 which means that catherine has way more followers and must be earning millions annie managed to buy presents for everyone except her dad she knew what.

Everyone wanted but her dad was kind of secretive and not the talking type he was also not great with technology and never bought anything online so there was no way she could sneak into her dad's computer and check the saved items in his shopping cart but he always liked to make lists in his little notebook and annie was sure she.

Might be able to find a wish list there so she sneaked into her father's office one day to look for the notebook it was nowhere to be found but his study table had a locked drawer she looked for the key around the room but couldn't find it anywhere that's when two different sticky notes attached to two different books inside.

The bookcase caught her eye the first note was attached to a psychology book and had seven p5487ta written on it the second note was attached to a detective novel and said p two one three two zero th annie immediately knew what the notes.

Meant can you guess what she had to do she had to open to page 548 in the first book and find the seventh word on this page then she had to open page 213 in the second book and find the 20th word on that page the words she found were under and desk the girl immediately looked under the.

Desk and found the drawer key taped to it james was walking back to his apartment from work late at night suddenly he was hit on the head and taken away when he woke up he found himself in a small room he tried to escape but the door was locked with a padlock james tried to look for the key but.

There was nothing in there but a window with strange looking metal bars suddenly he noticed something it helped him to find the key do you see it too one of the metal bars is different from the others that one is the key gisele was camping in the forest during a night when the moon was full after midnight when she was making s'mores by.

A fire she heard a loud howl there was a werewolf in the forest and it managed to find gisele's tent because it smelled of food there thankfully giselle was not in her tent anymore when the werewolf arrived because she had already run away hiding behind a tree she watched the creature eat her s'mores and tear up the.

Tent when the werewolf left before sunrise the girl returned to her tent but everything was ruined there was no more food or water left her cell phone had run out of battery so she couldn't call anyone she started wandering through the forest and soon she came upon a witch's house.

When she walked in she saw the witch and another lady giselle asked the witch if she could send her home the witch agreed to help her on one condition she would only send gisele home if she guessed her sister's name if not she would turn her into a frog giselle knew the answer but how.

Did you notice that the witch's sister is wearing the same necklace around her neck as the werewolf well gisele did and there's a name written on the necklace abigail zoe went to a security guard and reported that her gym bag was missing she said she'd gone to the ladies restroom after her dance cardio class.

She was fixing her hair when someone came up from behind and pushed her so she didn't see the person who had taken her bag the security guard refused to check the footage from the security camera that was outside the restroom neither did he file a report why.

Zoe said she was fixing her hair so she must have been looking in the mirror if she was telling the truth about someone sneaking up from behind she would have definitely seen their reflection so zoe probably lied so that she could sue them luckily the security guard was super smart several women went missing in a small.

Town james darcy and his police team had been searching for months but they couldn't find the place where the women were kept one day when sandra was jogging she decided to use another route to get home as she was passing an old cabin she heard screams coming from its basement she immediately called james darcy to.

Report it james and his team arrived at the place and busted in they found there three women they all said that they had been locked in the basement for months but james knew one of them was lying the first woman said that her name was tammy and that she had spent almost eight months in the basement the second.

Woman claimed that her name was hannah and that she had been there for almost five months the third woman told him that her name was allison and that she had stayed there for about three months can you tell who the liar is alison is telling the truth look at her her clothes are dirty her hair is greasy.

Her roots have started to grow out she definitely hasn't seen daylight for a long time the same goes for hannah but look at tammy she looks clean her clothes look new her hair and makeup look fresh so it must be her who is lying david spent his summer break at a science camp that was at a big space.

Facility when the summer break ended and school started he told his friends from the science club all about his camp adventures he said that at the facility he had found a secret room and in there there was a time machine he stepped into it and pressed some buttons to test if it really worked and it did he traveled.

Through time and was able to talk to nikola tesla chuck berry and king aragorn but one of his friends immediately called him out for lying how did he know that david made up this whole thing well even if david actually managed to travel through time he might have been.

Able to talk to nikola tesla and chuck berry but definitely not king aragorn because he is a fictional character