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1.e4 vs. The Philidor: Part 2 | Chess and Psychology – IM Dorsa Derakhshani

hello everybody and welcome to another night of chess and psychology today is officially right around corner for my birthday so i thought about bringing a funny hat but i i'm gonna save that for the actual birthday on friday but.

I'm very excited to try and get through all of these amazing philidor lines so it's all gonna be over i have i have you both on twitch and youtube so feel free to um say whatever you want i'll see it but the one thing i would definitely appreciate is donations not just because it's close to my birthday which always.

Does help but because but also because um age 75 dollar supports a child through a full semester of chess in san luis and well i love chess i want more kids too no chess so bring it all right so um we have been doing uh like some of my games and analysis inspired by.

The negev's book of uh e4 versus french caracan and philidor we talked we finished the win awards which was a huge one i'm hoping we'll get to wrap up philidor today and then we can jump back into french try to wrap that up in two or three more sessions so much fun.

And then we're going to jump back to karokon trying to wrap that up and um then i'm hoping to do a mini end game series but that's so long in the future we can talk about that later all right um whoa i got a really funny comment okay so let's go ahead and jump right into the game.

But right before we do that i want to ask who is who actually is in saint louis this weekend if you are sending like a thumbs up a heart something because i do have few more spots available for my in-person simultaneous uh games and it's on saturday so if you're around or if you want to fly down i know someone who.

Did so um we can definitely make that happen it will be really fun all right so without further ado let's go to philidor so this one is going to be more of a line heavy style rather than my personal games because.

Not too many people have played serious games with me in philadelphia oh thank you for the link and yeah yeah there was a famous grandmaster that is also true so you can also get to this you can also get these lines from d6 but i'm gonna focus on the e5 part of it now.

And we will circle back and talk about d6 later on because for these six you know peop it's usually going to be pierce or modern and it's a whole different stuff but i do have a lot of experience with those so um let me ask you what do you think is the most uh common way of black playing.

What do you think is the most comfortable way black gets to play philidor because they played d6 they kind of um did this to themselves troy boy i'm happy you're in a beach in miami drinking that's wonderful actually um earlier today i had a little bit of a taste of a drink called kasparov and.

Another drink called fabiano right in the king side diner i mean they're nice but it's a really really rainy day today so drinks not gonna be that fun okay so i'm getting some responses i'm having 97 knight c6 i'm having a lot of those which is nice pawn takes is also cool so for pawn takes i would refer you.

Back to the part one of the video because we definitely talked about that earlier if pawn takes i'll give you a brief overview because we went more in depth on it g6 is cool knight f6 is cool the thing is with g6 um you're going to play bishop g7 right which means that in a long run you're.

Going to short castle but i want a long cast though and your pawn on j6 could become a nice target so i'm not going to get too deep in it but i'll just give you a brief idea of for example how the moves could go just as a super quick example and for the rest of it do refer back to the part 1 philidor that we had few weeks earlier.

Instead of g6 knight f6 is also kind of cool whoa no if knight f6 now as white you have this very interesting choice because you you know you have to figure out where you want your king to be short castle long castle um i'm more of a fan of having a long castle because if we do manage to long.

Cast on this short castle i have a better center my pieces are just more comfortable i can start attacking your king side so um you can start with knight c3 again they're like interesting f3 ideas as well but i've never really actually tried.

This in a serious game i've always had like a um some sort of a scare when opponent gets not scared but i don't want the opponent to get d5 so i've never really felt that comfortable allowing d5 to happen that easily so nice c3 g if opponent plays g6 again you can do these bishop g5 ideas and try.

To kind of uh get yourself more comfortable and um if not g6 the other is like bishop e7 and then you can just do this really cool idea um and get your queen to d2 start well not long castling that's not where i was going with this earlier sorry.

Oh sorry if not knight c6 yeah if no knight cc see if like a opponent tries to delay it a little then you can go long castle yeah this would be much more comfortable because you get to simply continue developing you're not really committing to making your king any weaker by moving it anywhere or allowing opponent to attack.

It easier but you are setting up shop for h4h5 as well as trying to counter attack opponents attack and against your king all right so uh let me go back i'm not trying to really spend too much time on this pawn take except pawn take knight f6 is interesting yes i agree knight d7 is.

Pretty cool too how do i know i feel about knight c6 oh leeches is doing oh my god ben remember when they just wasn't letting me make new moves i love it i missed that problem what happened recently with someone else too.

So it's not just against me okay i'm glad to know at least it's not just me yeah and troy boy well she's a wgm but that's not the point i'm showing you more of lines rather than specific games that have happened it's a big like mash of both so um i want to still be able to give.

You the experience of so this is something that happened in my game and also give you the actual lines all right so um i'm going to show you a weird move how do you feel about f5 some people do it so how is this f5 looking would you want to take anything over.

There g5 is an interesting choice uh opponent is going to try and develop regardless so bishop g5 could simply help them develop a little bit okay i'm getting some detached e5's i'm getting some potential take over here but yeah it's actually nice to just ignore it just get your nights out.

And if take you take back if d5 you just move it and if one tries to continue being funny well oh it let me make it move cool you're gonna get really wild against their king and their squares are extremely weak so that'll be fun for us if h6 let me ask you what would you do now.

Well you take on e5 they'll take on g5 i see an interesting potential sacrifice thing being mentioned so i just want to kind of circle back do you guys actually um have that calculated because yeah if you have to play knight h3 that's kind of sad so if you play this knight to g5 you have to have something up your sleeve.

Take the pond chick and then maybe get your queen and visible player well that's kind of the problem if you take i'll take back with the pawn on the rook is kind of defending over here so we can't do that so let's talk about knight f7 let's say we play knights f7 and after knight f7 opponent king takes.

It because if they don't take it then you're going to simply be able to eat their um yeah you're going to eat something so um let's say night of seven up one and takes then what do you do you're probably gonna eat this and give a check right then let's say the king will.

Well let's say the king goes back then what do you do yeah i think if the king goes to e7 i'm thinking knight g6 should just be fine if the king tries to get too adventurous i'm come i'm comfortable i'm very comfortable playing like.

Either queen f3 and fb5 worst case scenario i can just play g4 or if king f6 another idea that i'm kind of playing around with is queen h5 because it would be really lovely if i can give checks over here so multiple multiple options all right.

So f5 is no good but you need to know this little trick if you don't know this little trick and you start to like take over here when they apply f5 i mean taking is okay too it's not the end of the world but you still want to be very aware of how things are set up so if there is a mini trap here that you can do you should do it.

Alright so let's talk a little about knight f6 first what should we do yep that's completely possible uh nice eater is also very doable the one thing that i would not really recommend is this.

I mean actually hold on it's possible though because if they do take i mean if they take here you could exchange queens and then pick this up and then you're threatening to pick this up so pretty interesting but if they make a slight adjustment and.

Take uh over here then what would you do a lot of people are hating this for black well so do i that's why i don't play it as black so what do you think is a good move as white here that's definitely possible is that the best one you have or is there something more challenging that is the best one i.

Have okay bishop c4 is a very nice move you're developing you're bringing more pressure over here uh the one that i would recommend is yeah queen d5 would be really cool because you're bringing more attack to the knight you're bringing pressure over here and then your bishop c4 would be even more.

Challenging for opponent so i think this is quite nice and actually how should black try and defend this can't really go anywhere here so it's either maybe bishop f5 or knight c5 either way the pieces are very misplaced.

And i'm very happy about that yeah okay and so let's talk a little about this knight d7 now we're talking more philidor so what do you think we should do as white you can kind of see that you have better center you have slightly better development so you want to kind of try.

And keep those little little advantages and you want to pile them up so how can we continue gaining little advantages no and my reason is wrong and later on it could be good but the problem is that right now there is a nice tension in the center if you close up the center then opponent.

Doesn't have to yeah opponent doesn't have to worry about it so later on because of how the pawn structures are set up he could try to play like f5 ideas and start attack on the center and that's like you don't want to close up the center too early so it's better to keep the tension why.

You don't know where this you don't know where this bishop belongs but you do know where this knight and where this bishop belongs so start with those you might want to do bishop g5 later on so you if you play bishop e3 then that's a waste of move yeah that's true but do you know where this knight wants to be long term.

They're probably um probably c3 yeah so bring it 9c3 makes perfect sense you could also start with bishop c4 if i'm being honest and you can kind of like transpose it later on um but i am quite comfortable with knight c3 as is because after knight c3 let's say opponent tries to.

Develop normally then what do you do we could do bishop g5 but again it feels like it's a little too early to commit to this bishop exactly yeah this is a great diagonal for our bishop we want this bishop to be here now i'm going to kind of take a second i'm going to flip the.

Board and i'm going to ask you to try and come up with some long-term ideas for black such a weird look from now i had such great center and space when now i flipped the board all right i see a lot of people are also mentioning g4 yes g4 is a very.

Interesting tactical um development in philidor but that's not something that's not as common uh it's very doable but you kind of gotta know what you're doing i agree nikki who would play this a lot of people do and they feel comfortable because you know they're not really.

Putting up a fight in the center yet but they have every intention to do so later on so how do you think what do you think like if black has five moves what are those five moves going to be and no like it can't be just easier ethere's here not that e7 okay so that's two of them what else do.

You got there should still go to b6 and hit that bishop and they give him time to mess with the center and then that lets his other bishop out possible but not necessarily the best one because your knight up here would kind of be useless when the bishop moves away so i agree on your first two ideas.

Okay the chat is uh coming up with some really cool ideas i agree potential for c6 yeah exactly you need to have some sort of a counter to play you need to be able to attack something so uh you're you're going to do shortcast though so is white white is also going to be doing short.

Castle and um black has some potential ideas around here well last that's a little longer because we still want to like we want to be realistic about okay if i have that b5 idea or if i have this d5 idea i'm quite content with it so i can just kind of hold it as is but if i need to um start.

Worrying about you know i can't do anything in the center now that's a huge problem all right so i'm going to bring back ah this is so much nicer oof yeah yeah this reminds me from a scene i'm a bummer fan of the friends tv show i.

Remember there was a scene that it was on thanksgiving and like joey had wanted to like eat a huge bird and he went and got like phoebe's maternity pants and he could like stretch in it because it was so comfortable i think he ate the whole thing i don't remember exactly about that part but this but this kind of like looking at it from this aspect makes me.

Like okay i can deep take a deep breath but yeah i don't really like it when i don't have center alright so uh black has a few ideas they can take over here they can try to just develop and.

Then knight to b6 that you mentioned is i mean also possible later on but alicia's won't make me do it so we'll talk about it later yeah joy does have goals i don't know how he wasn't exploding in that tv show but now.

Yes so let me ask you what if they take does that change anything are you still gonna do long do short castle um in close future or are you gonna start considering lawn castle question about the classic code or is it okay to trade queens early um if you're eating ponds i would say yes.

But if you are um not eating ponds and you're kind of just getting into that endgame no i i actually had a game like that against nazi pakistan the position was going good but she really truly taught me a lesson so.

So if you want to keep your options open what are you going to take that pawn back with queen is like i agree queen taste is quite nice because there is no more knight c6 to attack your coin and even if they do see fives then they're weakening this pawn.

Weakening this square i'm totally fine with that all right so queen takes d4 opponent could um try to maybe play like bishop that is not the position i was going for sorry huge huge spoiler alert um black could try to go bishop e7 and.

If they do then we can try and get bishop out long castle and now this was actually quite interesting because i didn't i i i always used to just kind of see if i could move this bishop away and you know start attacking but we can't let this bishop be and you can play like quirky one which is so weird because you know you want to be attacking the king.

When there's opposite side castles but exactly yeah because how much control over center you have it does make sense to just develop and i'm going to go one step further and kind of blow your mind how do you feel about bishop back to f1 exactly well i don't think i'm blowing your mind i think nagi would be the one who did the blowing.

But bishop f1 is quite nice because it's like sorry yes but not just that it's weird because i i try to explain it to my students but i don't think i always get through when i'm talking about bishops so bishops are kind of as long as they have you know they have they.

Have some control over a diagonal they are not undeveloped you kind of move the bishops to put them in like better diagonals or you you move them to you know activate the rook so if the rook is already out there you don't need the bishop to be out there if there is no good spot for.

It so it's kind of a weird concept to think of the bishop being already developed where it is but that's true you don't need to move it if you already have everything you want from it so if you know you move the bishop to do you know you move the bishop to the short castle but if you already castle you don't need.

To do that you move the bishop to get the rook out but the rook is already out so hallelujah and if he had swapped that would have gave him more essential control with the pond than the open air file yeah if it did take you're correct ah it would take back and then they would.

Have some potential attacks in the center so i agree that's not a good idea to take so thanks all right uh question is there benefit to f1 clearly there is compared to d or e well i mean if you go here you're blocking over here if you go um if you go here you're well.

Exactly yeah you don't want almost force to go back there on b3 yeah bishop b3 would also give some potentials for double i'm even thinking maybe this could work and just trap the bishop it could be very unpleasant if that does happen all right.

Um so let's just go back i just want to share this really cool bishop of online now if they take take you know they don't have to play uh they can they don't have to to play weird they can also let us play e5 which would be perfect for us uh but all right let's get back to.

Bishop e7 because i'm trying to give you as much as i can for philidor because i really don't want to filter part three all right so what is what should we do now is it time to just short castle or should we get this bishop out i apologize to the rook i'm sure that bishop did i would naturally go to knight g5.

Because knight g5 they would just probably castle and say thank you right because you're not gonna be taking that there's already two defenders on it so what else do you got bishop g5 is indeed a possibility but um in my limited classical experience with philidor.

It's is very important to have the exact right move order because if you don't opponent then opponent kind of manages manages to catch you with c6 b5 and that's you want to avoid being caught off guard um so it's important to start with a4 because the whole thing that we did was.

That opponent wants to do this right we'll take it away from them that's my whole chest philosophy figure out what opponent wants to do and block it all right so now let me ask you if they take what has changed do we still want to take with the queen do we intend to do lawn castle.

Because if not you're going a short castle so you don't need your queen to be out there just yet it could be but i don't think queen is bad but it does kind of makes it a little bit wonderful because when you take with knight you also have potentials for knight to five and i do like that more and let's say castle castle knight t5 now you can just.

Move the bishop away and this is a very comfortable position of course there is so much more to it but this is a permanent weakness this is a permanent weakness this is a bad bishop so you have little advantages here and there that do add up so cool.

All right i'm gonna make a huge jump back and talk about castle all right now what is it finally time to castle or do we want to still continue moving these i guys well you know you're going to castle king's house since you don't download pretty much i don't i guess if you knew the best.

Place to put the bishop that would be a great place yep so you have two options for your bishop but i agree it's we don't necessarily want to rush it let's just castle because you're not going to be doing long castle anymore so let's just get the king out of the way um so after castle opponent has.

Especially with your opponent four opponent has two interesting ways to go they should still do something because if not then they don't really have enough space to breathe right right so c6 or a6 those two would be the interesting choices because um black can't really do much stuff in the king.

Side but they could try to set up stuff for queen side slash center so it does make sense to explore c6 and a6 a bit more let's start with which one i want to start let's start with a6 c5 well that's the thing even if c5s do.

Happen um that that also proves to be difficult for a point because they do give this outpost to us that's it's a permanent um weakness for them all right so let's let's talk about a6 long term what do you think a6 uh is hoping to achieve also um thank you.

Chat bahubali sorry can't really such a tiny phone yeah but it's also trying it's also hoping to achieve this that is true but long term long term they do want to achieve this so how can we try to continue blocking opponents hopes and dreams.

Yeah i have no idea who said that that too no more no more jumping horses yeah i like a5 and now opponents you know can choose to take which we can easily just take back and if they try to get funny with their nights it's totally fine we'll continue to take away their hopes and dreams i like that can we.

Change the title to dorset takes hopes and dreams away from opponents or that's a good book title for the next one but yeah i like this because you just kind of h3 serves no purpose for your position but it takes away a lot of the things that opponent is hoping to achieve so.

I like that i don't yeah it's prophylactic but it's more of a like a knowing thing because you know sometimes people play h3 because i asked them why they're like well later on in the end game i want my king to have something so that's more of a perfect yeah i feel like that's more what i understand is perfect but this is.

Just you know it's like you know like little kids when they uh somebody you know they do something and they ask why did you do it then they do this this kind of feels like that i don't know what's that called in english though i have no idea.

I can just make it so yeah so i feel like that's kind of um that's the reason behind h3 try to explain that to somebody um well that's i don't think that's that's fair we're not trying to do g4 we're just.

Trying to take away g4 from opponents yeah we're trying to be mean yeah so a stream that's upon tries to continue and you're just gonna get the rest of your pieces out you're going to again continue bothering them as much as you humanly can and now again.

You're you're just developing you're not you're not really setting up anything super special but you know this is a weak pawn this is something that could happen this is another weak pawn your bishop is much better than their bishop i think our knights are relatively similar but you know there is a lot of problems in their position they're just.

Really annoyed so um let me go a while back i just i just wanted to show that for example even if knight to e5 you could oh come on leeches.

Okay even if 95 you can just take and eat upon and i'm quite happy with that even if they tried to get like g4 in earlier then they're leaving this square so we can start jumping there nikki if you played this knight p6 earlier that could happen i mean it could be um.

But not i mean we're kind of looking into a different idea and especially with a6 when we play a5 there goes their knight b6 forever and you know even if this happens i'm quite comfortable with this position um the problem is that this bishop is.

So useless the only thing it's doing is trying to defend and that's fair is defending but this bishop if it was here our position would not be as comfortable so cool um all right i'm gonna make another huge jump back.

And i i mean after a5 the best move for black is technically h6 but you can continue playing this h3 to annoy them and you know you can just the same things could happen and i'm not really um too worried about it but all right so i'm gonna just make another jump back let's talk c6 or a bit.

I'm really hoping to wrap up philidor today so what should white do yes that is one of the great ones your rook does belong only one you're not drunk but um that's not the best move order i mean that's also a possibility um i think that's okay too.

But the the main one is this one exactly exactly i don't know exactly i don't know if i can make that happen again i need a clip from that i guess but yeah it's true would be that and you're taking away you know you're gaining more control over the g4 square and um let's say opponent.

Goes ahead and oh okay let's start with this what if they take it because they played c6 so they have d5 support will you take that back i might go bishop captain fine take the intake if you do that you're kind of giving center to opponent and you're also kind.

Of opening up the rook don't be nice to your opponent yeah that's true what else do we have we should probably take that right so let's say we take it they played d5 now what do we do well that's not the choice do you want to keep the bishop or do you want to keep the knights there's the third.

Option but the third option would be you let them both stay here and you try to get an opponent's head and make them choose i mean i don't think being a pawn down at the moment is such a huge heartbreaker because you are going to be able to get that.

Pawn back so how do you feel about rookie one if they take over here okay your rook will take and you have two bishops well actually they have to be ships too that wasn't fair you have two active bishops there we go.

And they have two really awkward bishops and yes you're technically still upon down and i mean if you chose to you could eat over here but if you do then opponent could start to poke you back so i kind of like this more and even if they try to defend it that's okay because we have such a great um.

Momentum uh that we're just gonna be able to kind of write it and i really like this i'm very sad i've never got gotten a game in philadelphia um so that was kind of a i just wanted to mention this and you know even if they.

Do funny business like this whoa come on leeches okay we can do bishop g5 start poking the queen they move it we move it it's going to be a beautiful mess but it's messy but like it's good for us because uh opponent is trying to defend this platform it's trying to develop but we're trying to get our pieces out and we know where we want to go with the.

Pieces so this makes so much more sense for us than it does for our plants all right um let's talk maybe after rookie one let's see what if they eat this guy what do we do hello diggs so they're still doing this.

Uncomfortable fork we are going to be giving one of those pieces back but what do you think well how do you think we should do that well you take here they could take this and then if you take it they could maybe try to trade off nights and i don't want to.

Make my parents their life easy and help them develop let me ask you this um how do you feel about giving opponent some isolated pawns i guess i said the double pawns yeah they're easier to attack they're easier to eat harder for opponent to defend.

And even if they do try and defend it then we are simply going to be able to develop the way we want and you know i think this is a slightly more comfortable position for black than most of the other lines we've seen but um you know it's a very weak pawn it's really easy to attack.

You have no um do you i can't think of any weaknesses you have i mean i guess this pawn could be slightly you know attackable but even then they would have to relocate their knight to be able to attack this so that you could just push it uh i think this is quite comfortable all.

Right i'm gonna make a huge jump to here and ask what if they took the bishop then what push or eat but this is a central plum yeah we should eat it oh will be great we'll just take it back and if they move their knights now we.

Have a new square that we can consider um jumping into and even if they do take well amazing i can just take with the pawns yeah yeah i do like having that pawn up there all right i'm gonna make another huge jump back.

So let's say they don't take it let's say they play something a little different how do you feel about like maybe a5 a little weird but how do you feel about it nice well what are you gonna do okay so what do you think white should.

Do should we get this truck crawling no we can't do rookie one there are other options too you can move this bishop away you can move this bishop up but rookie one is uh good and sorry b3.

After a5s but i mean what do you do if knight b6 happens there is a very nice thing about a street i'll show you in a second but if a5 does happen your bishop is totally fine here and you can simply develop from the uh the other material and this is really comfortable your.

Bishop is so strong over here i don't think you have much to worry about for that bishop at least and even if something like that happens again you have a nice attack your rook can join the party too so i'm gonna leave it here for um this specific line with a5 and i will be sharing this stock uh well this link afterwards hopefully if i can.

Figure out how and so you can try and get deeper if you need to and let's say uh let's say no a5 let's say they play um i mean h6 h6 is so weird you can just rookie one and two and then you can just continue.

Developing if they let you a5 would be wonderful as well how about rook uh how about another sticks let's say go uh b6 what do you think about b6 bye it does but it also has some ideas so don't don't underestimate it i think it would be comfortable if we.

Finally do why we did this h3 which is to do this so we're trying to kind of um surprise the opponent a little bit because this keeps happening in philadelphia and i just want to go so when this happens everybody always plays rookie one so black knows what they're doing but with queen e2 rook d1 it's a.

Little bit um kind of more fun and um you know you can simply get your bishops in the safe spot so you can continue developing even if stuff happens there boom b4 i'm not in this position but i've had experiences with closing up this side and it's so uncomfortable i love it.

I believe it wasn't sicilian actually but i kept doing it let's say for example opponent goes rookie eight what do you think white should do yeah completely possible and then they're gonna move and you can try and take take and start attacking.

It nice um let's see anything else that i think it's worth oh there's a really cool bishop b7 idea so there should be seven opponent wants to you know set up shop for a aaa file so how do you think we can um kind of bother them not make it too easy.

For them exactly this should be three yep it's kind of weird to think about it but bishop on b3 it's not that it's not doing anything it's beginning to take more control over here and you know if they play rook a8 and we don't let we don't combat it they'll try to pile up here i don't want that to happen so i.

Would much rather just exchange it and if the rook takes i always have this again i could i could actually start with d5 and then try to open up a little and now there is a bunch of new stuff i can attack so let's see.

So yeah that's that bishop b3 i thought it was worth mentioning even if like knight beast even if like um knight b6 you can again do bishop b3 and again try and explore these weaknesses around here because you have better development that's a very um important point to figure out when to resolve the tension in the center.

Because if you do it too early there goes your chances if you do it too late opponents could gain control and return so even if they play like h6 you can go again bishop b3 and now let me ask you is it time to try and go maybe d5 or take or something okay um let's say we push.

Let's say they let's say they don't take it let's say they're going to b6 what do we do then damn it you're gonna give up your no you're beautiful bishop no no no don't give it up but it's such a good bishop poor bishop.

But like you can actually eat this pond so you had the right you said the right thing you want to eat but yeah exactly what about take if they do take now what we have a bunch of stuff we can take i think the problem with that is i mean it's definitely possible but they're uh.

Yeah they'll move the queen and then later on they'll have bishop b7 to continue attacking your knight well that's another good point even if that wasn't the case even if you could magically try and trap this queen which actually that can't happen yeah that was a i agree.

What about something more simple just knight takes take back rook takes well your bishop wouldn't be serving much of a function up there but your rook now is attacking over here attacking over here if a pawn tries to defend it now another cool move and i think this will be our last move for now because we gotta.

Switch to i guess because we're already on twitch but we do have to start getting to analyze your game so how do you feel about c4 it's kind of weird right if they take you take back it's so weird because you have this past pawn but they can take it but then you get bishop p5 and their queen is quite in trouble they.

Move it boom you go after it again they move it nice you take that and final move of the this position again of course nobody's ever going to you know memorize all this and have it happen to you so what is this.

Blaspheme for white beautiful good job and if they well if they don't take their knight is really our night is really amazing attacking this if they do take then we get devil rooks up there attacking this i love this position yeah this was wonderful um the link will be in the the description.

Later on so you can have access to affiliate doors and some of the winners that we've done so far and we're gonna take a tiny break get your games in um and restart backup on twitch so that will be bye-bye to my youtube people but do come to twitch bring a game for me to.

Your alliance don't forget it's gotta be on lince's format and oh yes don't forget to donate because it's my birthday not today in two days but still you won't see me so bring it up all right bye everybody you


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