she was born on november 25 1994 in kaliningrad russia and raised in western russia in the kaliningrad oblast region and moved to the united states in her late teen years her father is a businessman while his mother is a primary school teacher for pursuing her modeling career she.

Moved to miami after spending some months there she moved to los angeles to make modeling a full-time career she tried in many russian modeling agencies but didn't get much success she didn't lose her motivation and she started posting her images on her.

Instagram account due to her curvy looks she got famous and today she is one of the best glamorous models out there she was also compared to kim kardashian because of her figures but in an interview she said i like kim kardashian but i don't quite like being compared to her.

She is far behind me professionally anastasia vitko is a fitness model glamour model and entrepreneur she became an instagram phenomenon through her mix of everyday looks and model photos posted she has more than 12 million followers on her self-titled instagram account likewise anastasia posted her first.

Photo on instagram in may of 2013. it was a collection of a variety of artwork later anastasia began to generate a large following on twitter as well with more than 115 000 followers moreover people even call her the russian version of kim kardashian also anastasia does promotions for.

Swimsuit brands on her social media account she also became the face of a new swimwear collection for a u.s brand called elia chalcolado she also frequently flaunts a series of skimpy outfits and swimsuits many modeling agencies turn down opportunities to work with anastasia.

Govitco after the multiple dismissals anastasia turned her body structure into her trademark instead of losing her curves to get into modeling agencies moreover anastasia says that she was into athletics as a child and now she just tries to stay fit and.

Go to the gym four times a week she doesn't eat meat and chicken and avoid fast food and choose a healthy diet rather than that junk stuff she claims that her body is sporty his hip muscles are trained his bottom is the most beautiful one and she has not done any plastic surgeries on her face.

As of 2020 anastasia vitko net worth is estimated around 2 million usd her primary source of income is her modeling career she is a major promoter of the brand fashion nova she drinks alcohol she does not smoke she loves to traveling and posts her images of traveling in the private jet.

Height 179 centimeters weight 56 k kilograms raw size 38 inches waist size 25 inches hip size 432 inches body shape hourglass thanks for watching the video to the end don't forget to like comment and subscribe you.