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Josefina Vincenza Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Plus Size Curvy Model

josefina vincenza born on august 24 1992 is best known as an instagram star she is famous for her fushafi instagram account she has gained massive popularity for her glam lingerie and chic fashion modeling of.

Her curvaceous physique her zodiac sign is aries josefina vincenza was born in the united states she is from south florida josefina began her instagram account in april 2017. she is a model who uses her platform to share beauty tips and inspiring a lot of young ladies to see the beauty in them she started her social media career.

Through different social media platforms like instagram facebook and tick tock however she joined and became active on facebook in 2014. she appeared on various fashion platforms where she gains a lot of acceptance she is a model and social media.

Personality with a difference she has also acquired the precious accolade for her hard work for sharing her taste in glam lingerie and chic fashion modeling josefina posted his first photo on january 2020 and it was a sponsorship photo for fashion nova.

Josefina is a brand ambassador of fashion nova ever since she started posting a variety of fashion and outfit lifestyle related content on her account there has been a lot of views and praise from her followers she has risen to prominence position on.

Social media after posting photos and sharing her lip sync of friends and also did an instagram video on her eponymous account she also runs an instagram account where she posts her fashion blog and has attracted more than 684k followers she also shares her fashionable.

Outfits over his instagram page josefina vincenza net worth is estimated between 2 million she also earns a decent amount of money from her modeling career height 5 feet and 5 inches which is 170 centimeters weight 85 kilograms bust size 41 inches waist size 35 inches.

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