Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The difference between Agnosticism and Atheism – Ben Shapiro

I feel like you straw man a lot of atheist arguments wondering can you give me your actual definition of atheism i understand that the dictionary definition of atheism is just somebody there is no dying right i think it's a little bit deeper than that out of many atheists that i've talked to i i've never met a single one that says that.

They have empirical knowledge that god doesn't exist and i feel like that's the argument that you're making but to me that was the difference definitionally between agnostics and atheists if we want to talk about agnosticism and say maybe god exists maybe he doesn't but i don't have evidence of it so i don't believe that's borderline agnostic.

Atheist that's fine the bottom line is that without the belief that there is a purpose to the universe that there is a purpose to your life that you have the capacity to make individual choices it's very difficult to build a civilization so on that um which is what you're talking about i think free will by the way is the single.

Most important principle undergirding any civilization i'll be totally honest with you i'm torn on the subject myself yeah and which is why in your own life you're not because you chose to come here and you chose to ask me a question right i would hate to think that reverse randomly imbued you with a set of atoms.

That showed up here randomly to ask me a question that would be very disappointing to me


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