Medical scientists have got to have one of the coolest jobs out there these professionals are on the front lines trying to cure incurable diseases developing vaccines and doing human trials medical scientists are basically the good guys unless of course they've been mind controlled by a psychopathic ai.

That's hell bent on destroying humanity in this video we're going to help you figure out should you become a medical scientist in 2021 we're going to go over salaries the job market and other variables that will influence your decision coming up hey everyone stephen hack here with.

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Different things they conduct research analyze data and present findings to the scientific community they study various aspects of animal and human health they plan and direct studies to investigate human or animal diseases they write and publish articles in scientific journals they evaluate the.

Effects of drugs gases pesticides parasites and microorganisms at various levels they also use advanced equipment such as electron microscopes the path to becoming a medical scientist is not easy in fact according to the occupational information network 20 of employed medical scientists have a.

Master's degree 29 have a doctoral degree and 45 have a post-doctoral doctoral degree some medical scientists have even gone to med school and also have a phd along with it there are no medical scientists that just have a bachelor's degree and here's where we get into one of the cons of becoming a.

Medical scientist and that is the pay the compensation does not reflect the value that these professionals bring to society in 2019 the average base salary for a medical scientist was 98 770 this was more than epidemiologists and microbiologists but it was less than biochemists.

Pediatricians and veterinarians there has been okay wage growth for medical scientists over the past 20 years in 1999 the average base salary was around 56 000 and it grew to around 99 000 in 2019 which gives us total wage growth of around 43 000 which comes out to about 2.

000 per year which sounds great until you realize some of the physicians are seeing wage growth of like six thousand dollars per year even though medical scientists have gone to med school they are not compensated the same way physicians are in fact according to the 2020 physician compensation report by.

Medscape they do a survey every single year orthopedic surgeons actually topped the list with an average compensation of around half a million dollars so medical scientists in some cases make a fifth of what some other physicians tend to earn if these wage growth numbers were.

To continue in 2021 the average base salary would be around 103 000 and by 2029 the average base salary would be around 119 000 for medical scientists medical scientists definitely aren't paid what they deserve if the pay doesn't dissuade you realize that certain states tend to pay medical scientists more than.

Others in fact the highest paying states tend to be in the northeast part of the united states they include the states of new jersey connecticut rhode island and pennsylvania in fact state of new jersey on average pace medical scientists around 129 000.

Per year whereas the lowest paying state was found to be the state of mississippi where the average base salary was a staggering forty eight thousand two hundred dollars in 2019 so there's quite a difference in pay for medical scientists around the united states work environment also plays a role in their.

Compensation pharmaceutical industry no surprise here tends to pay them the most around 112 000 per year nationally research and development is next and as always higher education is the lowest paying work environment this is very common among many different occupations.

So what is the job market like for medical scientists is this a growing field would you be able to get a job if you went and got a phd a doctoral degree is this a very competitive occupation this was actually pretty surprising to me but the medical scientist workforce is surprisingly.

Large there was 127 180 employed medical scientists in 2019 according to the government this was much more than biochemists epidemiologists microbiologists pediatricians and veterinarians so the workforce is pretty big and the workforce has grown over the years.

Grown very much in 1999 there was 21 200 employed medical scientists across the country this grew to 127 180 employed in 2019. so basically six times as many people in the medical scientists workforce as there were just two decades ago there was a gain of about 106.

000 jobs or about 5 000 jobs per year in this occupation if this historical trend would continue by 2029 there would be around 178 000 employed medical scientists the government is less optimistic they're seeing only a gain of around 7 000 jobs but this was a pre pandemic.

Forecast this is 2019 data they haven't released 2020 data it's coming out later this month so based off history and the fact that we're just kind of getting over this pandemic there really should be good job prospects for medical scientists going forward here's something to watch out for though the jobs.

Are not evenly spread across the united states california had the greatest number of employed medical scientists with about 23 400 medical scientists employed in the state massachusetts is also a hub but as you can see there's not as many work opportunities in the midwest and the south and the.

Northwest so definitely consider this if you're trying to live in certain southern states in certain midwestern states there might be limited job opportunities another way to look at how competitive this occupation is is to look at how many job postings there are right now across the united.

States i use and when i did a search for medical scientists across the united states it showed me around 19 000 job openings for medical scientists in various u.s states there were about 127 000 employed medical scientists this means that there's actually a pretty big.

Shortage of medical scientists this is a ratio of one to six for job posting to employed that's actually one of the most severe ratios i've seen and i've covered a lot of different occupations of course we are in the pandemic time period maybe this is driving the need for more and more.

Employed medical scientists across the country but as of right now there's actually pretty severe shortage of medical scientists medical scientists that are employed 43 work in research and development 28 work in higher education 21 work in hospitals so one way to gauge.

If an occupation is for you is to take a riot sec assessment figure out your holland codes when you do a ryersec assessment you answer a bunch of questions about your interests and after you do that you get scores in six different domains with medical scientists they tend to score really high in the investigative.

Theme of course they do you know you have to be really analytical curious to really want to do this kind of work and surprisingly the second highest score was artistic which involves self-expression creativity so if you take a riot sec assessment and you also score really.

Really high in the investigative theme and possibly some in the artistic theme your interests probably align with other medical scientists in the field as for the personalities of medical scientists the most likely myers-briggs personality type to become.

A medical scientist is the intj also known as the architect second most likely type to become a medical scientist is the entj also known as the commander third is the debater entp and fourth is the advocate the infj so as you can see there are pros and cons to becoming.

A medical scientist in 2021. this is a great occupation to go into a lot of people really really respect people that work as medical scientists they're trying to cure incurable diseases they're the ones that are going to figure out how to cure cancer at some point in the future it is very important work.

Medical scientists unfortunately are underpaid for the value that they provide to society every type of physician earns more than medical scientists doesn't matter the type of physician they tend to earn more but based off the number of job postings right now there is a pretty big.

Shortage of medical scientists if you're a medical scientist let us know in the comments below let us know what you enjoy and what you dislike about this occupation definitely check out my video on anesthesiologists if you're also interested in a related occupation thanks so much for watching.

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