Miss diamond doll is an american plus size fashion curvy model and social media influencer she gained popularity on instagram for sharing her curvaceous sizzling captivating lifestyle photos and videos she is also famous for being an official partner of fashion nova curve diamond was born and brought up in.

Toronto canada her real name is unknown as of now being passionate about modelling fashion and glamour ever since a child at a very young age she decided to make a career in modelling initially she caught people's attention on instagram because of her curvaceous sizzling photos and garnered millions of.

Followers miss diamond doll's age is 30 years as of 2021 she is five six tall and her weight is approximately 64 kilograms diamond having been fond of modelling fashion and glamour ever since a child decided to make her career in modelling at a very young age.

She caught people's attention on social media platforms especially on instagram for sharing her sizzling curvaceous photos and videos as of now she has garnered more than a million followers on instagram with increasing fame on social media platforms as a curvy and plus size model various sports makeup lingerie and.

Swimwear brands including fashion nova dolskill reb dolls and many more have signed diamond as the social media promoter of their products presumably soon she will be seen on the cover of various fashion and entertainment magazines in addition to this diamond has garnered millions of followers on various social.

Media platforms including facebook twitter youtube and tick tock she has a self-titled youtube channel where her fashion and make videos get uploaded some of the popular videos of her channel are diamond doll in fitness battle p90x tanya leader shakes her as two will be like a groupie and.

Follow me at rael diamond doll miss diamond doll's net worth as of now in 2021 is estimated to be more than six hundred thousand dollars sources of her earnings are modeling brand promotions and endorsements you