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Ellana Bryan wiki/ 🇺🇸 Biography/American plus Size Model/Instagram influencer/Fashion nova curve

alana bryan was born on november 22nd 1989 in cleveland ohio united states delana hasn't revealed anything about her childhood including her parents names and occupations.

Brian and her parents relocated from cleveland ohio to los angeles california she is of caucasian ethnicity and maintains an american nationality after relocating to los angeles he developed an interest in fashion ilana has collaborated with companies.

Such as the ui ipc and skinny tan swimsuits for all fashion nova misguided and mundys are some of the popular fashion labels me in january of this year she posted her.

First instagram snap she appeared to be wearing a bikini in the photo she realized that people were admiring her after posting several images on instagram so she started to post more photos on social media particularly on instagram where she shared a simple.

Picture of herself in a bikini which drew a lot of attention and helped her achieve fame despite her weight she works as a model for companies such as the ui ipsy skinny tan and swimsuits for all fashion nova misguided and mundys all of which contribute to her revenue.

After that she went to youtube and began working there on a regular basis she uploads videos to youtube people congratulated her on her efforts more than 1.1 million people follow her on her instagram account she had to upload approximately 600 instagram posts to reach this number of.

Followers ilana's career began in 2017 thus she's already become a star in just over two and a half years with the potential to grow even greater brian has a net worth of around 1 million dollars brian ilana measurements of height and weight 510 176 centimeters tall.

Weight 209 pounds 95 kilograms size of bust 42 107 centimeters size of waist 31 80 centimeters size of hips 47 120 centimeters z cup size us 46e is the bra size blonde is her hair color color of eyes blue.

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