What's up pre-meds in this video i'm going to go ahead and give my opinion on what i think is the best major to have as a pre-medical student the first thing that people want to know is should i take a science major or should i take a non-science major go.

Ahead and be straight to the point i think that a science major is the way to go there's a few things that make it a little bit better in my opinion than going for an arts and humanities type of degree but i want to go ahead and just say you can definitely get into medical school with an arts and humanities type of degree.

I actually know a few people in my class who did that and they're in medical school so anything is possible this is just my opinion on what i think would be your best bet if you're a pre-med all right so a science degree one of the benefits that i find that the science degree has.

Is do a little bit more preparation for the mcat and it also gives you more research opportunities because you'll be meeting more science professors and that's more opportunities to meet people who can offer you research another thing about the science major is.

That i feel it's going to help you more when you actually get into medical school because when you start medical school you're going to be doing a ton of biochemistry and if you've never seen that before you're really going to struggle when you first get there.

I was lucky enough that i was a biochemistry major myself and the first block of medical school was mostly biochemistry so i was able to keep up much easier and transition into medical school easier because i had that background the arts and humanity majors do have some benefits though.

They do make you stand out a little bit because most people applying to medical school or biology or biochemistry majors and another thing about the arts and humanity type of majors is it does tend to help you do better on the car section of the mcat but either way i still think that the.

Science major is the way to go it gives you a little bit more preparation for the mcat and also gives you a little bit more research opportunities and prepares you for medical school the most yeah this was a pretty straightforward and simple video uh let me know in the comments down.

Below what you guys think the best uh major is as a pre-med and why you think so if you haven't already click the subscribe button and like this video and i will catch you guys later