thank you very much for sharing your questions i mean these are really good questions and very common for most of the students actually yeah yeah exactly and that's that's where i wanted to actually recall this.

Session and it would be really beneficial to all the students i mean uh pretty much i received similar question from all of the students actually and you are bang on actually that all the questions was really relevant to actually the other other guys as well so i thought yeah it would be really nice actually we can share this this session.

With others as well so that can benefit from sure i will share your uh actually questionnaire let me share my screen so we can go through each individual question and then we can discuss them and see if you've got any further questions so we can we can go through each individual yeah so i need to make.

Sure i cover all your question and um that's that's where i generally ask yourselves basically give me your question here that give me a chance to do a bit of a research beforehand uh so if you can see my screen now can you see that yeah yeah.

Right so what i've done actually so your questions is here and i've just added a bit of a brief basically um i i will share actually this this uh file with yourself basically so you can go through what uh what i'm talking about so that will give you a bit more insight actually about your question and what i'm talking about so your first.

Question was uh which is the best msc instruction engineering or msc in construction project management it's very very common and open question actually and unfortunately uh i can't give you straightforward like i mean yeah structures better than the construction management it all depends on the.

Candidate itself basically if i'm honest obviously personally i'm structure engineer so my answer would be biased towards structure because i love structural engineering and that's what i generally i generally say to the student you need to look at yourself you are the best judge of yourself you need to see whether whether.

You are interested to do that structural engineering or you are more towards management i mean that's that's where i see that generally i answer this this question in that way so you need to see your skills actually whether you are more towards like a leadership communication and that kind of skills i mean you have the management skills uh.

Then definitely yeah you should uh pursue your management so of course you have construction management but if you are really keen into the design side the technical side the engineering side of it uh i mean if you're already going through that i'm sure in in the bac level you you must you must be studying the uh structure analysis sort of emoji.

Structure design module so you need to judge yourself from there whether you are really keen to to actually go in the same sort of format i mean going forward into the msc uh if i'm honest i mean i can give you my personal example actually i was in the same board actually doing the uh uh actually bse and from there actually i.

Got actually these structure analysis sort of yeah the modules from there i said yeah i need to develop that sort of things i need to go further than that and that's that's where i've chosen actually structural engineering from there from bsc level uh because i knew actually i did really well in the bsc level as well in.

Structure sort of yet uh the mechanics and uh yeah structured design sort of modules i did really well there and i said i said yeah i need to progress basically on the same format and that's where i've chosen structural engineering for msc so it all depends actually i mean uh whether obviously you're going through those modules now the bsc.

Whether you really keen to go into the same modules or you want to change yourself to the management because uh don't forget actually the construction management is really really sort of yeah communication you need to be really the top notch communication you have to manage your subcontractor i mean that's that's what the role is generally is.

Actually construction management you have to have your subcontractor with you on site and you have to manage all of them basically that's that's what the role is uh so if you that's that's all you you your communication your leadership sort of skills there yeah comes in place so if you you think i mean you can.

Manage or you have those sort of skills i mean from now on you want to brush up here those skills um definitely yeah construction management should be your your way actually to go forward uh what whatever you did here brother i'll extract actually the modules i mean for you you mentioned the other two sort of yeah university university of.

Greenwich the msc instruction management so module was you can straight away i can see like i mean obviously it's construction management they're all oriented towards management so you will be studying i mean throughout your course about the management and that's that's what i said i mean you need to.

Decide from now on actually whether that is really something you want to go in your future because i wha what i don't want to waste your msc your money and everything i mean like you go through that that course there and you you don't like it basically you don't want to pursue that because it's purely management i mean.

You have to manage your subcontractor your teams your communication and you you have to be on site basically that's that's what you would do in your future yeah if that's that's what your intention is actually in your future uh then yeah msc looking at the modules that they are pretty standard actually management modules.

There i mean you will be you'll be taught in in masters i can't see anything according to your models are very great according to you sorry can can you repeat your question according to the modules which are in university of korean which.

Are much more better to be honest i mean universities there is a question actually you did ask i mean whether you want to go to the higher university or yeah the low cost so i will discuss that later on but university doesn't matter at all actually brother it doesn't matter what university you're going to they are all.

Really really sort of good university wherever you go uh all that matters is is actually this bit there your modules what you're going to study i mean that is what it matters so for for management of course i mean it's construction management they're all oriented towards management and uh actually that's where you're gonna study and end of the day i.

Mean your job will be management i mean that's that's if yes you see yourself in that sort of your future um i can't see any flaws in in the modules here basically they're pretty much you're oriented towards management i'm sure by end of the day i mean like once you get the degree you'll be well worse in the management sort of sector.

There um and then i got the extract actually for structural engineering from the university of um east london um yeah that's that's another one and i can clearly see actually they are hugely apart i mean looking at the two sort of courses uh this is completely sort of yeah like the technical side the sort of engineering side i mean there's there's.

No correlation between the two looking at these videos basically that they are usually apart and in fact i mean in fact from my experience as well there's no correlation between like i mean there's really limited sort of skills you can transfer from management to the structure engineering in fact yeah structure engineering is really.

Specialized field um i i would say that actually in my experience i never seen anyone i mean doing structural engineering job without formal qualifications so all the structure engineers must have formal like i mean the degrees or of course i mean the background the theory i mean the aqua structure engineers but for.

Management for management i've seen actually a people without actually any formal education any form of degrees i mean at all and they can get into the management there so that is the difference actually if you're going structure that is really specialized so you will be in that category basically you are really special and it's it's.

Very limited basically very limited structure engineers you you would actually come across actually that they're doing these structure and i must say is is the toughest actually one of the tough uh sort of subjects yeah in engineering but again it comes to the same point like i mean if you are keen uh i'm sure.

If i have done it master's in msc you can definitely do it so uh that there's there's nothing there you you can't do it it's all depends of your interest i mean if you're interested to do in that sort of fear feel like a structure analysis dynamics and yeah all the uh sort of software used uh then yeah these are really good modules there.

Actually i can see they are all like um structure-oriented actually design oriented soil structural engineering which is more geotechnical and you go to the design and steel concrete advanced structure analysis which should be software's and the structured dynamics there so they are all.

Uh practical sort of yeah modules there i can see i mean they they are directly related to what we generally do in in day-to-day basis actually in in the jobs so yeah uh unfortunately as a where i started i mean i can't say i mean go for structure or yeah or otherwise go for management because i can't judge you you you.

University-wise um i won't flow any of them like i mean even if if you if you see if you're going with management i would say yeah go with this course university of greenwich if you you reckon you you are more towards your structure engineering i would i would say yeah just choose this one university doesn't matter at.

All i mean trust me i mean there will be no talking about university i mean when it comes to finding a job i mean you're going for the interview or you're going anywhere no one is going to ask where you where you did actually your master's from no one asking that question at all so this is this is irrelevant actually.

University is completely irrelevant it's it's actually the you need to look at basically this this modules whether you you go interest in these modules if if that is yes and then go will go with that actually it doesn't matter which what university they're offering so you just go with that uh so.

Um brother unfortunately i can't i can't stress you go with management or structure obviously i'm personally structured i would say structure is more specific like i'm more sort of here targeted as i said i mean like yeah there will be you won't see anyone doing structural engineering job and they had.

No degree basically in a sense so they must have qualified their sort of degree or some sort of yeah qualification before they got a job actually in structural engineering but for actually management uh i'm sure yeah the loss of people you will come across they would they would um they would hardly have any sort of.

Degree there they might have some certificates there uh and there will be construction managers there so that is the difference actually obviously uh being a structure engineer i do prefer structural engineering obviously i say i'm biased towards stretch engineering.

But i i can't stress you basically to definitely go with structural engineering if you reckon i mean you have the skills in management uh you have that leadership qualities so yeah data is the best modules you you can get actually to for for your msc yeah so yeah yeah.

Shall i move to question number two then yes sir okay uh question two what is chart it's charted actually we call it chartered ship uh can i do construction management uh yes definitely there are number of institutions actually i added the links here so in management as well so you would.

Have like the apm or bmi i mean these are the institutions you can actually have your affiliation with with them but actually you need a certain level of experience before you get that chartered ship chartered ship in a sense is actually you are like i mean you are recognized a qualified sort of a project manager i mean that's.

That's how you get the charter ship i mean after certain sort of things you can do directly no you can't you no it's not the best it's not a course what it is actually so you have to go through a rigorous sort of process so the first stage is your qualification your education background basically once.

You get the degree that that makes you eligible to go into certain affiliations so for the apm or pmi they will require some sort of your formal education you you certificate degrees so that make you eligible to go for chartered ship right so that's the first stage which you're gonna do basically in msc once you you.

Get the msc degree so you will be eligible to go affiliate yourself with these institutions and then you have to go through your experience and get the knowledge basically what what the affiliation actually as a as a chartered uh manager i mean what you need actually so you you click on the link i mean that that will take you actually what.

Requires for the chartship so you have to go through those experience and there will be exam as well so after your experience there will be exam and then once you clear that that's that's how you get the charter chip and it's really really really really how many years will it be will it take to become a charter.

If if i if i say my personal experience is with the ice institution of civil engineers so generally it takes three to four years minimum experience that's that's where you begin you you become at that stage that you you can appear for for your exam so at least three to four years experience that that would minimum you.

You would need before you you get up here actually too uh but yeah it all like i mean my personally i was with the ice so that that's their process they might be slightly different for the apm like for the managers which i don't know but these links will provide you all the guidance actually if.

You're going for the project management for the uh yeah structure engineers as well we have uh a different institution i struck e institution of structural engineers uh but i must say yeah this is one of the toughest actually one of the tough uh sort of affiliation you can get it's really hard exam i mean they have.

Uh but obviously i did my structure engineering uh ms instruction but i actually went into the ice so i didn't i didn't go with the asteroid team personally uh because it re it really needs actually the experience quite rigorous experience actually in structure engineering and to clear the exam it needs really really.

Sort of your tough uh sort of yeah period them so um but there's there's no harm i mean you can transfer your skill between structure and civil i mean you you can clearly uh transfer your skills between the two that there's uh there's no such boundaries there um although i mean if you're doing civil.

Engineering you will maybe struggle with structure uh in a bit but it all depends i mean if you got a job basically in one field like i mean personally i did structure engineering but i got a job in civil engineering so it was quite easy for me actually to transfer my sort of what my knowledge i so in civil.

Engineering it was quite easy for me uh that's one of your question was about actually um whether you can yeah the managers can go into the structural engineering instruction that is really good question i'm going to come that yeah to you to answer that question as well yeah but there is there is yeah like between.

Civil and structure yeah definitely there is a clear a sort of yeah a clash there so you can you can transfer easily between the two uh but there there is actually a problem with with the management and structure engineering i will discuss that yeah later on with in your question there so so i hope this this is clear you got.

Any question about the charter ship no no sorry it's clear okay thank you so question three is msc is good with placement ear or without placement again a really good question very common question from the students so i put actually some some adding that i.

Mean like yeah some advantages basically or disadvantages you can say like without placement uh this is for msc students i mean generally the bsc is different scenario so this is the full for yourself so so without placement so you can clearly complete your degree in short duration and one year you complete degree.

Graduate visa is straightforward post your degree so you you complete one one year degree and then straight away you can you can get the the two years psw graduate visa is straightforward process and you are eligible to apply for your permanent job in one year basically straight away you can go into finding your permanent jobs basically uh that's.

That's what the advantage is and you you start your pr quickly as well so once once you get your job so you are on on on the course for the pr as well so these are a few advantages actually i would say uh for without placement i mean if you're going msc without placement and with.

Actually with placement so employees are unwilling yeah this is my personal experience actually uh going with with yeah actually talking to the students here as well they are unwilling to hire actually msc students on placement and the sole reason is uh because msc is really a higher degree and the.

Employer do not expect actually that they are full-fledged sort of engineers they don't need any placement any internship they should be going straight into the job rather than placement that's where they are struggling actually to get the placement that is my personal experience i mean yeah talking to the students as well so that is the.

Main reason i would say yeah it's it's no good actually going with the placement uh yeah other other disadvantage i can see like additional cost obviously you would have you have to pay for another year as well i mean for the placement here and again yeah there will be double.

Efforts as well i mean for you you would find yeah for the placement as well you have to strive for the placement exactly the same way as if you are going for a job basically you have to prepare your cv you have to go through the interview stage i mean that's just even even for the placement that's exactly the same what you would do for the job so rather.

Than rather than straight to the job you're you're doing that double actually within with the placement sort of your course okay and the final i say can't get placement if you can't get a placement then you have to shorten your visa as well uh that is the rule actually so the.

University will shorten your visit because you can't get a placement and then after that you have to apply for the graduates so again there is a hassle there as well you have to apply for the visa again they will shorten your visa the university will contact the uh actually immigration and i don't know the complications there but again yeah.

There is a hassle there as well uh with the replacement so these are this so clearly you are saying that because placement is a better option uh i'd definitely go without placement yeah uh there is uh i've added a link here actually this is actually i made a video short video as well uh that covered exactly the same question.

Um so you can watch that as well that would give a bit more inside but definitely my arm towards that one um if you can get it without placement um that that is the best option for msc yeah is that clear sir but without placement.

Companies should hire us without they think that we have no experience at all i will come your question you you you had the question yeah i will come to that question yeah um you know for the graduate you you're asking the same question you already provided so i will provide you.

All your questions here and then if you go more question then yeah we can we can answer those so let's let's start with question four um shall i go with structural engineering with placement year or construction management greenwich university university of east london i think we already discussed pretty much.

That when like i mean project management is more oriented towards communication leadership problem solving skills so all on site basically dealing with the subcontractor and structural engineering is technical software engineering techniques so uh which one you want to go um to be to be honest it's completely open question to.

Yourself i mean rather i i guide you like a go with structure or go with management it's you need to see yourself whether are you good at this these skills there um if you're good at that then go with projects sorry if you want me would you know no it's not about university it's about.

The course i mean yeah if if if i was you um i don't know your skills if i'm honest uh if obviously and i don't know like i mean whether you are more oriented towards engineering like i mean the technical sort of side.

As i said i mean personally i was more towards technical side that's where i've chosen actually structural engineering um so that that's that's how i've chosen there that's that's where i i say you're the best judge of yourself actually you need to judge yourself yeah.

Where you should go but um as i said i mean like i'm biased towards structural engineering because i know yeah a lot more but i can't stress you because uh i know uh if you're not interested or you struggle with that sort of yeah like a structural analysis uh then it's no.

Point actually dragging you there because it's it will be mostly the desired stuff there and if you're not interested in that is no point i mean going there yeah yeah right so moving on to question five um do students getting a job right after graduation because they don't have.

Any experience uh then on which what basis they will behind me okay so generally uh we we call it graduate jobs in the uk which are targeted for the freshers basically in the uk sometimes they do advertise like i mean uh like uh one year or two years old.

Sometimes they they completely ignore that one year two year as well so they'll be fresher basically greater jobs it's exactly the same pros procedure whether you are experienced or you're a graduate you're fresher you have to create your cv actually create your cv and apply through the job portals i mean.

That is the procedure and you have to go through the interview process so that is generally the process so whether you are experienced or you're a graduate basically that's that's how you go about it uh obviously from the graduate uh the employer do expect you the basic knowledge so you have to have like i mean whether if you're going for.

Structural engineering for instance i mean you're doing msc structure engineering and you going for graduate structural engineering job you you should expect they will asking you about the like i mean bending moment shear forces all the loading the load transfer so these are the basic knowledge actually you have to have those.

Knowledge in the interview yeah you need to transfer that i mean similarly if you're going for like a management uh like construction management you have to have those sort of yeah the health and safety sort of size sustainability you have to have those knowledge is basically what the construction needs from yourself.

Management is not taught so much in civil engineering management is agree agree there's very limited actually yeah in india we have to prepare in my masters only if i choose project management i have to prepare for the basics in master.

Because yes right now yeah it's more well to be honest i mean i would say if you can talk a lot more then you're good at management that's simple is that obviously you have to have the more knowledge uh like i mean here mostly i mean you will come across i mean for management the health and safety i mean that is the main sort of.

Topic you will you will come across for in the management like i'm i'm talking from practical perspective actually if you're a manager you will talk mostly about the management on actually the health and safety on sites you you have to have those knowledge actually the legislation that did the law what the law say how to control their health and.

Safety on site basically that's the way yeah uh but yeah you you're right actually in the bsc level it's very limited i mean you they talk about the management so you have to learn everything yeah basically in and see if you're going yeah into management that's true yeah but.

That's right like i mean in bse you you you do uh talk about actually the design sort of side as well so you already have that basic knowledge about the structural engineering i mean if you're going that way uh but again yeah it looks like you you're driving yourself towards structure now by looks of it yeah yeah.

Right now that's that's good yeah um i i wish actually by end of this session you would have a clear mind at least yet so where you should go um so that that is the the main purpose of this session so let's let's go move on to the next question then question six do you think i have to be satisfied with this university or can i.

Apply for top universities such as imperial college your top colleges that i think you accept them again yeah as i said brother university ranking doesn't matter at all yeah so employers do not ask about the university at all basically if you go for interview they won't ask you where you did your masters from what.

University you did masters from that they won't be interested in that as well so you need to just show your skills i mean that's that's what they'll be interested in rather than you at the university uh but one thing yeah ensure the course is accredited with the engineering council uh jbm yeah the joint.

Uh boarding moderator yeah so yeah this is important uh in a sense in the long term so you need to choose the course basically they they are affiliated with the ic r structure or the other apm basically as long they are so you should choose that that course i mean mainly i mean you should look for that but you are saying you have to.

Concentrate on more on acquisition yes accreditation is very important in your long term career because in long term you must try for the chartered ship we already discussed about the chartered ship that should be your long-term goal basically.

And if your uh university of east london uh i think they have no accreditation no they are they are jbm accredited i've checked london yeah yeah i'll check their website yeah so they are accredited with the jbm yeah yeah yeah.

Yeah somebody which is rick's created while institute of something is like that chart is yeah so yes yeah yeah so uh yeah the i did check actually the uh east london the day is that is affiliated with jbm um yeah so that is a long-term goal basically uh.

If you if your course is not accredited you will struggle to go for your chartered ship although i mean with experience you can still go through to your charter ship i mean but that that needs a lot more effort actually you will cross a lot more sort of your experience before you appear for your charter ship sort of.

Exam so it's it's really it's really good actually when when you choose your course make sure they are jvms are affiliated so no that is for the chartered service actually if you're going for the quantity surveying sort of yeah so you you need to affiliate yourself with with.

The risks nothing concerned no no that is for the quantity surveyors actually uh the the risks uh so for the for the management you you will associate yourself with the apm and pmi basically so the two institutions so these the links are here uh i i don't think i mean they need uh specifically.

Yeah for from the co as long i mean you do the construction management i'm sure you can go straight into the apm and pmi it doesn't it doesn't require you any any sort of yeah from the is not required no no for from the university it doesn't require no it doesn't require you i'm sure after msc uh in construction.

Management you can go straight into the pmi or pm vfd these institutions yeah okay yeah uh but uh the for for the uh for the structural ic uh that needs to be jbm accredited actually your course um otherwise i mean you have to go through additional sort of experience right so.

Yes sir so again i said a module self-interest in the course matters the most basically you need to see basically what what the university offers uh that should be of your interest up so just go with that rather than yeah looking at the university ranking okay.

Right question seven can a construction manager change his job to structure engineering after some years and also vice versa yeah very very good question uh and i said i mean these are both completely different skill set uh we already talked about yeah basically what management is what.

Structural engineering is that there are some skills like i mean some skills are transferable like a management you have to i mean at certain part even as a structure engineer when you reach to a certain stage like i mean you become a team leader you how to manage actually your teams as well they graduate under yourself so you you get.

That knowledge with the time communication is vital actually problem solving both i mean that their ties up with both skill both sort of yeah in management as well as stretch engineering but i i added the structural engineering is more specialist role dealing with structure analysis modeling.

Design software calculations so not easy for construction management to to pick up these skills without formal theory behind that's what i said is very special so you need to have that sort of degree the theory behind to understand the structural engineering that's where i said actually i never came across in in.

My sort of experience where i've i've seen a stretch engineer without formula degree basically they must have gone through the theory behind actually and they become a structure engineer but for for managers actually i've seen managers without a degree or without any qualification formal actually so they become.

So it's not easy actually for managers uh actually the construction managers to go into the structure structure engineers can go into the management though uh because management comes management do comes with the time itself basically at certain stage you become managers anyway because you you you get to the team leader stage or yeah the.

Manager sort of level because you have to have sort of your teams or your project actually and that's where your technician and your graduates you have to sort out those ones so you become a manager ultimately anyway even if you're whether you're a structure or civil engineer whatever like i mean personally uh i started in civil engineering and.

Now i become basically more managers actually design manager or civil manager basically i'm managing the teams yeah so i had no intention to go into management but obviously you you you get to a certain stage where you become ultimately become a manager you have teams under you that to deliver the project and that's that's where so for.

Structure or civil engineering is it's easy to go into the management but other yeah the wise words that is is not easy actually for managers to come into the structural engineering that that is not easy i hope that makes sense yes uh.

Right your next question was by seeing my marks what you can say will i be able to stay stretch engineering um i can't guess it from marx if i'm honest uh i don't know how much how much did you get into structure analysis oh yeah the uh structure mechanics or soil mechanics or uh i don't know i mean like uh you you can judge yourself from there whether.

You have the the basic knowledge of those modules but exactly i mean like structure mechanics over here is something different right okay i mean you you need to see well the the relevant actually look at the msc modules i mean which are relevant i mean you're currently studying i mean uh because.

And see i mean if if you already have the background of those ones basically um then yeah i would say like i mean these are purely structure yeah design like i mean steel concrete yeah this and i must i must say brother i mean these are pretty much directly oriented towards the job i mean if you clear these.

Modules trust me i mean you're going straight into the job this is what you're going to apply actually straight into the jaw that they are pretty much oriented towards the the practical so that that question it is still a question mark i mean i will pass that.

Back to yourself actually judge yourself actually uh it's not easy for me uh i wish i wish i was a magician and i can give you the answers but uh i'm not unfortunate uh so i'm passing that back to yourself that question okay uh question nine uh have you seen international students with no.

Experience doing msc in project management and then getting directly job with no experience i would say um well i wrote it they for management actually currently i'm going through a lot of students who they're still studying actually uh they're still doing the uh construction management sort of yes masters course.

Uh but i i haven't seen actually personally i haven't seen anything uh lucky getting into the graduate construction management role as such here so um yeah so i hardly any anyone seeing actually getting into the management however yeah i did they i've seen.

Structure engineers actually grade graduate uh which got their graduate jaws basically so i've seen a couple of them like i mean i personally actually spoken to them i guarded them basically and i can graduate without experience so that they had the jobs actually um obviously as long you have the as i said.

I mean for graduate uh that there there are lots of jobs available i mean for graduates i mean as long you have the basic knowledge uh i'm sure yeah you you can you can get the job that that's all in these actually for the graduate roles uh so they don't expect you to be expert actually in your field uh all they need is just the basic.

Knowledge um uh that's that's all uh your questions were um so i hope i mean i made justice to to the answers actually um i'm not sure this is what you were expecting or is there anything else you want me to to clarify yes some broad to the extra question yeah sure yeah.

So in a bad scenario like can a construction management manage their work from home no because i have what they have to say they have to visit the site yeah that's that's that's correct for construction managers no they can't work from home because generally the construction.

Managers as i said i mean they should be working on site that they are relevant to site so obviously you can't control the site from home uh wise was uh wise was uh structure engineers can work from home and generally like i mean currently like where i work actually we.

Are working a full time from home actually obviously we are the design sort of the outside so we work from home we call the structural engineers we got the um civil engineers we're all working from home actually so uh that there's there's no requirement i'm using so in that student.

So in that scenario he may be an unemployed no no but kobe this is literally gone i should say uh here actually we don't talk about covet anymore it's it's completely back to normal i mean obviously i mean if there comes.

Basically in the future you never know um that there will be a struggle definitely yeah the the the side sort of workers i mean they did struggle uh but obviously i mean like i'm looking at the current sort of yeah scenario like i mean it's completely sort of yeah gone actually so we don't.

Talk not normally about covered now at all i basically respect normal and then um how can he take a holiday for returning back to his country like in future while doing his job or construction manager right so uh basically the the way actually the job works here uh so you would have like a at least i mean when you start as a.

Graduate you would have 20 20 to 25 sort of yeah holidays right throughout the year that will be your and that would be your end will leave actually when you join any employer and it's it's actually you how to manage with your line manager actually so.

Whoever you your sort of yeah team leader is and you need to tell them i mean this is my plan this and you the the more advanced you give them basically the notice i mean this is when i'm planning to go back home uh the more it's easy easy become easy for the for the manager actually to manage it he would plan it beforehand i mean you.

Can't just i mean say like i mean tomorrow or next week i'm going for a month actually to india so yeah it won't work no not even even structural engineers we can't do that way we have to give actually we we we can we have to give the notice i mean that there is not a spirit.

Basically you need to at least give them advance so that can be prepared whatever you are doing so in your absence someone needs to cover that that sort of yeah your work i mean that's that's how you plan it so for instance i mean if someone like i mean in our team as well like we are all designers and our team is someone going for a week more than a.

Week we hope to plan ahead actually they need to give us enough and if sort of here notice uh at least have one month note to say that that the next month i'm going actually yeah in a month time i'm going outside regardless of any field a month holiday compulsory yes so uh there will be n will leave uh i think is 20 between 22.

To 24 i mean starting with that one with with your experience or with the employer does improve that basically as well apart from those and will leave you would have the actually in the uk we have we call it bank holidays so there are eight fixed bank holidays as well so there are additional to the end we leave so that would be additional.

So you get at least yeah basically throughout the year these are all paid actually if you're a permanent employee uh so these these are all paid actually the 22 and will leave the least and the eight uh sort of bank holidays they are paid so you will get those uh benefits here anything else brother.

No no like a series of situations right now in my mind did you make up your mind or are you still confused i mean which one you're going for yeah i i i need some time to think right okay uh to to be honest i mean.

Just i a little more lean towards structural engineering but uh seeing the university and countries because they are more like advertisement type of university we are only doing advertisement.

No bro brother trust me the universities are really really good i mean it's it's not uh yeah all the units i've seen some reviews in quora also that they won't help so much like that in east london there i have been in cola right uh but to be honest i mean i never seen any negative sort of yeah like.

Whoever did the la mean master scores here and never seen any negative from the students themselves uh and that's that's where i generally obviously i have my personal experience as well like i did my master's from salford university which was not ranked at all basically there's no it wasn't in the ranking at.

All so to be honest i mean i didn't check the ranking at all uh but obviously i liked the modules and i went there uh and i was quite satisfied actually by end of the day of whatever i studied there so but by saying.

The courses of construction management is i think is a vast filter because and so much countries construction commercial management in my many options international construction management construction project management construction management and economics these ones.

I think this field is a bit vast fill i think for that some positive feeling is coming for construction project management but talking to you i'm more lean towards spectral engineering that's that's where i started actually.

Um obviously personally i'm structured you know so i'm more biased with structure i can talk a lot more instruction engineering term uh but i don't want to drag you i mean if you're not interested but that's that's what i said brother look at your current sort of status i mean like a look at your.

Current uh design sort of capabilities i mean are you really interested to go into the design side i mean that's what structural engineering is all about i mean you you're gonna be dealing with the structure modeling structure design sort of software's used i mean if that is if that is of your interest definitely it's worth it.

Worth going in in that sort of direction and as i said i mean it's really really special it's a specialist sort of feel so uh oh yeah yeah i mean definitely that they're they're really specialist actually you you will be dealing with with quite sophisticated softwares i.

Mean we are using here so for the for the linear nonlinear sort of analysis the structured dynamics so that that is really really special is uh sort of your field uh you said you haven't seen any graduation graduate construction management manager.

Well as i said i mean like uh since since i go in touch with with more students in construction does he have any opportunity no no opportunities are there i mean i i can't say that like i mean management that there's no opportunity i don't say that uh but.

What i said actually your question was whether you're seeing a graduate doing did construction management they they got a job uh i said i mean currently or whatever actually whatever i came across so far they are still doing the mscs to their msc students actually so they're not going to that stage actually to find a.

Job so i i i say i haven't seen as yet but but i'm sure yeah the jobs are they but as i said i mean construction management uh that's completely different skill set as we discussed actually so you need to be more yeah you need to talk a lot more i mean that's that's what the skill is the the more you talk the better manager.

Is suitable for the job yeah yeah it's suitable for someone who can talk uh talk a lot actually uh so yeah that is more uh but as i said i mean like i'm personally i love structural engineering um but that that's the second and i'm sure yeah you you guessed that from from my sort of your responses as well uh yeah yeah but but i don't what i.

Don't want you brother that i want i don't want to drag it in that sort of direction as i said i mean it's quite specialist especially sort of field and you will be dealing with all the design and sort of yeah the dynamics basically the mechanics um so if if you.

Obviously if you're keen in that definitely it's worth going there but if you're not interested um like i mean you you're strength currently i mean you're doing a bsc that if you reckon you're struggling with those sort of yeah already so it's not there's no were actually going in a mess because as i said msc is quite sort of.

Yeah the high level i mean you will be uh like not spoon spoon-feeded here i mean you will be given basically the assignments and actually the coursework just do it you have to do your research here i mean it's it's it's quite tough actually i won't say it's it's easy doing msc here in the uk uh although i mean there'll be lots of.

Resources would be available actually there will be lots of uh like notes or books or libraries everything will be available to yourself or to access but it's up to you how much you can get that knowledge actually so it's completely up to yourself so as long as you understand the basics that's that's how you can utilize those resources so that the main.

Question is i mean you need to have that basic knowledge to utilize those resources yeah yeah right so do let me know where you you're going towards but yeah i'll just yeah i'll leave you with with it with an open sort of canvas actually um i give you the uh basically what you're going.

To be doing in structure what you're going to be doing management so just just assess yourself basically your skills your capabilities just think about the long term uh obviously you have to stay in in long term in the in the same field it's not just about the msc i don't want you to do the msc and then just forget about basically um and.

Lose that sort of yeah credibility there um anything else brother do you want to discuss last question sir well students who are not getting the water trying to do any uh alternate jobs who didn't get a job whatever they do.

Does i think the the uh when when you start your course uh so you will actually do the old jobs along with your studies as well like i mean they're in in the warehouse or in the shops or yeah i mean that that's where generally i mean the the students start they they.

With the study and they do the part-time jobs so when when they complete their course generally they go basically and they remain in the same sort of jobs or jobs until they found actually their their permanent job that that's the general rule actually but there are there are opportunities that can you can go full.

Time in the old jobs as well along with when you when you search for the uh for the for your professional job um i've seen actually i've seen actually these the students they do actually a parameter job like i'm in the warehouse for the time being and they do search actually applying for the for the professional jobs as well that's that's.

How how you manage it actually and you get the two years obviously i mean the uh graduate visa as well that make you eligible i can't do to apply for that two years so i'm sure two years is is good enough actually to to find your professor jobs would be really unfortunate even if you if you miss them actually the two years i mean that's the.

Squad but the interviewer will see the greats also now sorry only skills while while seeking a job while asking for a job the interview will uh based on interview.

Recruiters or based on grades also great grades do matter or not uh the the grades like i mean i would say uh the grades do matter because generally i'll see now more often actually when when they advertise at the jobs they said two one or two two so actually that's that's how the the degrees are.

Here actually um they're rated two one and two two so two two means uh i believe yeah two one is uh 60 plus sort of marks yeah when you get 60 plus or two one and below is two two and when you get 70 plus that that's called distinction so.

It it does matter if you got the two one like i'm 60 plus that mean mostly i've seen actually the job advertising minimum requirement to one degree basically so as long i mean you have the two 160 plus marks that mean you are eligible for almost all the jobs i mean they are advertised so they do matter and i would.

Say you should target you should target 70 plus i mean the the reason i said that if you're going if you're getting 70 plus that mean because all the msc costs there are research based so if you're getting 70 plus that mean you understood the whole sort of your course that media you were getting that you you.

Got those basic knowledge already i mean 70 plus means you you understand your subject very well actually that's that's what i generally say to the to the students actually make sure you get 70 plus distinction um and that should be your target for your student that's that's where you you can you can guess even even the employer get guest guests.

As well actually you go 70 plus they they say yeah you how did you get 70 plus obviously you understood your course yeah there you you have the basic knowledge so you should target yeah it does matter yeah the uh the marks so you don't want to get yourself yeah like 60 below because generally as i said i mean that.

There will be a job advertised and that would require two 160 plus sort of yeah and you can't apply there so i just want to confirm one thing you said for construction management no i am no need not needed to be any accreditation there is no need for seeing any.

Accreditation yes uh um accreditation generally they uh actually the university don't actually mention about uh like i mean you like association with the apm or pmi project management institution uh because they uh i briefly looked at actually the apm and.

It all depends on your experience i mean when you have a certain sort of experience in the management like four or five years experience so you you become eligible to go into the associate yourself with the pmi the project management institution so that's that's where i mean once you've done the msc course that means.

You are directly yeah basically associate yourself with the apm so msc's in management is good enough for for yourself you have the basic knowledge basically there and you can associate yourself with the pmi project management institution or the association for project managers so you can go directly i mean generally i i.

Hardly seen any university actually mentioning that they are associated with the ap and bmi i think the generally it's the engineering council i mean they generally relate themselves to the engineering side management it doesn't count i mean towards engineering that's the switch generally i see uh so.

They they relate the university relate themselves to engineering council uh and the jbm actually that they are with the engineering council here affiliate yes sir okay any more questions brother no sir i completed my question okay now it was uh i'm not sure how much.

Uh knowledge you you you gained from from this uh session but uh i hope i mean i have justified i mean what whatever you you yeah hundred percent everything is do let me know i mean if you're still confused or any question you might have in the interim just just send me an.

Email and i i will respond i will respond back and uh as i said i mean i will uh actually cover your face i i will share this this video with with your audience and uh because these are exactly the same question generally comes out from from similar students so um exactly exactly it's the same question.

So i don't want to repeat yeah again and again the same answer so i want to just pass on this this video yeah watch this yes thank you brother uh have a lovely day and uh i hope i mean uh you you make are you feeling good i'm fasting yeah it's it's actually a 3 4 59 it's four o'clock we still got another four and a half.

Hours actually uh for for the after yeah so yes that is yeah it's still four and a half hours yeah do pray for me as well uh brother and as i said as i said i mean uh um any question just just send me an email brother and thank you very much nice to see you and good luck with the future hello.

I saw your email about the actually you don't want to be visible in in the uh video uh that's absolutely fine yeah i got no issues with that what what i can do uh obviously i'm now recording the session uh but what i can do i can cover your sort of face basically with another sort of photo or another logo that's that's.

Absolutely fine but now in the session i i would like to see you as well it will be nice actually to see you face to face but yeah when when i upload to youtube uh then in that case i will do actually uh i'll cover your face so it'll be only your voice i mean that that would be uh actually uh her bill if that's okay okay okay okay bye.

What i have to call it um call me whatever you wish jk uh jesus johnson actually my my yeah name is johan say but actually hindi foreign.

Yeah yeah so that that's that's why i started actually it's more comfortable for me to speak in english rather than in urdu uh but yeah brother yeah so before i i share and actually start on your questionnaire um just just give me a bit of your introduction uh actually where you were done and what's the plan actually coming here to the uk.

When when you are planning to come so my name is right now i'm in my seventh semester seventh semester is where my is completed now civil engineering is it yeah yeah civil engineering so you're coming.

Straight actually from civil i'll be calling to engineer yeah yeah i am i haven't completed now yeah yeah yeah and and so so you're planning to come for september session is that correct ah september okay now good good to know.

That actually uh was that that was the case for myself personally as well obviously i mean that was a long time ago i did bac and straight actually i did that they're similar