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20 Detective Riddles to Wake Up Your Brain from Sleeping

who is wanted the girl on the right she has the same mole as the girl on the poster who is an identity thief it's the man on the right his real id is.

Sticking out of his backpack which means he must be showing a fake id who is an imposter the girl on the left the script she's reading is turned upside down it means she only pretends to be an actress who is the real thief.

Both of these men are thieves while one man is distracting the girl the other is preparing to steal her phone the last will of mr wilson a rich businessman got stolen there were five people in the house at that moment mr wilson's wife their cook butler maid and gardener.

They all told the detective what they'd been doing that evening mrs wilson was sitting by the fireplace embroidering the cook was making breakfast the butler was supervising several workers in the living room the maid was sweeping the floors in the hallway the gardener was watering the plants in the greenhouse right after.

This conversation the detective arrested the thief who is the culprit and how'd the detective figure it out the cook is the thief he said he'd been preparing breakfast but the crime happened in the evening lily owned a flower store one day she got a call from the police they told her.

That her shop had been robbed when she arrived shards of glass were on the ground near the store and the pots and plants inside were broken the police questioned three suspects jacob lilly's ex said i was in a hurry and didn't notice that the windows were broken when i was passing by the store i only realized what had happened when the.

Police called me camille lilly's friend said lily asked me to help her with something in the store when i arrived everything had already been broken i called the police immediately matt lily's ex-co-worker said i was walking nearby and i saw someone breaking a window and sneaking into the.

Shop i left my phone at home so i ran to the police station can you guess who's lying matt is lying shards of glass were laying on the ground which meant that the criminal had to break the window from the inside let's take a little break.

Now you need to think fast mary's mom has four daughters one daughter is called april the second is named may and the third daughter is june what's the fourth daughter's name it's mary of course who doesn't belong to this list napoleon bonaparte queen elizabeth william shakespeare sherlock holmes aristotle.

Christopher columbus donald trump sherlock holmes he's the only fictional character on the list eight girls are in the house and each of them is busy with something the first one is cooking dinner the second one is lighting the fireplace the third girl is.

Playing chess the fourth one is reading a book the fifth girl is drawing a picture the sixth is cleaning up the house the seventh girl is watering the plants what is the eighth girl doing she's playing chess with the third girl.

One woman turned 40 in 1850 but in 1860 she was 30 years old how could this happen this could only happen if 1860 was earlier than 1850 which means that the woman turned 40 in 1850 bce and 30 in 1860 bce.

An artist was walking in the park when it suddenly started raining he had neither a hat nor an umbrella to cover his head he also couldn't hide under a tree because the downpour was too heavy and still not a single hair on his head got wet how can that happen the artist was bald.

Now let's get back to our detective riddles robert won a million dollars in the lottery he decided not to tell anyone about this including his wife at home he put his money in a safe hidden behind a painting the next day the money disappeared the police invited all the suspects for questioning emily robert's wife said in the morning i went.

To my husband's home to clean up there the safe was open and there was nothing inside james robert's business partner said paul robert he always wanted to win a lottery i stayed at home all day and yesterday and watched tv and mark robert's friend said i was at the gym last night then i went.

Home i can't imagine why anyone would do this the police arrested the thief can you guess who it was robert's business partner did this robert didn't tell anyone that he'd won the lottery his wife noticed an empty safe when she entered the office but she.

Didn't know what was inside mourinho was participating in a figure skating championship she was a very strong competitor and many people believed she could win when the time for a warm-up ran out all the participants started preparing for the performance marina was the first she was amazing but.

Suddenly she tripped fell down and broke her leg which made her unable to continue the investigation revealed that someone had ruined her skates the police interviewed three suspects anna said i didn't do anything but i saw jacqueline and kate walking into the locker room before marina's performance they're the ones who ruined her skates.

Jacqueline said yes i indeed went into the locker room to take my things but i didn't see kate there and kate said yeah that's because i've been practicing in the gym until it was my turn besides anna is lying i saw her in the locker room can you guess who's lying.

Kate she couldn't train in the gym because the time for the warm-up had been over by the time the competition started here's what happened kate went into the locker room and ruined marina skates jacqueline came into the locker room after her and that's what anna saw jane is afraid that she might have a.

Stalker she brought some photos of herself and her friends to the police the police immediately found the culprit who is jane stalker jane's friend mike he's the only one who is present in all the photos and sometimes he even tries to conceal his identity.

The investigation didn't have enough evidence to prove the suspect was guilty detective reed decided to investigate their house hoping to find some clues and he actually did find something he discovered a secret room however it had a combination lock and the word idea written above it do you have any idea what the code might.

Be nine four five one the code is the number of each of the letters in the alphabet the door opened to the suspect's secret office at first glance there is nothing suspicious inside a table with a book in the middle some dusty furniture and a picture on the wall.

The detective examined the painting and found a safe with a three-digit code behind it next to it there was a note with a hint p27 0l7-8 can you guess what the detective needs to do next.

The detective realized that the note meant page 270 lines seven to eight he should check out the book on the table the detective found the necessary lines on page 270 they read after wandering through the desert for four days and three nights i came across a couple of travelers they fed me and gave me one of.

Their camels this is a clue that can help crack the code to the safe what is it 721 four days and three nights make seven a couple of travelers is two and don't forget about one camel the detective opened the safe and found the evidence that proved that the suspect was guilty.

In the middle of the night someone stole a unique artifact from a museum the museum guard claimed it had been a robber detective rid arrived at the crime scene immediately and questioned the guard the man said i was walking around the museum suddenly i saw a dark shadow i called.

Out to them but they didn't respond but detective ridd noticed that something was wrong with this story can you guess what it is there are only one person's footprints on the floor if there was the guard and the criminal in the museum shouldn't there be two sets of footprints detective ridd asked the guard what he.

Did next the man said i ran after the thief and saw them break the glass door and steal the artifact the alarm didn't go off as they had probably turned it off is the guard telling the truth the door is indeed broken but it's also open it can only be opened with a key it looks like someone opened the door to.

Prevent the alarm from going off and then broke the glass to hide the traces the detective asked the man what had happened next the guard said i ran up to the criminal and tried to stop them but they sprayed something in my eyes and i lost consciousness when i woke up i immediately called the police.

Is he telling the truth his eyes looked totally fine the robbery happened just a few hours ago if the guard was telling the truth his eyes would at least look red he must be lying the guard turned out to be the thief and was arrested


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