alex's phasia is an imposing awe-inspiring style model instagram sensation and web-based media force to be reckoned with from the united states she's a well-known employee of eden group a marketing firm.

Alex and maria malucino are co-hosts of a digital recording called impact me her favorite tones are beaten up she rose to notoriety through social media platforms mainly instagram where she shared her flawless sizzling enthralling images and recordings she's also known as a co-host of the.

Digital recording impact me alex spent her childhood in the united states with her family she selected to make a career in a similar industry while pondering in secondary school having been a style and demonstrating fanatic since she was a child she rose to prominence as an unexpected.

Model on instagram where her well-proportioned images and recordings drew a large following she has been the face and endorser of a variety of design clothing sports cosmetics underwear and two pieces brands including dressly official the coldest water joins fight savage x fenty shaples and many others.

similarly she uploads design records to her own youtube account alex espages exact date of birth is unknown at this time so estimating her age is difficult she stands 5 6 tall and weighs around 77 kilograms.

Her favorite destination for special occasions is france cannon tongue is also a well-known fashion model and an online media sensation alex espages total assets are estimated to be more than dollar 400 k as of 2021 brand advancements in support are two types of revenue.

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